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  1. Wow you did something which i could not even ask. I owe you something. I will fax it today. If you can please do give me your number. Thanks to you Rose. You surely are one.
  2. Sir you dont need to worry about a car. You can get one once here. About appartment yes i can help you find one. Just tell me how many rooms you need. And about the price thing it really depends according to the appartment. That said average would be between 300€ to 500€. Anyways i need to drive after few mins. Oh and about getting in touch with me just ask what you got to in here if you feel my absense dont hesitate to ask. If needed Admins will forward the topic to me. 70699[/snapback] I will keep that in my mind. I also have a brother in London. I am very excited to visit Europe and work on my project.Believe on what you are doing. You seem to be a bold person. Keep it up. Thank you for your time and ofcourse wnso. I will share my research work in coming days, it might help few graduate students. By the way if you can look for one bedroom apartment. I need to know by 30th of April. Hope it isnt too much for you.
  3. yOU BETTER GO AND LEARN GOOD THINGS, yOU ARE A BITCH, why the heck you said me bitchy? PLEASE MODERATORS BAN HIM. He is a sick. 70692[/snapback] Haha hope you know how it feel to curse someone you dont know with an incomplete sentence. Calm down i dont wanna hurt any young girls feeling. haha
  4. Oh miss bitchy princess please go ahead and complete the sentence. haha Anyways im out got no time to aruge with girls.
  5. Ok i am shooting. By the way as you might know in States you cant survive without a car even for a day. Is it same there ? Do i need to order one form here or can i wait til i arrive? And how expensive are the appartments do you know anyone who can help me find one ? By the way i understand with your project work and i wish you all the best for that. Is there a way i can get in touch with you if anything needed ? Hope you wont mind.
  6. Matrix i finished my graduation from Harvard in Doctor of Philosophy. Right now our group is in India for a research work. Now my intention is to go to Europe and work on my project. I will be flying in few weeks. By the way i would appreciate some tips from you.
  7. DM unlike like others your comment was cute. About rest let me be smart as okinawa and say i rest my case.
  8. DM again you made me smile so no comments. And this monica haha someone is looking for a fight eh ?
  9. Hey Matrix, I had applied in Köln and Heildelberg for medicine and got in both. Where shall i fly? Eagerly waiting.
  10. I do not mind popups unless they dont pop on my head.
  11. Nepali haru jaha pani jhagda.Yo keti haru ko jat nai yestai, ke khal ko baccha haru holan. Myself and few of my friends heard about this community and came here to check thinking we can share our research work, but no sign of much educational discussion going. All we see is,(I am right and you all are wrong) is marriage good or bad and so on. You girls seem to have too much of free time.Haha Last but not least Limit//Moon you said well by saying this is not even worth discussing and to MR dont let the kids irritate you,your words speak more than you can imagine. And also nice to see smart people ignoring this thread. Very disappointing to see my first post landed here. Jai Hosh
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