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  1. Thank you lucifer ji and bharat thapa ji. We are being blocked one by one. Sorry for causing so many problems, for sure mathgirl is guilty and me too somehow guilty and many others are guilty. For the last time, all the UK girls that are associated with monica are guilty. I am and we are extremely sorry for getting warning after warning. Please delete this post again, whether you do delete or not, you will not find any of us again here. Thank you so much.
  2. So, a big surprise in town, monica arrived, and a heaven will fall, thank you monica. feeling like I am in 24 , just a year behind you. Thank you, thank you all the complement, I am 23 laaaaaddddy. ops ! I am getting OlDeR !! Thank you fot the mail. I am not like mathgrl millionaire, but the same old village girl, living in cambridge village. Water supply stll have some scarcity. I do feel complete when you are here, without what ! I wouldn't be here. Manchild Friend, I cannot thank you more. You are eloquent. somebody with the best heart, Thanks again. I am impressed with your opinion. Mathgrl, Work less, life is killing you, money is not the all-shore. hey, you in drugs ? drive carefully.
  3. Hi MohanTara, Sometimes, everybody feels the state of being alone in solitary isolation. Perhaps, due to lack of contact, emotionally, with people, acquaintances, friends, or loved ones. Spare time should not be compared with solitude. Somesaid, loneliness is a disposition toward being solitude. To stop feeling lonely, we first may accept that we are feeling lonely. We then have to express those feelings of loneliness in some way. We might find ourselves writing in a diary, writing an imaginary letter to a friend or relative, or doing anything else that lets us begin to express the feelings we have inside us—including talking with other people! "Expressing our feelings might lead us to discover that we feel a number of things which might be connected to our feelings of loneliness, including sadness, anger, and frustration". Involving in some sort of activity or community can accomplish several things. It can take our minds off of feeling lonely as we get involved in the enjoyable activity. It can actually change our mood directly the other way round. Everyone pass through so, I could only accept it , then let it go.
  4. Absolutely ! That makes sense to me, According to daily Mirror, the LA high is no way big enough, Rita will just push it out of the way. You would need a high pressure system like those over the polar ice caps to impact on a cyclone of this magnitude. Parkville, What makes your magnitude run down on Gulf ? They are helping hand of Muslims , ain't they ? Love you to see you back.
  5. Black Panther, clearly a little boy who had no idea what was going on, they don't know what is going inside their own country. Being taken down by a cross-eyed hick talking slang - I believe the turd's name was Hannity. look like taking challange from school days racism of Black and white America.
  6. That's not new for me. I have already attended so many BBC program. However, I am interested in Chatham house in London. After all the hectic hour, I would interested to attend chathm house. BBC tower in London is very intesresting. What were those links for ? Who is author of this ? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4229110.stm Can you give me your valid identity ?
  7. Absolutely abstract question, Let us hope this (as you mentioned) would not be the case, but I also noted a northward turn earlier when watching satellite photos of Rita. I'm still banking with what NOAA's saying though - between Houston and Galveston. The big question here is wondering if Rita is so frustrating massive that it really doesn't matter where she lands and the whole of the Houston-New Orleans gulf coast gets hit hard... You are quite right for comparing with tsumani, after all they are natural disaster. They have got to be respected equal , no matter where it would rise. I disagree mathgirl for her western brainwashed concept.
  8. Please feel free to add, We will be guiding, For those who are in UK or willing to come to UK for study purpose only !! and strictly.
  9. why would he care ? I heard he is busy designing codes for american companies, why would he care EIT ? he would care Monica more than us.. bad bad sad boy
  10. well done mathey, you hit two target with one arrow. Congratulation for your promotion in EnterpriseIT Planet. keep all your codes safe.
  11. Problems of ultra-leftist is they want too much power in hand to abuse the scenario of eastern , western and far western region. Government stilll says, we are not confident in truce, "ceasefire". Our political development is same since Janga Bahadur. I wouldn't see any changes, no luck.
  12. katja, You don't even know nothing. I assume there are quite a few things parkville has mentioned...and don't take it personally. I don't want you to be rouge spy.....and yes, nice to see you after long. uffff. I am glad I am not in it anymore. As appropriate disclaimer.... It's amusing watching people pour their hearts out on in here... their "heartspeak" about love and death and meaning of life. Parkville ... . Although I've been through that filtrate stage (for about a week by now), it's really funny to watch you follow in this emotional clips. When you'll finally join the "real" world (not the show) you'll realize (for guys especially) there's no true love... . Every human being are so complicated and demanding that it's not even worth it to put up with relationships. Especially, I stress this, especially when you are mad into so called Love. Use and abuse before somebody does it to us... I can understand beginners girls doing this but once ...... Oh,... head hurts from thinking down to this level...AHH
  13. Or either I told you to support parville all the freaking time. Yes, I am honest, so it hurts.
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