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  1. You should have known better....love ain't a easy game to play neither to take a chance .... boy, you are too cool for ladies, This way dreams and anguish bring the love together but you should be more stronger with your lover. I felt awkward for you being girls myself beacuse I thought I will comment you something that may help. well heaven knows, being such is very good. Well, don't think of end before you start boy.
  2. that's the whole point--you can't join in if you don't know the details...and it's a PUBLIC forum... 75042[/snapback] Is this forum only for joke and hohalla ? If you read carefully, You can get a sense from any post , Having said that, there are peoples involed and they must have a gesture. Are there any PRIVATE forums ?
  3. I don't think everyone should know other stories unless they are revealed extraordinarily, you can join if you want to and if you don't want to it won't harm you , no offence hai. I won't discourage myself if you put your soul content, rather I will support you.
  4. I don't see such reason that you should offend me here, I am not offending btw. I agree for the girls mistake that they tend to reply email in the forum when they don't talk. give them some mercy. btw they are also involved in many other topics, I coudn't post for past some month cause I was out of the country. I will try to attend in all sort but don't blame me again for involving in our girls topics.
  5. This might be from old dictionary. It depends on the situation that is happening. There have been many changes came today. Wising women's mind from paper is mistake. That's all I can say for now.
  6. That does make no sense. I don't believe it. This is too obvious that you can wash hair everyday. Am I wrong ?
  7. Is this political, educational, rational or mad announcement ?
  8. voltagegal


    IP I will punish you
  9. voltagegal


    sala la la la It's not the way feel apart moni slala lala la , what can we do now moni, it's you keep you heart high in all times it's a joke, sala lalala la We love you moni, Nobody will take yours
  10. voltagegal


    who cares, Today is saturday night
  11. Prem charo if you cannot respect UK learn to respect the country where you are living (United states).
  12. Prem charo (love bird) mahasaye, you must be boyfriend, or small brother or big brother of poisonrose. I request you to come and debate in nice posts, You have 3 post in this thread and all of them are bitching london girls. Love bird mahasaye, I have no words for you and you are welcome.
  13. Bye mbye matrix (poison) rose+rajiv We need some talent peoples to discuss with us. You are losers and you can't put the real fact infront of us. Sayo nara, bye bye.
  14. Santosh, Do you know what is flag of contingency plus When did it started ? I think you have some misinterpretation. I am not offending you but there was two type of slavery. First British made american slave , and then amrerican made black slave. Plus, When colombus discovered America, It was a mistake. Irish went to America because of the war and many europeans went to America aftermath of second war. i think you got to revise history.
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