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  1. i gladly accompain ur company....... thanx..........
  2. dhilai bhaye pani mero pani badhai..... n also this one from arrogant worm Once a year we celebrate With stupid hats and plastic plates The fact that you were able to make Another trip around the sun..... And the whole clan gathers round And gifts and laughter do abound And we let out a joyful sound And sing that stupid song Happy birthday! Now you’re one year older! Happy birthday! Your life still isn’t over! Happy birthday! You did not accomplish much But you didn’t die this year I guess that’s good enough So let’s drink to your fading health And hope you don’t remind yourself The chance of finding fame and wealth Decrease with every year Does it feel like you’re doing laps And eating food and taking naps And hoping that someday perhaps Your life will hold some cheer Happy birthday! What have you done that matters? Happy birthday! You’re starting to get fatter Happy birthday! It’s downhill from now on Try not to remind yourself Your best years are all gone If cryogenics were all free Then you could live like walt disney And live for all eternity Inside a block of ice But instead your time is set This is the only life you get And though it hasn’t ended yet Sometimes you wish it might Happy birthday! You wish you had more money Happy birthday! Your life’s so sad it’s funny Happy birthday! How much more can you take? But your friends are hungry So just cut the stupid cake Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday, dear... enjoyyyyyyyyyy
  3. as long as i know before they invade these countries... there were loads of humanitirian concern.... abuse of human right... open killing inside one of the stadium of afganistan ... i don't think i've to mention abt kartut of saddam... western countries(us n uk) tried to change their government n also tried to negoiate with then government....but all failed... another thing... if someone is doning all extrimist stuff on the name of religion or so called internal affair or personal matter.... i think there shud be some1 one to stop them.... i hate any kind of Extrimism
  4. mail ashis...i'll give u name n number of my few friends..... but they are in hamburg.... hucha
  5. German ma basera London(UK) ko pol kholdine.... pakha timilai.... aba ma sajaye dinchu mmmmm, timile asti malai lagyeko thyoni tyo char wota guccha ma didai dina laja
  6. pr_ric

    JOKES again

    aarko joke jaawos na ta yar...
  7. ho......... sahi kura bhanya ho ........... 73340[/snapback] yestai ho.. on one of my post... one of the member replied me as no one to rescue... after those words vowed into my ears.. i mersmerise same feelings vividly.... yea no one is there.. no one to rescue... We all are alone.... Here is a piece that i had ever written to my beloved dear.... What do u think about Gals and Pals When all are supposed to b losen one day They all are pseudo lovers , just a illusion on the realities..., just a illusion on the realities Aur ye jindagi mushafir ka akela hi chalta raha, bass akelahi chalta raha... teso ta u r right yar... but u know sometimes... not only sometime... most of the time... even u know few thing which shuldn't be done or 've to do... u don't do or u do... u know i mean testai ho yar bhaye pani pir nabhaye pani pir.... we all know that we will die even though we pretend or we forget or we don't care or we don't 've time to care whatever..... taipani... we are after those things which we can't get(philoshopically) n foolishly we'll be proud of those things which can't last till tomorrow..... yestai ho sathi yestai ho.... thats wy i'll say laugh n make laugh uhi narayan dai le gaye jastai "kehi mitho ............."
  8. wah yar wah.... kya khub.... sahi cha yar poem... touching... brother timi ma bhayeko thauma bhako bhye,... ma timilai Odd Bins jana salla dinthe.. but i don 've much knowledge abt india apart from raxaul...or simply UP... anyway yeso corner shop ma try garana..... sachhi teha new departmental store kholeko thiyo ni tya try garana.... (personally lina painna.... risaune ko mukh kalo)
  9. pr_ric

    JOKES again

    nice one yar... i'm impressed with ur jokes.... keep it up man... from now on i'll not miss any of ur jokes.... simply gr8....
  10. ashis, does my incident making any sense to u at all i find u r from germany.... am i right
  11. kura k bhane... i was going to charity comission office in Blackfriars through Distric line... when train stopped at Canon Street... driver of the train said "this train terminates here becoz of power supply n some security problem on Monument station, all change plz"... it was around 8.45am n when i was walking towards Blackfriars i saw loads of ambulence n fire briged runnin on the street i thougt there must be fire or something on Monument station... but when i get there(Charity Comission office)... i knew the score..... i spent all mornin over there watching tv, on their press office... n came back home through C2C train from Frenchurch street.... c timing.........
  12. i don't think there is any doubt behind involvent of those ppl who r concerned/connected with either Iraq or Afganistan or even Middle east.......
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