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  1. All the information, u will need to become a tecaher in the UK is on this web site... http://www.tda.gov.uk/Recruit/becomingateacher/basicrequirements.aspx There are many routes, to suit your circumstances and qualifcations I'm doing the Post Graduate Certificate of Education route, which lasts for 9 months, after completing a degree in the UK.. There is alot of information on there and u must read it carefully. If you want any advice, tips or support, please fill free to send me a personal message or email. the PGCE course is hard work, challenging, but very rewarding... If you want to become a teacher,, I encourage you to make the first step and become who you want to be,, and further become a role model for our community... take care and good luck.. Tiger
  2. Hey grg_gal wow a teacher training in Hong Kong ! what subject will you be teaching??? Some people on my first placement were also doing a very flexible part time course but the one I am doing is intense and is from September to June and is full time.... The course involves a combination of working in Schools, theory work at Univeristy and assignment (quite boring! ) Your last project sounds interesting... I have three placments over the time... I start the next one in a couple of weeks.. ! Whats it like teaching in HK??
  3. The only day of the year that all our family members have a day off and spend it together... no other day of the year does that happen... not even dashain for us...
  4. I'm doing a PGCE course here in the UK, training to be a Secondary School Science teacher.... The course is really intense, buts its very enjoyable and rewarding if like helping others and kids.... I've had some interesting experiences on my first school placement... I was wondering if any of you guys or girls were doing the same or similar training?? how were your experiences... do u like the course? or are there any experienced teachers who have some advice..? If anyones want information on how to get into the course or similar, I'll be happy to put you the right direction tIGER
  5. Happy New year to you ALL..... Well hidden angel.... i'm from Bristol and there are a few Nepali familes here and students too.. I go to Cardiff University and my friend told me there are about 4-5 familes in Cardiff So we around, spread very thinly across the U.K.. N Tiger
  6. i found out about the event on the 10th April, click the link for more info is below..... nepalisamajuk the link is on the main home page under events... see ya there if ur going!! i hope the food is good! N tiger
  7. I heard there was something going on the 10th of April in London somewhere, not sure where or what time, I'm not from that neck of the woods, so the info is bit vague....... i've never been to any nepali new year event, i thinks its about time i did....see whats all its about..! Tiger
  8. fellow Nepalis!!!!!! i thought i'd asked you nice people, if there are any events/gathering/gigs/parties happening in London during the summer (after i graduate ) and beyond for us Nepali peeps???? I'm not really familar with London and how everything works over there, because l'm from Bristol and haven't really visited much...but i know thats where most of you guys and girls are at!!!! i thinks its about time i got to know some more of my fellow people, they're not many of us in my neck of the woods.... or there just hiding can anyone help ?????? By the way, roughly how many Nepalis are there in London ??? well there are less than 40 or so in Bristol and i was told about 4 or 5 familes in Cardiff! THANKS Tiger
  9. But whatever you..... Take care in the snow and drive carefully!!!
  10. The snow really does have a profound on people, to some it brings a glow to their heart to some it means few days off school! to some it means a great excuse to stay inside (my mum) to me it means, a break from this hectic life of deadlines and pressure as i now...... have an excuse to be five again and run around the street throwing snow balls at my Uni house-mates and neighbours ! The snow is great!!! I just wish it would here in Cardiff properly ! Tiger
  11. Hi everyone, This is my 1st time i've been on this website, looks very good....... you guys and girls seem to be having fun and some intelligent conversation on this forum....so i signed up ! Keep chatting and will post again!! Nepalese Tiger
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