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  1. nepali_ma

    mero desh nepal

    I would like to thank you all for your kind replies. ............. संसदमा नङिंएकी द्रोपदी तिमी गर्छौ हामी पान्डव लाई माफ के तिमी? कौरव हरुको प्यास तिमी .....मेलम्चिमा हराएका कृष्ण को आश तिमी
  2. nepali_ma

    mero desh nepal

    Mero Nepal prithivi narayan shah ko bhul timi ganeshmaan le hurkako phool timi prachanda ko turuf (spade) timi haha....ratnapark ko lakshya bihin hool timi -nm
  3. But if you put a gun to my head and asked me to pick one team I would just have to go with Pakistan on the basis that if they have got to defend a middle-of-the-road target, then they've got a better chance than India. But I hope the standard of the final is close to what we saw in the semi-final between India and Australia. This has been a very good tournament and I hope we have a final that has been memorable. We've had two very good semi-finals; one exceptional; and I hope we have a very good and exciting final. -Ian Chappell
  4. Few nice comments I found in net. If we can be objective let us do a head for head 1. Power Play Overs Openers:bats Pak: Hafeez and Nazir Ind: Sehwag and Gambhir vs Pak: Asif and Tanvir Ind: SreeSanth and RP Singh India has had the more successful opening pair but Pak has the more sucessful bowling pair. I would suggest this is a crucial match up and as Jo'berg can be a run fest I would say advantage to India 2. Midddle Overs: Pak: Younis Khan , Shoaib Malik, Misballah Haq, Shahid Afridi, Akmal Ind: Uthappa, Yuvraj, Dhoni, R Sharma and Pathan vs Pak: Afridi, Hafeez, Gul, Alam Ind: Joginder, Harbajan, Pathan, Sehwag, Yuvraj Clearly India has the less versatile bowling side with Joginder being a Philander like weak link, but Dhoni has no choice as too risky to play Chawla on a postage stamp ground at high altitudes as Afridi may send the ball into orbit. I would also play slower Alam to Aarafat. Both sides middle order have come to the sides rescue and done well, and despite Yuvraj clearly being the start batter of the tournament, I would give Pak the edge in the middle game as a core partnership group of Younis, Haq and Malik seems a sure bet partcicularly as India's middle over bowling is less strong than Pak. Advantage Pakistan 3. End Game: Pak: Gul at the death Ind: RP Singh at the death Both sides are vulnerable at the death though Gul and RP Singh have been bowling beautifully. Both sides have been fielding well so this area is even stevens between the sides As you can see it is a very very close match up. May the side with the best game on that day win. And this is great momment for sub continent cricket
  5. Supplies minister hints at petro price hike in a day or two KATHMANDU, Sept 20 - Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Rajendra Mahato said Thursday that the government will increase the petroleum price in a day or two to ease distribution of petroleum products. Speaking at a programme in the capital today, Minister Mahato said that the government will revise the price so as to import more fuel and pump out more petroleum products to consumers. Stating that the eight parties have already been informed regarding the price revision, Minister Mahato said that he would discuss the issue with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and after finding a national consensus on the issue, price of petroleum products will be revised. Minister Mahato added that the government was mulling over hiking the petroleum price as general public want the same for a smooth supply. Stating that Nepal Oil Corporation has been suffering a loss to the tune of Rs 300 million per month and still has outstanding due to the Indian Oil in millions of rupees, Minister Mahato said that price hike was the only alternative. Minister Mahato said that the government was very much aware of any untoward activities from the reactionary forces in the wake of price hike. source : ekantipur.com
  6. If only my wishes came true… March 1st, 2007 Translated by Rabindra Mishra, BBC Nepali service and published in BBC world Service Website. Ankalal Chalaune, 16, had not left his remote village in north-west Nepal until a recent essay won a prize in a competition organised by the BBC Nepali service. He had not seen a bicycle, a car or a telephone until he travelled to the region’s main town, Nepalgunj, to record the essay below for radio. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the pleasant surroundings of my school in Nepal’s very remote district of Dolpa, I have been trying to develop myself for nearly 10 years, constantly dreaming of doing something good for my society and country. But however hard I try, neither progress nor prosperity is in sight. From junior classes, I used to weave a lot of dreams. I was enchanted by all those descriptions of high-rise buildings, hospitals, telephones, computers, buses and railways in the textbooks. “Why doesn’t our village and school have those facilities?” I used to ask my teacher. “One day your dream will come true,” he would say with a smile. “All these things are, after all, the creation of human beings.” The assurance that these basic human necessities in other parts of the world would one day reach my remote locality was uplifting. Dreams However, I somehow feel that the wait is going to be far too long. Therefore, I begin to think again. “If only my wishes came true, how nice it would be!” Sometimes, I reach the capital - Kathmandu - in my dream - sometimes I travel in the bus and sometimes in an aeroplane. I also dream of using the computer and the internet, and sometimes I even find myself having