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  1. it will be good if we can do togeather the DUAL CTZSHIP and the citizenship for the minorities and the disadvantage groups.
  2. agree with yogesh jee that is the highest and most that nepalnews.com can give. everything has limit.
  3. How many NRN have cancelled the nepalese citizenship to take the citizenship of other countries???? that is the important question. Just look as the NRB in HK , they also have the nepalese citizenship and they didn't cancelled the Nepalese citizenship to take HK ID. Similai goes to the NRN in UK (lahure haru), in USA, in Singapore and other countries too. I know many NRN who are running business in Nepal with out trouble due to the dual citizenship. So the issue is not important. Lets first distribute the citizenship to the minorities and the disadvantage groups in Nepal and we think of the dual for NRN. Minorities and the disasvantage groups don;t have one citizenship to even get the layman job in Nepal and to have their rights to vote and other stufs. So the point is which one is important. single citizenship for minorities and the disadvantage groups of the dual for NRN? definitely for the minorities and the disadvantage groups
  4. NRN lai dual citizenship nabhaye pani nepal ma business garna ra nepal auna ko le rokeko chha ra?????? So there is no urgent need of dual ctznship for NRN. Cheppang and other minorities need the citizenship more than NRN. Ahile nepal ma citizenship nabhaye kaam nai paidaina...
  5. Anybody from Orrissa, India, please reply
  6. AFC Player of the Year nominees (in alphabetical order; as of November 10, 2007) 1. AKRAM Nashat (Iraq) 2. AL QAHTANI Yasser (Saudi Arabia) 3. ENDO Yasuhito (Japan) 4. MAHMOUD Younis (Iraq) 5. MEHDI Salehi Mohamad (IR Iran) 6. NEKOUNAM Javad (IR Iran) 7. ONO Shinji (Japan)
  7. FIFA has modified the seedings of the top five Asian teams for the preliminary draw of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ which takes place on November 25, 2007, in Durban , South Africa . Australia continue to be ranked top, followed by Korea Republic . IR Iran have moved up from fifth to third seed, while Saudi Arabia and Japan will be joint fourth seeds. The new seedings reflect the results of the teams in the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany . The previous seedings were: 1) Australia ; 2) Korea Republic ; 3) Saudi Arabia ; 4) Japan ; and 5) IR Iran. The Asian qualification campaign for the 2010 FIFA World Cup is currently underway with one round already completed. The top 11 seeds who successfully cleared the first round have received a direct bye into the third round while the bottom eight seeds are engaged in a home-and-away elimination round two. Round three, whi! ch starts on February 6, 2008, will see eleven qualifiers from! round o ne and four qualifiers from round two join the top five seeds. These 20 teams will be split into five groups of four, with the first and second in each group qualifying for places in round four, the final round. In the final round, the ten remaining teams will be split into two groups of five each with the top-two in each group qualifying automatically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ finals in South Africa . TOP FIVE SEEDS FOR PRELIMINARY DRAW IN DURBAN : 1) Australia ; 2) Korea Republic ; 3) Iran ; 4) Saudi Arabia and Japan (tied fourth).
  8. FIFA Emergency Committee lifted on a conditional basis the suspension imposed on the Kuwait Football Association (KFA) by the FIFA Executive Committee on 29 October 2007. On 4 November 2007, the KFA extraordinary general assembly declared that the appointment of the board of directors on 9 October 2007 was null and void. It also fully reinstated the transition committee that FIFA had set up on 12 March 2007. Furthermore, the KFA agreed to ratify the new statutes approved by FIFA by 26 November 2007. This approval thus includes notably the decision passed by the FIFA Executive Committee on 27 May 2007, stipulating that the board of directors must comprise five members, namely, a chairman, a! deputy chairman and three other representatives. Finally, the KFA has pledged to hold a new election for its board of directors, in line with its new statutes and FIFA’s decisions. In the light of this favourable reaction to the situation, the FIFA Emergency Committee decided, at the proposal of the FIFA President and in agreement with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), that it would lift the suspension imposed on the KFA. This decision, however, is conditional upon the commitments made by the KFA being adhered to entirely, otherwise FIFA will immediately suspend the KFA again.
  9. I go for VEG this dashain but strugled to get fresh vegetables
  10. Dear Sandra Most of the WNSO Chautarian's already voted for the project. Thank for promoting the Nepalese project.
  11. New Road Team (NRT) scripted an alluring history on Wednesday winning the title of the 29th All India Governor’s Sikkim Gold Cup with another historical feather of defeating the opponents from own country, Nabil Three Star Club (NTSC). NRT Beat Three Star Club of Nepal 2 - 1.
  12. AS for WNSO NEPAL we the WNSO Nepal collectes Rs. 100 from each executive committee members per month and we also generate source from donations and programes.
  13. if we have the only one option of choosing between KING and Primeminister for the official religious and cultural leadership in Nepal, who we would choose??
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