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  1. Hi angy first of all... belated birthday to you, I am wishing you happy belated birthday on my side and my Negative (Limitation//moon) side... I am sorry but you have not replied my mail....may I be not excused for my unexpected ? thus unfortunate illness? MohanTara, Solitude is an isolation.....or sometimes an isolated place frm society !! I am living so long and so far from my love and if solitude plays all role, I can be stucked and die. Hope, is the only solution. I have a blindfold solitude of an isolation due to emptiness, however I am living in desirable dreams. A distinction of spare-time can be made between physical and mental seclusion. MohanTara, you may seek physical seclusion to remove distractions and make it easier to concentrate, reflect, or meditate. However, it's not the end of the world or ending story in itself.....and once a certain capacity to resist distractions is achieved, people become less sensitive to distractions...I have had that many times. Some people can maintain very high concentration levels almost regardless of external circumstances. Such people, don't seek any interaction with the external physical world. Their mindfulness is their world. I, yet...being Christian hindu have faith in buddhism, to establish peace, so such feelings comes and go, do keep your original solitude and share your feelings to let the bad part die then become completely new women. luck to you
  2. Doesn't matter, who call it what, if it mean at all. I 've been waited for simple love. I am the one who stared and shattered. Can't you see that I am the one who can give you more and more, I been offering you all that I posses. If truth exist in the world it will find it's way. Let me be the one to give you everything. Then hey, you were always the one and will be the one for me. Many christmass gone, dashain gone, I never understood the meaning of your shadow, be real Okay ? I love you , oh baby !! "--yeah" bring down the justice and let me face the trial. I don't want to be too good in my friends eyes. I just want to be who i belong to. Yesterday was festival in Melbourne. I remember you all day along in the roadside. It was a business festival that I had to attend forcefully. I didn't have any agenda in my mind but just YOU honey. I present everything on be half of ANZ. They said I don't look as I use to. It's all because of you and thank you. I don't want to appear in south australian folk dance festival. I am British. You know what ? happy dashain, your kind of festival. Be drunk "--yeah" forget me and forget everything, as it coming near, --good luck, I know I am fool because of you
  3. come on Negative... And how long, silence would disguise If silense had eyes, they would say they would you want you more If silence had eyes, they would see the love we have secret ain't between me and you If silence had eyes they would fill your ecstasy that evey moment you know I Love you so baby
  4. Sorry to rain on your parade WNSO. I have been blamed, however I am here to help if I can, --"yeah" Sorry for my Private matters. I assume all this opinions are coming from "Euro news" doesn't care about that kinda stuff maybe some UK or French tabloid (Bild, probably), probably the fascist Italians... but that's about it. Do you really think European media would waste their time on things like that? Did anybody saw (interview with some Black Panthers leader, - on words spoken by Farrakhan, not the boy... was on Fox). ... tsk tsk... Katrina already blew everything up and RITA is like on second category Because of racism. Watch it, America have black and white Opinion on Katrina and Rita. Provided America is self sufficient, internal conflict and Power waste on Gulf. This is based off my experience of viewing the weather channel.
  5. Yes, Mother love touch the heart but where is the picture ?
  6. Not at the moment until notice change, you can always check their website. You can Write to Australian development scholarships (ads) personally. They might be help for you someways.
  7. angel, You don't need to believe or sorta feel. Eventhrough your fish-eyed lens of tear stained my eyes....I have a the same old feelin for Ya . I can hardly define the shape of this moment in time .....And far from flying high .... I'm rolling into the place where I would have hidden. ... angel's only fly......
  8. lm (Negative) you can't win in this game called love..... You disguise but I recognise you, then I will conquer the kingdom of love, that's the way it goes....and your heart....love will come to me eventhough you shatter it. common... don't keep it secret....how long ...will you keep it ? I do not need to chase your shadow.....because you are always only one for me... I am feelin weak, as fire wouldn't give any heat. If only clouds could talk...it would be my messenger...they would follow my dream and reveal in front of you. I Love you neg. Life...is only a trip,then I found you.....and life just kept on rollin...somehow you 'd not lost that I am not.... I am painted your name in my heart with shaded color. I Just a little change .. a...small, to say the least ...both a little scared...neither one of us prepared for anything.... If only stories as old as time were as old as song and ....finding you would be strange ...I would change ya. I am the only to stay for this long....and waiting here. Can't you see everything here I have is written in your name ? whatever it takes, I will find a way to reach ya. waiting for you....
  9. Scholarship database: http://studyinaustralia.gov.au/Sia/en/CourseSearch/ScholarshipSearch.htm
  10. Sorry for the the delay peoples. I am happy to see all your response. I have privately had a enquiery, since it is govt. funded, they wouldn't care me much, Ausaid had Nepal in it's list , but they have removed and other countries as well, There is a alternative by applying in: http://studyinaustralia.gov.au/Sia/en/StudyCosts/Scholarships.htm
  11. I am nervous Now . I couldn't complete it. Anyone who have authorise can please delete my post
  12. I will as it may go. Thank you so klsanjeeb. For the time being, I am on a quite strange infatuation. I hope this wouldn't be lasting for ever.....
  13. If you can lie and betray me ..... --"yeah" I would do it too. -- If You want it too, I can change my mind too -- I let you win my life for ever, that you never ask me too Somehow ever since I've been around you and your dream , I Can't go back to being on my own .... or I ain't help feeling darling since I've found you. I tried to leave you thousand times....No, I can't be betrayed any longer, that I've found my home ...That I'm finally embraced as a whole.... I said I'd never let nobody get too close to me darling but only you Negative... ....... .... I said I needed, needed to be with you hunnie..... I didn't gave you my heart to be linger around....neither I gave it for you to forget me........ I gave it to you to be underneath my soul..... howeverr, hey Neg I am on drugs tonighyts, . you atke care ./ .. me... wil se.. god bee ay /../>. b4
  14. If you sorta feel why she is behaving dumbs and what the hell is going ? I was having problem for my friends stupidness. I think you will only laugh If I go in detail, I may not even want to. You can talk to me if you feel like, For the thread part, angel is giving me problem so I am yammering with her. For the rest part, have a nice summer ~
  15. I may not have right saying so but I had unexpectedly seen okinawa in my thread, I remember Jeniffer. Good luck for the rest as well. All UK girls behave yourself I hope the very best for you in your future endeavors, life and every step you make peace ~
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