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  1. Mother Earth. You must realise that each day is a New Discovery, there is so much in our universe that makes me glad to be alive.
  2. The few work at home jobs that aren't outright scams, are the following: 1. Psychic Hotline (not a scam on you, but on the people calling) 2. Phone sex (normal phone sex is a harder sell these days, only fetish gets the bucks) 3. At home assembly work for LiteON Razz They used to do this, but stopped after the crap quality killed their profits and the lawsuits. 4. Medical transcription services - tough to get into, but a good deal after you're there. Most job offers for work at home businesses are all scams of one sort or another, on the person applying for the work. Want to make money? There is no easy way.
  3. My bad dude thought you were a yoyo singer.
  4. yoyo dude yo's language is very yoyo. By the way lets hear yo's muzic now.haha
  5. Nothing is hard if you want. Check out and make yourself wiser. http://www.justlanded.com/english/germany/...bs/student_jobs
  6. I hate to spoil your fun, but if you think about it, someone else having write access to your system is not really a good thing. I mean, just think about it...
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