a stroll on the Moon. But when I wake up in the morning and find myself in bed, I feel sad. Will all those modern amenities remain only in the books for me? No, it does not have to be that way. Like the world’s scientists and scholars, I, too, want to create. More so because Graham Bell’s telephone, James Watt’s railway, the Wright Brothers’ aeroplane and all those other modern creations could never ever become the whole world’s. Yet at a time when we need to compete with the world in such constructive areas, we are unwittingly engaged in violence and confrontation. End the violence If only my wishes came true, I would uproot the entire cause of violence and consign it to death forever. Then joining our hands in friendship and unity, we would proceed ahead in the path of equitable development. The cars monopolised by the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara would then start running on smooth roads in Dolpa. Why only helicopters and Twin Otters? Avros [local name for a kind of medium-sized aircraft] and jets would then land on the beautiful fields of my village. And then in internet chats, I would describe Dolpa to my friend, Mr Jones, studying in some college in Britain. Anyone living in any corner of the world should be able to experience the beauty of Caravan [a film featuring Dolpa, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2000]. These hills and peaks, river banks and plains should be connected with cable cars and contain modern facilities. The Edmund Hillaries and Sherpa Tenzings would then travel through the fields of Dolpa and its underground rail before climbing Everest. If my wishes were to come true, my country should truly be known as “Shangri-La”.
  7. Group A Australia Netherlands Scotland South Africa Group B Bangladesh Bermuda India Sri Lanka Group C Canada England Kenya New Zealand Group D Ireland Pakistan West Indies Zimbabwe
  8. Here's my fav. team's SQUAD 1. Inzamam-ul-Haq (captain) 2. Younis Khan (vice-captain) 3. Abdul Razzaq 4. Danish Kaneria 5. Iftikhar Anjum 6. Imran Nazir 7. Kamran Akmal (wicketkeeper) 8. Mohammad Asif 9. Mohammad Hafeez 10. Mohammad Yousuf 11. Naved-ul-Hasan 12. Shahid Afridi 13. Shoaib Akhtar 14. Shoaib Malik 15. Umar Gul This is my fav. team. They have excellent all-rounders. Among them, Mohammad Yousuf is my fav. batsman (he plays in cool way...."take it easy" style......Shahid Afridi aka BOOM BOOM AFRIDI...my all time fav. ..so sad..that he's going to miss the first two matches and....Shoaib Malik.....this boy has got talent ...only he needs is consistency..... Danish...as Inzi said....he is one of the player who could be a star ....he's improving very well.... for fielding...I'd go for the teams like SA, AUS, NZ...they're good at fielding......I don't know but...as far as I'm concerned...IND should improve its fielding....they just donate runs (more than 25~30) just by misfielding.... ......PAKIs too ought to think about its fielding.... so..as a whole my fav. team is PAKIS..coz ..first of all they are so strong in bowling...full with top all-rounders...what they need is............. AKTHAR...don't throw wide too much..... AFRIDI.....don't be too excited NAZIR AND BUTT....show your power and consistency..be there until over 15 finished...then YOUNIS KHAN AND MMD. YOUSUF will finish the job.... INZI......I don't have to say anything to you...but please make your tail strong.....your team is like...if it is 145-5 then ...after few minutes...160-all out!! ANYWAY.....CHEERS FOR PAKs
  9. CBaba G, nice and very informative blog esp. for cricket fans like me. Yes...WC is at our doorstep. Let's put our views.....LOVE_UNITED..I think you should play a role of leader in this post for WC, for you are so regular in this sports category especially cricket. Oh...for all those cricket fans in WNSO...let's pour our opinions..... LIKE... 1. WHICH IS YOUR FAV. TEAM? WHY? WHO IS(ARE) YORU FAV. BATSMAN(S) BOWLER(S)? FIELDER(S)? WHY? 2. WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE WC '07? WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITES? WHY DO YOU THINK SO? 3. WHO IS(ARE) GOING TO TURN AS A WC '07STAR(S)? 4. YOUR MESSAGE FOR YOUR FAV. PLAYER OR TEAM. please add more my friends...
  10. FIRST ODI (16 FEB 2007) AUS 148 ALL OUT 49.3 OVERS MEK Hussey 42 NZ 149/0 27 OVERS L Vincent not out 73 SP Fleming not out 70 SECOND ODI (18 FEB 2007) AUS 336/4 50 OVERS MEK Hussey 105 BJ Hodge not out 97 NZ 340/5 48.4 OVERS RL Taylor 117 PG Fulton not out 76 THIRD ODI (18 FEB 2007) AUS 346/5 50 OVERS ML Hayden not out 181 SR Watson 68 NZ 350/9 49.3 OVERS CD McMillan 117 BB McCullum not out 86 NEW ZEALAND seals WHITEWASH against AUSSIES. -nm
  11. 4. Bhang, Dhatura Tanyo 5. Tire balyo road phohar garyo Hare Shiva!!
  12. A beggar ask for fish to eat, some give him fish. In that case that beggar will remain always beggar. But if you teach him how to fish, thing will be different. Nice said EM jee. I really want to teach how to fish, however, there are some problems. I use this program which is of different language and it runs only on that WINs of that language. No use for the users who use ENG WINs. I think the things are clear here. If I get some new ideas then I'll be glad to teach how to fish. But this time I'm sorry. -nm
  13. Yastai ho hamro Nepal ma!!
  14. One more thing...... Pleae provide your gmail add. along with URL. Enjoy!!
  15. Dear WNSO members, I'd like to offer you something. The songs which you listen online but sometimes you couldn't download it. In case of that, I could help. Just provide the url to me. Any songs are OK. -nm
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