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  1. Hallo Subash Ji, Thank you for your concern, NRN certainly trying to send a friend home.. You might have broad factual knowledge and could you inform us more .... How is Adventure tourism in Nepal ? 1. What is the current adventure tourism product of Nepal? 2. How is the (tourism) infrastructure in Nepal? 3. What are the government policies for adventure tourism development? 4. How to attract more tourist in adventure tourism? 5. How to promote adventure tourism in international market ? Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers' Biren
  2. me too, dont know newari,, when i arrived holland ( one guy staying illegal names called lama ) called me PASA by the way i didnt care his word until reading this article.. so racist him never expect .. is there anyone who has broad knowledge on Newari .. i would like to learn .. Thanks & keep fostering ... PASA Biren
  3. Hello Dipesh Ji, Namaskar, Not sure about SAARC country but know little bit of Malaysia. I m currently in Malaysia, basically its not a country where we should live ( very racist, hindu muslim) somehow gaining knowledge is okey.. here in Malaysian Borneo some tour operator do provide training If you are interested and have relevant experience you can apply.. Visit : http://www.borneoecotours.com/careers.cfm and apply @ jobapplication@borneoecotours.com This one of the pioneer ecotourism mgmt tour operator in Malaysian Borneo, Good Luck Cheers' Biren, KUL
  4. Dear Biren, It would be easy to suggest you about the possibilities of courses and jobs in Norway and Sweden, if you had described little bit about your academic background and experience. You should be somewhere in Europe once you are planning to go there for a vacation. More later. Thank you Sunil for the info, well about me i m working in travel industry past 3 years. for education well just finished Diploma. what would you suggest ? Regards,
  5. Hi to everyone, I m planning to go sweden for a vacation & also for hunting opportunity. anybody knows about the lifestyle there? where to live & of course jobs ? or perhaps Norways pls informed me thanks, Biren biren_pkr@yahoo.com
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