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  1. Do you know that Nepal is the richest country in the world ? Right now, Nepal is the richest country in the world!
  2. b-mal why are you closing eyes in avatar ? looking mind eye kidding
  3. Happy birthday, am i late ? wishing you one day you will be a bright star.
  4. it's just that in places such as japan where no religion is precticed, life is far more peaceful. their lifestyles don't consist of silly little fueds to do with religions. as for normality, it depends on the family, many families function without religions. culture doesn't mean religion and you can be cultural but not necessarily religious, i understand that culture is very much intertwined with religion. living in an multicultural society means you have to respect each religion however, that isn't the case for everyone leading various terrorists attack which mainly tend to stem from clashes in religions. so would avoiding religions be just one of the ways for people to view others more equally. 76410[/snapback] HOW CAN YOU SAY THERE IS NO RELIGION IN JAPAN ? READ GEOGRAPHY IN HIGH SCHOOL ??
  5. quality of education is ok but oppertunity and lifestyle and language sucks.
  6. Bro bhanna khojeko k ho k ho.
  7. He is jealous may be because he had VISA REFUSAL applying UK hahaha... I feel sorry for you. I can't wait to go UK next semester. Nederlands sucks, no Nepali here.
  8. drifted


    kata jaam, k garam mata yatri jhai bhautari raheko chu ek din ta aula bhani baseko chu tyo dina timlai pani laddu dimla
  9. drifted


    ma pani atiyeko chu yo dongal ma basda basda kahile mukti pauni ho Kahile meri sapani ki rani paune ho
  10. drifted


    man ko parelima k bahyo bhayo malai pani timlai jastai ho yestai riacha yeha ko chalan
  11. what is dat ? poll or post ?
  12. Dear friends and admins I am very proud of coming in wnso. also the advisors here with international leve are very appreactive. I am living in nederlands and found this website quite useful. Impressed with the suggestion given by other members. Nepali after all the khutta taning, having this much corporation is well done. My small requests are there also sent to all the good name members in PM , I hope everyone will appreceate and I will be coming here more in coming days. Thank you everyone.
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