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  1. The Supreme Court today issued show cause notice to the government regarding the five percent 'education service tax' introduced through the new budget last month. Following preliminary hearing in a case jointly filed by Institutional Schools Association Nepal (ISAN), Nepal Law Society and Guardians' Association, a single bench of Justice Gauri Dhakal ordered the government to furnish clarification on the service tax. The petitioners said the tax is unjustifiable and should be revoked. It also says the tax is against the constitutional provision that guarantees free education up to secondary level to every citizen. The Inland Revenue Department issued notice to private schools, urging them to comply with the tax policy. While the private school operators have opposed the service tax which they say will be an extra burden on guardians education minister Renu Yadav has repeatedly said the government would not revoke it. source :: nepalnews.com Nov 02 08
  2. dear frens wish u the very the very best for the upcoming dashain festival with out any animal sacrifices. regards Subash Duwadi
  3. dear frens wish u the very the very best for the upcoming dashain festival regards Subash Duwadi
  4. Dear Baba jee, Yo desh tinkai birta nabhaye pani tiniharu hamra leaders hun.. edi tapailai chitta nabujheko ho bhane .. tapaile pani 'PRESSURE GROUP' jastai nagareek samaj ko andolan ra karyakram ma bhag linus.. Mero bichar ma mero jun ideology bhaye pani ..aile ko sthiti ma 'DESH INCLUSION' ko agenda ma gaeeko bela hamile yo kura EASILY ACCEPT garnu parchha.. NATAK manchan gareko jasto hoita ta ! Sambhidhan Sabha.. harek ko expectatin chha.. Tyesaile I SUPPORT THIS STEP!!! Tara euta kura ..aba chahin samajhdarima aune bela bhayena ra? NC le SAMANUPATEEK KA LAGI GOLMECH ma mannu paryo, CPNM le INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY KO CHITTA nabujhne kam garnu bhayena KI KASO!? subash
  5. hello frens, am so sorry that i rarely post in WNSO Chautari..for busy days. But as you requested, i have been seeing Chautari. some days. Now, i commit myself to make some contribution ..
  6. Hey all are you surprised or worried where are wnso germany panel? They possibly have left OUR OWN WNSO. and started their own SONOG -> Society of nepalese students in germany. http://www.sonog.com YO KHOJ TALASH SUBASH_DUWADI KO HOINA ARU KASAIKO HO.....je hos WNSO CHYAUTARI lai chatakka chodna hunnnathyo...... EVEN they have lively web site...lively member list....and lively FORUM http://www.khabarnepal.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=57 yesko karan ke huna sakchha????
  7. oh.. anyways u are active in takingitnglobal too.. plus Scorpion its not my b'day.
  8. Hey D, even ur b'day is on 30th, my remembrance prevailed this.. i am not regular in this forum..but remember you.. your advices about further education. And wanna ask why you are not @ice in takingitglobal as in here? anyways many many returns of the day... subash
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