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  2. didi


    ARE YOU A BUDDING ARTIST, MUSICIAN, DANCER, FILM MAKER, GRAPHIC/WEB DESIGNER..? SATSANG is a new arts collective that has been launched in London, UK and we are looking for anyone who is interested to pool in their talent and work together with us to build creative exchange. If you are situated in the UK and would like to perform or show us your talent, we will be holding auditions in the Soho Lounge and elsewhere so gather what you have and get in touch with us. You can still contribute even if you're not located London-just e-mail us your visions, portfolio or samples of your work. More info can be found at www.satsang.org.uk
  3. Have not been to those parks. I really love Greenwich park though-it is a small compact one but still spacious with hills, viewpoints and lots of things to do-every two years there is a free music festival in the summer. Hyde Park (well this isn't outskirts) is too big I think and crowded. Since new year's is coming-how come no Nepali parties in South London? From this discussion seems there are a lot of Nepalis in south London-I know three big parties in Ealing/Acton Town Area. What happened to South East London this year?
  4. haha, I like okinawa's comment. Serves me right-I wear contacts by the way. For me it's like a new set of eyes-I've just gotten so used to contacts cos you can be able to see all degrees than you can in glasses. Of course for many-even before, not seeing all angles with glasses isn't a big problem-bani baihalcha thara now with contacts-bani bigriyo. I like to maximize visual options-when I go to the cinema I want to see everything without frames disturbing my view. And, no it's not a problem in countries with high pollution-so long as you keep your contacts clean. In very dusty areas or going on holiday it is better to get dailies just in case you get lots of dust so you can throw a pair everyday instead of monthly and your contacts get damaged from dust etc-there goes a month's worth when you have to throw that. I've managed okay on monthly even in KTM, but yeah it's better there to have glasses if possible. Pollution isn't the major concern-but really cleaning lenses in correct solution-in the UK considered so much cleaner there was a large no. of cases of contacts related blindness because ppl were lazy and put it in water allowing blindness causing bacteria etc to stick on lenses, or left contacts too long in solution again allowing these things to stick on them. So do not wash/soak contacts in water-to be extra safe I make sure my hands are washed and DRIED before putting on contacts. It's not necessary stupid to stay "stupid" depending on the context of the sentence. Obviously our comments are just generalisations-I find men wearing glasses more attractive because they give this impression of intelligence in terms of academic capabilities-but that's just impressions. And I dunno-aesthetically pleasing too-they just look good just like some girls like guys with long hair, or prefer short hair etc and vice versa. The stupidity in the sunglasses thing equates to that impression that wearing them seems like posing and showing off, and the generaly impression guys who do that hide behind them cos they have no intelligence to show. It's okay if it's really sunny, if it's functional-but in terms of fashion-like wearing sunglasses in parties indoors-for me it's bad fashion. Stupidity is the impression of low intelligence-I could've said idiotic, intellectually challenged, that they suck, juvenile etc-no but I like plain and simple stupid. Given that the word stupid itself is so simple with not much depth-it's fitting since my comments on impressions aren't really deep either. We all should be allowed superficial tastes sometimes. I can't believe I've written such a long entry-on such a subject too-I must be seriously bored.
  5. oh hey, thanx pc_ric and innocent princess too. reading everyone's entries makes me want even more sometimes to be a tourist in London visiting all these different areas. And hey, Lewisham ROCKS! It's got the most awesome public library. I won't go out there at night though-and it seems that all the grocery shops there are run by Afghanis.
  6. I wear contacts because I hate having to wipe my glasses in the rain all the time, not cos it's a fashion thing, although it seems most women don't feel they look good in glasses. I really think men look good wearing glasses though-not sunglasses-they look stupid in sunglasses.
  7. thanks voltagegal and invincible_gurl. Nice point there pc_ric. Anyone know if there are Nepali groups living round East and north east London? Don't know that area very well-I like Brick Lane and Spitalfield's market but I haven't seen any Nepalis there at all. Plus don't really know the other areas you mentioned-only seen them in tube map Is it possible that there might not be many Nepalis in areas like Banglatown/Brick Lane because even though you can get all the food stuffs there like back home-it is muslim? Not because of any religious clash-but maybe for Nepalis given a choice it is easier living west-north west London near places like southall , or plumstead, rather than east london because the ppl there are predominantly hindu-that you can not only buy dahl etc, but also stuff for puja etc?
  8. How much money are we really talking about and why should it really bother us? Everytime I log onto nepalnews I don't see my money going away so why should that matter? Obviously it's not the prettiest sites, esp. with all the ads. but hey, ppl making these things also need to earn a living, and it's a good gateway for news. Having said that-best place to get all alternative news even when sites like nepalnews go down everytime something happens or are censored-an ad free gateway is www.insn.org (International Nepal Solidarity Network) that posts all news about Nepal from uncensored Nepali sources as well as from outside so you can get what the world says about Nepal etc. I strongly recommend the links there like united we blog and blogdai for some strong discussions.
