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  1. thanks to those who answered but i got the answer anyway........ basically since i have never studied in nepal and thus not a single of education qualification are based in nepal, there is basically no need to get an objection letter
  2. Hi..., i would like to know from those who has applied for uk visa from nepal what documents are essential in obtaining a ' no objection letter' from the ministry of education and sports. Besides that, is it essential that all the paperwork such as translation of certain documents to english, relationship concern, etc should bear the stamp of the foreign minister of nepal. To those who know the answers, could u pls reply asap. Thanks
  3. suite


    haha.......elton john.......well when i finished writing this poem, i thought to myself well isnt this going to sound like elton john ' sorrry seems to be the hardest word' but then hey great minds think alike.........haha.........
  4. suite


    wrote this after an awakard confrontation with a person........ Unspoken The words I couldn’t say made me look heartless. And as I stand here, surveying the damage caused, I can only wish that I had the courage to say more The hardest word of all to say is sorry. Somehow I cant bring myself to say it. Picking up the pieces I had broken, things are not the same anymore. When I see your face, all that remain Is the silence anger you never said aloud. And so I understand that forgiveness Only comes after the I learn to say sorry. But why is that sorry always seems to be The hardest word to say.
  5. haha........it would indeed be an easy way out isnt it...........choosing another college.........but you see, i don't want to just choose another college so as to extend my visa.....i want to and have to go to the one i am choosing for it will be opening up for me many doors to success in the future..........so it is either going to another college with nothing in my hand but certificate........or going to my choice of uni with a certificate as well opportunities........
  6. yes indeed, i did enter uk as a student from singapore.......i am confused here.....you mean to say that as long as i have an student visa which is going to expire soon, i can reapply for an student visa again in uk despite the fact that my foundation course or rather access course is going to end, and my university ironically is going to start next year........or are you by any means implying that i should just applied for another course which will entitle me to stay in uk.......well at least enough for me to be able to extend my visa here in uk instead of going back to nepal for one year......... and yes i have finished my GCSE O level in singapore and with my access course, it is evidently enough for me to enter university without completing A level since access course is another alternative for A level...well at least in my exploiting school...... anyway, sidetracking to another topic since you seem to know a lot, can i ask whether you know of any post office in nepal where you know, you can open up an account with them and letters from overseas will be sent to this account.........i have little faith and trust in the mailing system of nepal........ anyway, thanks ........until then bye bye
  7. My main concern is basically getting visa......will i be in anyway discriminated( if i have to use this word) against for having an valid visa once which was issued in singapore.....and now reapplying for a visa in nepal....... ANother concern of mine is will having sponsor in uk lessen my chance of getting the visa...... I enrolled in a private foundation course that gave me access to several universities in uk within nine months.......once i finish this course, i can go to my choice of uni........And like i said, since the duration of this course is only nine months, my visa should be right only available for nine months.....
  8. NUS is something you get many facility being students, on travel, holiday,legal cases and etc etc. If you have such cases you can personally approach home office with the letter of your current situation. I did my GCSE and A Level from community college, Now I am in London Metropolitan University. You should have support from international office of your college. If not write a letter and make documents about your current situation and go to croydon home office. 74896[/snapback] The problem with my situation is that there is nothing wrong with it.....in fact it was because i am still under 18( i am still 16 now).......that they gave me an defferred entry to the course in 2006. What kind of support were you talking about that the uni ought to have given me. oh yeah, you are studying in london met......i was planning to go there actually but was rejected... And vintage grapes, my visa was issued for only nine months which is exactly the duration of my foundation course........so if i were to choose Aston as my firm choice, i will have to go back to nepal, stay for one year and apply visa from there..
  9. I believe foundation courses are somthing that are the part of profesional courses and G/NVQ courses. Generally if you are applying for the universities they are called access courses. 74900[/snapback] Really......how interesting........i wasn't really aware of this fact....access course.....well it does make sense now......thanks anyway Oh yeah and vintage Grapes, i wasn't searching for any information on psychology but rather whether any nepali is taking psychology because from what i know, psychology isn't really an popular course among nepali people......
  10. Private are better to guide you through, aint't they ? Depends on what college you are, they do apply for you. Ask college international office. Are you member of NUS ( National student union ) ? 74894[/snapback] Thanks for the information but i am still not clear on certain things. Did you mean that there are certain univeristy that applys visa for you........My situation is such there will be a one year gap between the date of when my foundation course finish and when my university starts.....And i am afraid i have no idea about the NUS.
  11. aston uni ?? did you mean you are taking access course for university ? 74888[/snapback] i didn't get you........anyway what i meant was this foundation course allows me to progress onto university within nine months.....
  12. Anyone studying psychology in uk???? i am currently undertaking an psychology foundation course from which i am planning to go to aston univeristy for human psychology.......
  13. 'What was included in 2 years american degree program? Was it like foundation level to enroll you on the undergraduate level OR any other professional specific? Never heard of two years degree but that might be the country specific.... The place you studied. Okay, So you applied for the american uni. ' Just an question: WIll studying for an foundation course in uk to progress onto undergraduate level affect my chance to get visa when i apply in nepal
  14. Not sure if this post is still being visited but anyway, the fees to extend your visa has increased dramatically from 250 to 500 pounds ........yup this is if you want to get your visa on the same day..........or you have alternative choice.......that is to send your passport and required documents to the office which is cheap at 250 pounds but takes about 13 weeks to process it.......yeah so there you have it
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