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  1. why the hell am I stressing so much on STATISTICS here? statistics must show that Corona is the best beer on this planet. i guess, i'm kinda drunk now. does statistics show that people act wierd when they are drunk?
  2. >>STATISTICS show that arranged marriage is more popular among South- Asian communities. I prefer arranged marriage because stable realtionship benefits both partners. >>STATISTICS show that more boys prefer to live together without marriage and of course boys do benefit from that. so boyz - go for it. galz- think about it. well as you all know - there are lies, damn lies and STATISTICS.
  3. it's really sad to hear this kind of news. SE & SW parts of Wash. DC have higher crime rate. let's hope for the good news and safe return of Arvin.
  4. is anyone familiar with Mic 1/Mac 1 architecture? or has studied the following book : Structured Computer Organization Third Edition Andrew S. Tanenbaum microprogramming with this architecture is making me crazy plz. help me, if you know, where can i find sample programs.
  5. well, my understanding is that one should try all the adventures in life. we all know - marriage is not that scary!!! the worst it can do is, it can make you miserable. BUT look at the list of benefits. health benefits due to marital bliss, tax break, savings and remember guys - society always judges a person by looking at stability in the relationships. don't get frustrated by wedding/divorce stories of celebrities like Jen/Brad , Jeniffer Lopej , Britney Spears or Pr. Charles/Camilla (crazy oldie-lovers) >> is marriage really necessary?? not actually (even bachelors are alive!!! i'm still a bachelor ) >> is it necessary/preferrable to follow the social norms?? oh. yess. marriage makes it easier to express your intentions in the social platform.
  6. I miss Nepalnews CHAT, may be that's why I was looking for a good alternative@ WNSO. now i'm curious what made u so curious? i'm fairly new to WNSO. it seems like we have a mature kind of crowd @WNSO. everything is monitored, there are quality points & warning levels...it's good. i feel that i belong here.so here i accept all the rules. cheers!
  7. i donot expect the same standards as 19th century. all i can hope for is - she hasn't slept with more than 5 guys. allright...allright , let's make it 10
  8. i've not met any WNSO member online in the Live CHAT engine. does it actually work?
  9. how many countries in south/latin america have consulate from Nepal? hmm...it's a tough qsn, isn't it?
  10. has anyone travelled/lived in latin america, particularly in Mexico, Panama or Brazil? any tips on how to save and also how to remain safe. gracias
  11. why the hesitation? why not display all the quality products you have? hide 'em only if they are silicon enhanced. by the way, i am willing to sponsor a fan for this studio if they need one.
  12. bravo!!! Mr. Tuladhar, we all are proud of you. keep up the good work
  13. i think a "typical gal" wants a male friend who has good income, good enough hygiene and workable style. last week, my gal asked me to join gym to work on my beer belly.
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