  9. Travelling a bus over to the next town is not like travelling to the next big city-but sometimes it really feels like it. Going to central London, although farther, certainly seems more fun even though I'm not a good shopper either-such is the life of students. Just nicer to hang around, somehow I like looking around Camden because it oddly reminds me of Nepal even though I don't really know if it supposed to be a Nepali tol or not like some ppl say. It certainly seems more interesting than Oxford street-I think Oxford Street as New Road of Nepal and Camden as Thamel. I don't know that to call Plumstead or Ealing though-they're in opposite directions and more isolated.
  10. Keanu reeves and plank of wood-hahaha. I have to admit he was excellent in the matrix-it just all depends on roles. Constantine (from comics) is meant to be very expressive, cursing and cynical-cool but passionate. If you are in London check out your local borough libraries-that's where I get all comix since they're too expensive. You'll find a lot of great movies will have been based on comics-not just superheroes-the upcoming Sin City with Bruce Willis for example. Even Road to Perdition, The Crow, and From Hell with Jonny Depp-they're based on graphic novels.
  11. I agree with the Specialist. Thanx for the comprehensive list Voltagegal. Considering the list of neighbouring areas such as Greenwich/Charlton/Woolwich/Plumstead (I know they're not that close to each other-Plumstead is still a considerable bus ride from Greenwich esp. during traffic) could they be lumped into one tol or neighbouring tols? Anyone have a particular favorite area and why? Or conversely, anyone dislike a particular area and why? The architecture, the facilities, the ppl? Me, I've found myself growing closer to Camden even though I live in South London. Mind you, I like living in south London, but to visit or go out, I find Camden a free open tol, -although I think to go out there a didi or baini needs to have a few dais around for protection. I don't feel that way around the different areas in south London. What do you think?
  12. I'm afraid to see Constantine but will eventually. I am afraid because it takes away everything I ever imagined Constantine to be-I'm a huge fan of the Hellblazer comics on which it is based. The comics are excellent-Constantine is a chain smoking, English blonde cynic and very witty-to place that kind of character into a American man with few words and totally different accent-it doesn't make sense. Trust Hollywood to distort books. At least Lord of the Rings was good and didn't kill the spirit you know.
  13. another thing-seems didi doesn't know how to cut and paste quotes properly-so clue is didi is definitely not studying anything to do with computing. Quote was from last comment by voltagegal
  14. What tols do you want to know about london? There are many nepalese spreaded from scotland in the north to brighton in the south. Most nepali populated areas are ealing broadway,greenwich,plumstead and camedon town, woolwich and lewishham has also nepali people living. Do you want street name ? I will give you. 68990[/snapback] The keyword for me right now is London: It will be interesting to know what Nepali tols there are LONDON with no particular definitions-only whatever people themselves consider tols-whether they talk about their own or some others. How could this discussion be a sort of virtual map for Nepalis who would come to London to find out where to meet other Nepalis-not just for events but to live somewhere where they can call on Nepali neighbours for help? It's not about sticking to your own kind etc-otherwise why be in the UK first place, why not stay in Nepal-but just wondering if certain areas help you tide homesickness and why, or if maybe people are just transferring prejudice about places bad places back home-or what they think are bad, or lable certain people to areas. Example: that Boudha Tamangs are dangerous-don't mess with them. Although that is not true-such comments tell many stories themselves, good or bad. As for street name-well Voltagegal-yours would be interesting but didi is a student too, busy studying. Come holidays maybe a visit might be due.
  15. For the sajha link-pls just go back to third page of this forum and click on link from Okinawa's comment. Voltagegal-I don't understand your comment about being advanced or not being able to speak on WNSO. At least on the topic of London Nepali tols there is more of a discussion here than in sajha, but maybe that's what you meant -that there ain't many Europeans there hence lack of talk over there. Baini was interested seeing that more sajha users seem from the US-if they had any assumptions or opinions about Nepalis on this side of the Atlantic. Pr_ric-thanx for the link esp. the other link in there to nepalisamajuk. When I went to the events section I'd never heard about those events. That's what this discussion is about-even being all Nepalis, everyone comes from different backgrounds and when we get here, sometimes we already know ppl. who know about other Nepali things going on which is nice and others, like me, mostly have no idea about what goes on. I only knew about WNSO from some guy in Ealing this year-seems like lots of ppl there know about Nepali stuff going on hence the idea it might be Nepali tol. As for exciting party, the pix there didn't look nothing like Camden party pix I've seen-although even going to Camden I don't see ppl advertising parties there. You can see one at partynepal.com in the archives with Layasutra. Did anyone else see them last year in Ealing Town Hall? I think they should have played longer.
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