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  1. When people enter into society, they forfeit some of their natural rights and promise to abide by common laws that are based upon their common understanding. The purpose of this is to protect life, liberty and property of people. People give some of their natural rights to society and society in turn hand that to government. So the purpose of government is to ensure rights of people. As time elapses, everything changes and so are people’ desire and need, hence people’ representatives have to pass new laws that represent per people’ need, and debate on necessity of old laws on regular basis. Whenever that democratic process is abrupt, then there is no meaning of that legislature. When a legislative body has no longer power to assemble to discuss the contemporary political issues and people’ will, then that legislative is not legitimate as it doesn’t represent contemporary will of people and guarantee civil rights. (Current interim parliament is not as per people’ will so it is not valid) The law that protect people’ natural rights in society can be justifiably enforced only by those who are true representatives of people. That means, the representatives that govern legislative must be chosen directly (Constituent assembly). Then only people can be sure that the representatives will represent their will and protect their rights (It did not happen in 2007 and 2046 so called revolutions). For instance, if a prince changes way the election is held and ensures that only his followers be elected, then those who are elected will serve for the prince not for people. The pro prince representatives will alter everything in government to meet their interest ( It happened in the panchayat system and still we can not rule it’s possibility because most of high ranks army officials are still core royalists). A king has army, property and followers. He can use all of his powers to subordinate people and their rights. If a king no longer abides by people’ will and enforces his own will as the state’s law then there is a state of tyranny. Rebellion is the only way to take people’ rights back ( gyanendra did that and Nepali people rebel). The executive body of government is the one that make sure everybody in society follows law. Law is not made for itself; it is passed so that it can be executed properly to place everything in order and just manner. When executives do not perform their duty or abuse their rights for their own sakes, then that will make society anarchy, where everyone does whatever they want without obeying any law or order(parties have always done this). When the government try to enforce its arbitrary will, when it hinders assembly of people’ representatives, when it changes the way election is held, when people rebel and when laws approved by people are not enforced properly, then that government should be dissolved. After dissolution of such government, people can use their own natural rights to replace the old one with new one that will represent their will and guarantee their rights of life, liberty and property. Constituent assembly is must Source: Two treatises of government, John Locke
  2. dude yog bro... thanks for post....bro yo quotation haru ta maile pahile nai wnso ma post garya jasto lagchaa ho..thykai mero diary sanga milne quotation to quotation......ha ha ha ha ..anyway it's more important that every body at least read it once...keep it up
  3. ...fire caught on one of my frens apartment destroyed everything from clothes, books to all the important documents.....he is very much downhearted now....but important thing is how to recover his passport,visa, I-94 and transcipt of his SLC and +2....if anybody knows something....plz help..... .................thanks
  4. i have a sister here in us ....she is over here on tourist visa ...but she want to continue her study before she go back to nepal....i need feedback from all..who know something about legal process on this topic thanks....
  5. it's certainly touching one....but i'm not sure if it is true story or not...if it is ...then how come nobody will tell the "pissed" son that he lost his eyes in a terrible accident n his mother donated her one eye to him....any way.... ...it's suddenly GREATNESS of MOTHER.....love you ma
  6. this is how life of every nepali student goes in US....if u r in nepal read it before u decides to come over here... http://www.kantipuronline.com/nepali/kolnews.php?&nid=55378
  7. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no's become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly. And You Will Tell Them YES." always keep it in mind
  8. sachin dai even though i am under grad student here in US....i know some nepali dai who have same academic background as you have....if u want to study master level in any US university, then u must have attended 4 years college....what u can do is ...as most nepali dai n didi who have completed bachelor level course in nepal do ...............come here as under grad student...then tranfer all your credits to university over here..and complete your undergrad...i don't think it will take long time...if all ur credits are transferred here then i guess u just have to study one or two semester.... ........good luck!
  9. AGREE MAN! is the bridge underground or was hiding in the heaven?....bcoz why in the hell DOES IT REMAIN UNNOTICED TO THE SURVEYERS BEFORE????????????
  10. yeah!.........langing on moon is a complete hoax..........
  11. what the hell is toi boi 67992[/snapback] why do u blame this topic being racist? I enjoyed this topic thoroughly till i read ur topic.....donot be shame if u r newar or nepali....
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