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  1. Parkville didi, If you want any help let me know hehehe You are goddess.
  2. Actually, YES ...You are great nightfall I am interested to reach somewhere near your wishes hehehehe :0 You have great sense of humour lol
  3. Makha marna kya janya chan purush harule, drifted very clever idea to put butter
  4. southern


    invi didi, what is happening ? , I know pooja didi is joking
  5. Some get impressed without any reason, Some doesn't get impress even if you try million times. This is life brov
  6. WNSO has very rich content with most intelligent peoples, They just need some fakai fulai . About information, I can't give any sorry. I can ask something PS: IP don't offend reputed personality.
  7. I can speak fluent and I can do free , Make sure you put SOUTHERN in it.
  8. ahile ta speechless , welcome vintage grapes . Monica dijyu and Angel dijyu lai ta k bhanne hurricane can leave the spot , not you sisters. Mind blowing Monica dijyu, hehe cool down. Let me know if I will be any help
  9. Ans: No, because I am looking for the same thing. Q: Do you ? let me know, I am killing myself here.
  10. Welcome to WNSO Chautari perfect friend. You should also keep in mind that you are talking to some of the most intelligent people in the forum. Unless you do not have the intension to live longer, do not fight with our senior and most respected members and new junior talent girl and boys. I am sure dream noon is not affected. pr_ric well said brother, We need one fighting room I still woner about strippers, other I have no tension
  11. It is my pleasue to welcome great thinker and writer like innocent princess. Welcome to WNSO. Wish you all the success and bright future. Your poem was simply touching, I couldn't wait to thank you. Yaad ayo
  12. Thank you for the great truth of life angel. dream noon le deusai sapana dekhecha, pr_ric bujau ta
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