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  1. Maritime, University of Greenwich sucks to the bottom South banks Uni rocks my-genesis and EIT are mathgirl working company affliated companies. You are taking advantage aren't you ? angel is the best and quiet girl. Happy belated Birthday angel, with 23 you will beat mathgirl
  2. IP, don't take it personally, but you're an f'ing idiot. It would appear to me (and most others, I'm sure) that you're quite used to thinking . You are the creator of all the dispute You pass every message to parkville. Sorry to say you
  3. who the f*** cares ? go and get a LIFE parkville you are the sweetest and always right.
  4. Nu, I ain't. I would like to see angel && moni d$
  5. "yes" you belong to me, I am yours "exclusively" it's only between two of us. Things are getting a bit out of hand. I'm about to get desperate and start making "......." no resistence thingy mathgirl's student
  6. Hi suite, why don't you enroll in another college and send enrollment letter+passport to home office for the visa extension ? I bet you won't miss
  7. If guy get a chance he take it, why not women, duhhh, F*** it. You are wrangling with bla bla things and acting the drama in reality, if man goes to office and get a chance he will take it full, In a park in a train everywhere.
  8. Well, I'm basically clueless, . I know there must be something wrong in angel and I'm the first to admit it. If you are interested more, then we can talk. It is as simple as everyone know moni and LM My suggestion, for what it is worth, is see the picture that lies ahead of you. If you try and absorb everything here, all you are going to do is get frustrated. Set a goal you can realistically acheive. Depending on your own frustration, there are any number of guides available...
  9. I don't know abt computer science, wait for mathgirl till comeback.
  10. I really hate kid's english, I suppose that ain't proper. This kind of english bring confusion to the people who are living in non-english speaking countries. They think it's good but when you come to the native english speaking country you would rather considered as a fool. If you want to learn, do it properly. If you learn it from the non-english media than it will seriously effect your career. Unless you are not involved in academics and or institutional profession.
  11. It's not your fault, if the course period is such , then just as stay as you are have you had 1 year visa or 3 years ? If your visa renewal is every year ask your int. department of the college or as invi said go to home office with appropriate docs.
  12. Good luck, what do you want to know about it ?
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