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  1. c'mon folks dunt u ve better things to do.............than talkin abt hi5. n e ways its cool yeah njoy
  2. TEN YEARS TIME .. I COULD B IN GRAVEYAR HOLA.. WHO CAN PREDICT FUTURE... WE ALL R HUMANS... COULD HAPPEN ANYTHING everyone knows life s uncertain ... its unpredictable and we all r humans... that doesnot mean that we shouldnt think abt future. common be optimistic. suppose that u wont die then wat will u do
  3. anuska

    USA 2 IND

    this is so true. its no good to make fun of dead people even in a joke. god death is something which is so scary to me.
  4. anuska

    sad news

    what has happened was really very very sad. that was a huge loss to whole nepalese community and to nepal as a whole. sometimes god is so cruel. i cant believe such thing has happened to those kids whose eyes were full of dreams and hearts were full of wishes...............now they have gone. they will never come back , in a sense they were freed from this dirty world but what about their families how will they cope, how will they live???? who sent their peace of their heart abroad for better future a deep condolence to families and friends. may god give them strength and power to fight back with this unbearable grief.
  5. it's quite opposite out there isn't it????? your summer starts in december where in most of the countries its freezing cold especially in uk and canada. and your winter must be during june july as its freaking hot out here.
  6. well i dont know about australia and other european countries and for asia i only know about my home town where majority of students don't work and for uk we don't work during summer. here we only have 3 month old summer so we just relax chill and enjoy he he he he isn't it nice??? do you work during summer vacation in states?????
  7. 1st of all let me say that I am against ALL killing n maiming of civilians. So I am condemning these London bombings. Now let us get past this frozen frame of reference in the ' War on Terror ', When foreign invaders occupy ur land , u are allowed 2 retaliate 2 protect urselves n ur families. Look at the occupation of Afghanistan n Iraq as well as the Palestinian subjugation since '48. These people have endured a ' London bombing ' almost daily 4 years.... They do not have helicopter, gun-ships n missiles , all they have is their bodies n a belt of TNT. If they have 2 choose soft targets such as civilians, it is because they are unable 2 front up 2 the conventional armies of the bullies. So I am condemning these London bombings. I hasten 2 add that 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the US occupation the past 2 years. No one seems to make a song n dance over these loses!! The answer to this continued saga of shame on the human race is 4 worthy leaders on both sides 2 sit down n negotiate. This ' eye for an eye ' is indeed making all of us blind. 73423[/snapback] u know mohan tara why u r saying all these big things b coz u were not there where this incident took place. from ur post i can only conclude that in your view london really deserve that bombing, isn't it.
  8. i m deeply shocked with ur comments (mohantara) its not abt five ppl its about terrorism n 3 million ppl inc myself who use london transport every single day n missed the very same attack by just less than 3mins. those who r killed r not those who went for war in iraq or wherever.........those were innocent ppl whose death has brought distress to millions n for so many life is never gonna b same again...................
  9. for me its hard to say somebody i didnot like his/her opinion especially to someone m close with. but the same thing i can say easily to someone who i dont like. eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. sanchi yo ralfa ralfa bhaneko ke ho yeso sunda ta it doesnot sound like nepali word is it something copied from hindi or sanskrit Agantuk sabda haru bhanchan ni
  11. well thats the reason why our country in 100 or even more years backward than all the developed countries even india she misutilized power and utilized for her self interest. she s the one responsible for all these problems nepal is facing today she made that cruel jange primeminster of the country who introduced his own monarch and enjoyed all the rights leaving the country in cloud of darkness. really women is the most powerful creature in the world. she can make the thing the way she likes(in most cases)
  12. well all the above mentioned things applies to u so no offense to anyone at all if its offensive then no doubt it shud be to urself
  13. i think we better do if we want our identity to remain alive n pass on the next generation.
  14. there was this article today on metro about the equal opportunities for women,i dont quite remember exactly the position among different countries but america is not even in the top ten list, i think UK was in the 7th position.
  15. anuska

    SO WONDERFUL....!!

    la la ram bro lai pani loveria bhayo jasto cha hai
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