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  1. HAHAHA. Dont worry I am alone in this world. Well bitchy miss, i am not scolding london girls but few of you. I have many good nepali friends there and here I like DM. Learn something from her. You telling me to take part in other discusion ? Haha dont worry I do in a place where they take place and where people know how to discuss. Not in front of little girls like you who have nothing better than trying to defend themselves. Especially you must have a main problem at least others said few words in normal way and went. Anyways I am out too. Bitch alone little miss. Enjoy the playground its all yours, little rabbit.
  2. You girls are real poision. Get a life. WNSO people didnt create a forum to chase people but bring them together. Sathi haru milechan and asking for a stupid challenge. Do you think people give a damn about you freaking bitches ? Get a life. And people who would answer you would be stupid. You all got what you wanted be happy with your UK people and just shut your ugly mouth and let people do what they want. You silly little peoples are no one to judge anyone. Before you all came all was ok here. Thanks to all of you for runing it.
  3. Whats there to compete with a kid like you. I can be your daddy. I said what I had to and I am done. You folks have fun pulling each others legs. Learn to have a healthy discusion without insulting anyone. Sad that everywhere Nepali unite they end up fighting. If you just like your UK so much you should make your own little forum for UK friends. Stop coming here and ruining it. Good Luck. People from EU and States dont come here to have fun but come thinking they might be able to help someone, but people like you just stop many seniors from wanting to join here. They got a life unlike yours and dont want to get involved in a kindergarden. Go and drink your milk now. adios.
  4. Sad that WNSO needs little racists like you to help them write a journal, which already shows how far we have come. Besides you don’t need to be proud of just being able to publish your journal here, even a kid can do besides you are not the only one. The only difference is they work silently you shout. Looks like you have never achieved anything in your life. There are many people who do their things which you might never know, but aren’t arrogant like you. We would consider reading stuffs from Yogesh, Santosh rather than this miss irritating racist. As soon as your journal is published this thread should be attached to it too. A journal by Little Racist. I am not a person to give names to someone but since you did to your self by calling yourself a racist I thought you would not mind to hear it again. I think it should not be WNSO but UKSO now. Very sad. adios
  5. Like Dr Dakhal mentioned somewhere Coudnt agree more. Khutta tanni kam bhahek aru kehi chaina. If you can help someone then do it, if not learn to ignore certain things and move on. No wonder people dont want to come and take part in certain things. Baccha haru ko bich ma hami buda haru ko ke kam. Maiya haru nai sabai janni chan. Ramro Ramro. Timiharu nai best.
  6. hehehe thanx for ur concern MatrixRose...... actually my wife is already here with me...... i was making this queri for my friend, anyway i told him what i culd..... unfortunately i also told him there is no response from nepalese on this site..... nevermind...... apart frm that i'm cool yar n what abt u? 69672[/snapback]
  7. You naya keti haru le garda wnso ko rang nai bigaryo
  8. Wow i learned something new today.
  9. Learn the language before you enter the country. Always a good tip.
  10. There's nothing wrong with clones but there are already too many friggin people on the planet.
  11. Cloning is unnatural... so what? Being shot through the sky in a pressurized metal tube is, too. LOL! That's the ticket!
  12. Simple, and if for commercial keep it white and blue.
  13. And i hope they are intelligent enough not to teach such things to everyone including you. A wise man enjoys and doesnt talk about things which has especially to do with security, unless for a good cause. Hope they know it.
  14. We all know anything can be hacked, but to misuse your knowledge especially in such things doesnt show the greatness in people. Sorry !!!
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