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  1. MT Jee, Just seen your profile .. indeed a very nice and unique profile.... and glad to be able to know more about you as well as other WNSO Members. Thinking of posting my one as well...
  2. MT Thanks a lots, Devastation's the nick that i've adopted since my school days... My grammar School English Teacher once said "Devastating Sense of Stability"( i dont remember for what thou.. lol) ... liked the word.. and adpoted it as my nick.... And its nice to be here among you guys... will try to be as active as i can... Cheers
  3. Chodera Janchan ta Kewal Yaad Haaru! We as human beings go through so many things in our 99 years on earth..., and yes that wishful thinking..... With each and every experience there is a bond that takes place...... Maybe just for that split second you hold the door for an elderly lady and make eye contact; there is a brief bond.... Then there are the bonds that last a life time, from parent to child.. and child to parent.... We make our friends as we grow and with some we keep a life long unbreakable bond.... others will wax and wane through our lives and yet that is also a bond.... Some bonds are stronger then others, but thats irrelevent, once its there, its there and that is forever. ...Think of my first love, such an unbreakable and unwavering bond at the time..... No I dont care if I ever see her again, but if I did..., we would smile.., share a hug, and know we have that bond. With Everyone You come across to, there's A Tie that Binds.
  4. Nirmala Gyawali has become the first athlete from Nepal to compete in the Paralympic Games. The twenty-one-year-old athlete will compete in Shot Put, 100m and 200m races. The Nepalese National Paralympic Committee only joined the International Paralympic Committee in April of this year, but the group was able to qualify one athlete before the May deadline. The Nepalese delegation consists of Gyawali, Coach Man Bahadur Lopchan and Acting Chef de Mission, Rupesh Parajuli. "Despite different inadequate resources and obstacles, we're glad that we made it to participate, and although we may not be able to do exceptionally well, i believe the initiation of participation to the Paralympic itself will not be less than a gold medal for us". Said Mr. Parajuli, International Relations Officer of National Para Sports Association (NPSA)-Nepal, A National Paralympic Committee of Nepal the only organization for the sports of the disabled in Nepal, recognized by International Paralympic Committee. "We are working very hard to continue this initiation of the participation to the Paralympics, However, due to the inadequate resources like... Infrastructures, Equipments, Trainings, Expertise as well as Financial Resources, we're having a number of Problem. Its very hard to do all these things on our own, in the case that no support from the government. This is not only the matter of Participation but also the matter of country's dignity where Nepal was/will be represented before more than 160 Nations in the world", Said Mr. Rupesh Parajuli.
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