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  1. Yea I know Shanti Gurung but I am sure she doesnt know me coz I am junior to her and I think she came to GBS in class 8. I think I should know Bishal Gurung coz I am SLC batch of 2000.
  2. in an arrange marriage u develop love once u get entangled but in love marriage u fall in love before u get entangled so i think at least u could experience the most beautiful thing in the world in love marriage before u could really get into several troubles after marriages so why not to go for at least some nice experiences !!!
  3. feels great to know about it.
  4. sameer_bremen


    a good piece !! keep it up !!
  5. thats a good news . congratulations to the selected people !!!
  6. ppl go through the link and read about the mystery of prakash ojha ?? is he going to gymkhana now ?? its simply unbelievable. http://www.kantipuronline.com/Nepal/ discover how ppl are commiting crimes !!! http://www.kantipuronline.com/Nepal/
  7. in nepal its the private schools who have better teachers and resources and are fairly incomparable with the govt. schools which have been proved by the results we get each year in the SLC examinations too.
  8. Haina N_M ji kati maya garnu bhayeko ,neta le padla ra kan pakla pheri .Aba chahi kehi huncha ki ta hai.Sabai neta haru le khayeko ghus ko pardafas hundai cha.Aba goli hanera ta namarau kera hatya garnu hunna hola haina baru kalo musho lagayera nepal bhari .......chaddi...... ma ghumaunda kasto hola 66709[/snapback] yasta aru ishwor pokhrel lai pani korra launa parcha ani bora ma kasera rakhna parcha sadai. desh khaisake ni ta yiniharule.
  9. khutta bhaye jutta ta paincha tara khojeko jutta nai pauna ta mushkil parcha ni kina bhane tyo jutta jun aafule chaheko arule lagisakcha kebal tyo jasto paiyela tara tyo jutta nai ta painna ni ta,
  10. Yo kura chahi malai pani chitta bujhyo. Jutta ko kura pani ta ayo. I have that problem specially when I wear sports shoe during summer time. Naya moja lagako 1-2 ghantama nai jutta kholda ab k bhanne? Tesaile maile ta sport shoes lagaunai chhodidiye. bafiyechha kyare timro khutta sport juttama... 66905[/snapback] its not only the socks that is responsible for the horrible smell but also the shoes. check ur shoes and if u can dry them up and of course when u open ur shocks dont just put it inside ur shoes i mean just let the socks be in open area than inside the shoes itself so that the bad odour is lost in some extent. but the most important solution is to wash ur feet and dry them up and put on ur shocks then.
  11. all u can do when u find nothing to do in the whole world is u can suicide but i guess to commit suicide is not that easy too.
  12. yo man it rocks.... Sameer..... 66900[/snapback] most unique of all. are marriages made in heaven ???
  13. support the right thing and reject the wrongs ! only then u would have much faster progress otherwise its gonna be the same. 66449[/snapback] thats what i am doing supporting the move..... Sameer......... 66496[/snapback] well thats what i mean? support the right thing ? 66518[/snapback] now at least i am happy coz i could make myself clear.......... Sameer.... 66551[/snapback] its individual rights to make comments and say as u think without blaming anyone so right will be always praised and we dont mind to praise if there is something right said or done !!!
  14. if we always let them do what they want then in no time we will lose our idenitity . we never know we might not be able to say we are from a country called nepal. they have kept the identity of the country itself at stake !! 66448[/snapback] u make urself clear first before complaing to what others say...u dont support the king, u dont support the maoists...then what do u want? u want the country to be ruled by those poiliticians again and making the future of the country darker than it ever was...... u got to make urself clear first......... for a leader to be a leader there shoudl be his followers whom he could lead so there cant be a leader alone so here lies the importance of a wellwisher !!! Sameer........... do we have only two options of ruling in nepal ?? either the king or the maoists ?? are all the leaders and people in nepal corrupt ?? arent there people who have as much positive thinking about the future of the country as u have ? well why do we need to support the king or the maoist or the leaders ? cant we be a wellwisher of the country ?? arent there some capable people among us who can lead ?? 66497[/snapback] 66517[/snapback] ofcourse there might be some of us who can ( not talking about me...i dont wnt people hitting me with their shoes) but to do that firstly u need to get into poilitics, i mean be a leader and after being a leader u realised that u have worked so hard already and u then forget ur aim and the same cycle begins again......u cannot just do nothing by just being a wellwisher......u need to have qualities of leadership...... Sameer.... 66552[/snapback]
  15. well uttering out is much easier than to do something else and really we are uttering out for no gains rather why dont we unite and go for better results and outcomes than blaming each other. thats what i meant and finally everyones desire is to see the country prosper !! 66516[/snapback] how shall we unite? what do we have? we just have mouth to speak and nothing more..its all upto them whether to do something or not and besides we r not here to join any poilitical parties or something........ Sameer..... 66553[/snapback] we never urge some people to speak what we feel and what we think coz we have different views and ideas. whether some pessimists might think we can do nothing but still its people who can make changes !! some really strong tyrants have been defeated by people and its sure and certain if the condition of nepal remains the same after so much of promises made to people then who knows such kings might never be living in nepal ???
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