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  1. Just wanted to say that. That is all. So looking at your pic your what..........23/24? cambi gal, Pooja is finally 23.... lots of love XOXOXOXO IG
  2. loved ya angel' well said. It's about the show, may not even be love, but angel is hurted ...awwwww you are right angel.
  3. Verena, are you presently teaching anywhere ?
  4. Bye bye, Why are you keep tossing on angel ? No offense but anyone who feels a need to push words onto themselves and/or others with words like "cheater" and the sort, usually convince themselves that they have a interest in things such as other's relationn ( Given that she ain't harm onto you ) . But really and truely this is to only be given more excuses to be labeled something or fuel their sence of belonging. You know the type ("if I learn this I can call myself that") thats usually the mind-set that these peaple are on. It gets to a point where its not even about love and relation anymore... its about what you are called & how cool or smart you look or even how proud you are. Everyone knows it and few can admit it. And yes, you can keep out of the thread IP.
  5. Your sorrow will come to laughter though you shiver for unseen truth Will still fill our's aching heart And years after you'll wonder why you fell apart... Memories surround the wall Yet we know deep down within you'll find a way to be strong. In your place I won't ever give up and give in And someday I'll move on. I know For now you sit surrounded By your haunting memory Wish my vision weren't so clouded. Darkness comes to fall Moon so high in the sky you 'll remember it all And the tears start to fly I remember who you were How can your heart endure A world without many many things? Sometimes, I wish that I could tell you Onto things from their past to Keep your heart warm and not cold But that feeling couldn't last. And I know now... The time has come now we may have to let him go you have to learn how But . still don't really know.
  6. I believe foundation courses are somthing that are the part of profesional courses and G/NVQ courses. Generally if you are applying for the universities they are called access courses.
  7. NUS is something you get many facility being students, on travel, holiday,legal cases and etc etc. If you have such cases you can personally approach home office with the letter of your current situation. I did my GCSE and A Level from community college, Now I am in London Metropolitan University. You should have support from international office of your college. If not write a letter and make documents about your current situation and go to croydon home office.
  8. Private are better to guide you through, aint't they ? Depends on what college you are, they do apply for you. Ask college international office. Are you member of NUS ( National student union ) ?
  9. send PM to hidden angel. What were those universities ?
  10. depends on college, are you in private or community college ?
  11. Did you mean Greeks were Great ? I believe all this started from ancient greece. ain't it ?
  12. aston uni ?? did you mean you are taking access course for university ?
  13. VGr. Anglel is innocent, innocent pr. is guilty Just smile and let the day begin. You are the sunlight within all of us moni And I'm sure that angel did just disguise to test the love we are up for ever and let's go above the clouds the only way to fly somebody is waiting On the verge of Love ,we'll be together flyin' high your letter melt all of us Just like the snow when a ray of sun is felt you are the only one with no resistance I'd be so delighted if you would forget all this, On the foundation of Love,
  14. You are funny sometime people lost their mind little girl please don't talk too much.
  15. dusk, You are very clever. You are threatning him and want our support by revealing his personal letter. Are you alright ? get him with love not by revealing what hppen to your bedroom and after what happend when you get clothes off. disclose your opinion but don't disclose other's private life. You are damn clever girl.
  16. Thank you dusk. Never care them. These guys will never learn.
  17. when tomorrow begins , how can you let this go. but tomorrow how will you end this .....It's been a bitter conflict and I don't know wheater we are at the Beggining the middle or the end of this war. I have no knowledge of family as you do moni. I was found washed up in a wrecked vessel on untouched tiny island.It was a place of disease and death abandoned by the outside world because they were afraid of being infected by a dieing race of peaceful islanders.I was born into a world were death was common place the people who discoverd me on the shore treated me as a gift from god and as soon as I was old enough to understand feelings I understood my love for the island and it's people. My strengh was discoverd when I was left in the dense jungle of the land and I was attacked by a starving Baboon(they will eat ANYTHING when hungry) I was 8 uncut hair due to his uncuttable thickness.The baboon leaped upon me but with fearful instinct I ripped it into shreads. That is my past I have much to tell of the present and how I vowed to join the battle against the hordes of darkness and plunge raw light into the blackest hearts..... -ig
  18. I can't see you beyond the daylight. When dark clouds emerge after the sunrise How can you see me come right in your way? When you cover your face to blind those eyes How can you find needles covered in hay? When you do not seem to care where it lies Don’t see my look with a fading decay? When you turn your back and not see my cries I just want you to know my life is gray When I say hellos and you say goodbyes I miss you, something I wish I could say After all the heartbreak and all the lies Hoping that everything will be okay Once you pull your way throughout in disguise In all these days, wish I never cried.
  19. Ashis said so I am also saying. Very good poem.
  20. No teasing alright ? I did forward my idea that if it happen near my town or in my college or even net but with good heart. Not person like you who keep on asking will you live with me ? Sorry friend, please don't mind but I am really pissed off. Please respect, think that I am sister of your family. I will love you as brother.
  21. Thankyou MohanTara, If someone has taken my posts personally forgive me. It was all about debate and rebate, albeit, it may sounds different
  22. invincible gurl

    kasto world

    i assume i know what u mean... ..... almost in any garden(park)......hoina ta.......ajha around town center aswell.... kaso... 73164[/snapback] ajha equinox
  23. invincible gurl

    kasto world

    long coat= covent garden
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