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  1. CSL is sometimes poeeible. but distance does matter in love. so, i don't know about its real life possibility. The story was superb, post modern hehe.
  2. dusk

    Her Untold Story

    wow, her story is so amazingly obsorved. by the way who is SHE?
  3. Tt has been long not reading from mild melody. what has happened?
  4. smart answer infact it nice to dream on being on the world. but i'll try when i m sure that i would b there.i don't wanna lose any game of life. inm my views if u loss 1 time then u become habitual of it. same question to u that i asked to santosh just previous reply. one more can u expect a good society from a student from countryside of nepal.n howmany students r there in front of u from these places. let ur b lttle practical n c the facts that r with us. this is just an xcuse buddy, if a poor nerpali can make fake indian passport in order to go to do some c grade work in abroad,can't we make a new indian nationality.it's a illegal but it's worth if u get into good instituion.BTW IIM r now offering few seats for non indians too. $13000 is nothing,jst tyurn to my previous post,there was many nepali students who pay more than 20 lakhs n get admission in c garde institution. NIT raulkerla geek,nice i had meet so many students from ur institutuion when i was in alhabad for SSb(indian army). it seems quite daunting but mind it "if u cant dream u cant do." thank u if i wont b one of them i'll b atleast 1% of them n this give me eternal satisfaction if i reached the milestone. then why u come here to raulkerla,u beter nuture ur talent in some other normal engg college in nepal.even u know the answer urself. 75438[/snapback] Dude Youg is the greediest, sutbborn, and hypothetical person i have ever read. god, what makes you write all these? proud to be 1%of those. other from normal universities may also be 200%of them, mind that.
  5. bhabya lyrics ni mild. kaslai gauna dine ho ni yo song?
  7. dusk

    My Final Wish

    One Last Request = My Final Wish So sweet poem One last chance to tell you how I feel inside, Honey! I love you...will you be my wife? love this!
  8. yeah guys. and waiting for the to be continued.....
  9. Yeah, But, crying is never a solution, neither it helps to heal. I am sorry to say but You seem to be too weak emotionally mild melody.
  10. dusk

    Do you feel it?

    mum .beautiful, impressive.
  11. I am waiting to read further.
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