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  1. interesting... have no idea about it..but should cost around 4-500 dollah... i presume.. city matters as well..someone of our wnso is in canada.. i guess, hope he writes back to u
  2. b-mal


    stay in hostel if u cant afford it...
  3. Its been long and after long time.. when i m back here in wnso i found same old advert.... plz dont' make any kind of extra effort to bring the links here in student forum.. do u mind me .. plz.... moderator attention needed here...
  4. any suggestion for scanning ad ware or spy ware scanner...
  5. there are certain websites that pop up like god damn nothing.. i am really annoyed.. is there any one who can suggest me.. in many ways hwo can i stop it..as i ahve tried little bit on my own to go for it.. but my brain is limited to its unlimited popcorn... lemme knwo how to kill this pop up ... http://casino.ladbrokes.com/en?AFF_ID=3159...p;SC=TBGircs008 this is one of them..
  6. i a happy today to read ur post after ages.. come back.. sweet home alabama..
  7. wat gift do u wish to give your gf if she is far away from you? plz reply asap
  8. thank you for your details.. my posting had targetted you as well so that i can gather some info about the place u are in.. would love to try but don't know where.. and why... might give u shout if i need more concrete details... will that be ok.. chakra jiee.
  9. Hello Chautarian, Just a bit of my interest and might be of others too. I am pretty much interested to know if you guys have any experience in gaining permanent residency in ENGLISH speaking countries. Any information shared is valuable. links are also of source of immense information. Thank you in adv. for your contribution to the quest. Chautarian.
  10. thanks man .. time is running and its almost there..
  11. no plans for cali coz its far away..
  12. london is finished.. now its time to rock states.. will b going to washinton and newyork as to the upto date trip itenary for now.
  13. not really musafir.. but just having some holidays.. tour .. back to work and usual stuff.. i will b in washinton on 18th and newyork on 19th ... so lets see how can i fetch some wnsoians...well ozaswee where areu btw.. am in irleand.. and its grand loif here except the shitty weather.. rain and cold temperatures are hectic part of the ireland.. btw.. i don't have any plans for the canada.. but might apply for the pr in future. donno still on the way not to decide.. where to figure out.. will give you a shout.. chakra jee if i need helpin hands.. cheers every buddy
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