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  1. I just wanted to share with you guys that i've been using Rebtel and this is just awesome for making calls to Nepal or any other countries, the rates are very reasonable for calling....For India it cost: 5 cents/min, for Australia , 2 cents/min and much more....U have to check it out...Try 10 mins free by clicking the link below and if you are satisfied u can add a credit and you'll be charged based on the seconds you use...No pin needed, No access number, ...You will feel like you're calling from your cell phone. The quality is superb.......I found it great..so just wanted to share with you...Simply click on the link below.. https://www.rebtel.com/en/Utility-Pages/Joi.../?uid=057517919
  2. free player from mysplayer.com
  3. well Muskan...What exactly are u trying to say with your inane thread. Are you trying to discourage nepali students in foreign countries, who are working hard enough to do something good in the future. If the Nepali students can study and gain some knowledge from the Countries like UK, US, thats gonna be good for Nepal. Everybody knows that Studying and working in foregin countries is like Hard Nut To Crack but u should be appreciated with the thoughts of those fellows trying to do all the best for the Future. Does it really matters if one can study well doing some part time JOB ? Does it matters if one cleans the Restrooms and also is doing great in his/her studies? I dont' think that matters. Everybody works in the foreign countries. Are u trying to say that nobody can succeed in their Life working part Time ? I m a student too, doing part time also studying as a full time student, i dont' think doing part time job is hampering in my studies. Its better than dull life of Nepal, just go to college , come back, eat and sleep...Anyway i agree with u that we have to back to our own country instead of staying illegally in other countries. But not everybody is doing that. I have seen lots of innocent people studying and working hard for the Bright Future..
  4. Surya_Batas jee...It was nice to hear that u are Graduating as a Medical Doctor Next year but also sad to hear that u've perplexed mind about your Future.well I don't think u've to be worried and become Nervous right now, u are on the way of success so Just go straight ahead and try to reach the final point. As far as i know about Continuing Medical Education in United States. Its kinda difficult thing to pursue your Medical education after completing MBBS from Asian Countries coz it is not directly accepted by the US government. So you need to pass the MCAT(Medical College Admission Test) Examination here in US and then only u are eligilbe to get Admission in any Medical Schools,also there are only limited seats available for the International Students in few Medical Schools and are really Expensive. One thing i know, while i was in Nepal one MBBS Graduate from IOM tried to come to US and applied for the VISA and his VISA was rejected by the US embassy saying u can't afford your Tution fees in States as a Medical Student. So i would suggest you to take internships in china or in Nepal wherever u want and then u can also try for some kinda scholarship in few Medical School in many countries or just continue your Profession in your home Country, one day you will definitely get whatever you want. I don't really think its hard to be registered in NMC if you are seriously studying your Medical Course. If u can't even pass the NMC exam then u better dont' even think of MCAT... Good Luck . Cheers !
  5. Hello Suhani......Nah. Suhani sis.( sounds better)...Whats uP ? Nice to hear from you...Jumla to Mumbai, thats a great achievement ! Keep it up suhani sis, my warm wishes are always with U. so u married too..howz ur life going on ? howz life treating u so far ? Well actually i was just born in Kanchanpur but i lived in kathmandu since the age of 5, so i dont' know much about Mahendranagar and Dhangadi, just been there couple of times. I have been lotta times to Dhangadi but only 2 or 3 times to Mahendranagar. I did my schooling and college from Kathmandu and then came to States for further study, Right now i m majoring in Biotechnology.....Lets see how life goes on in the Upcoming days...Frankly Speaking i m quite happy with my life. I feel like i m the only happy and luckiest person in this world. No idea, why people become sad, what makes them feel sad? Some people say that Life is like a burning candle but i don't really agree with that ! For meh, Life is whatever u want it to be. Life is interesting if u want it to be. Life is sad if u want it to be. Life is boring or paining if u want it to be....Whats the matter of keeping all those sad moments, also would like to call them Futile Stuffs ? So All guys out here who are sad with any reason, Please try to erase all those sad moments from inner core of ur heart and then rest of the life will be interesting....Ali dherai nai Lekhe jasto cha !!! Allright, Suhani Sis......"May your life be filled with World of joy and happiness and may ur every desires come TRUE in the upcoming days" ... Take care. .. Bye.
  6. Hello Suhani....Just wanted to know something boutch ya !!! well seems like u are senior than meh, i just turned 21 this Nov. I have seen ur name lotta times in Chautari, most of the times posting for some kinda university education related to india frequently ! Do u live in India? well i was born in Kanchanpur District,still got a small house out there...Its always nice to hear from people from Home Town, to recall the past memories...Allright suhani, better to call Suhani Sis.. would love to get to know more about ya ! Currently i m in States....Allright Take care . and have fun. Cheers ! KooL guY........BYe.
  7. I will definitely,no doubt, choose US. coz i am already in US and i am quite satisfied with what i am getting right now. I reckon i wouldn't have got all these things if i would have been to Other countries. Well yeah i agree with the VISA policy and residential status of Australia coz whoever does his graduation from any Australian University, is eligible for the Permanent Residency. But also have seen many Australian people who wants to settle in US. Not that i am anticipating US is good in every aspects,but i am satisfied with mah final destination. I would have gone to Australia if,unfortunately, i hadn't come to US of A. And also have heard that German is Education free Country,but the main thing is one has to study language for about an year or more.
  8. Well Rajman, Actually i don't have any idea about immigration rules of canada. And Everything will depend on your Luck if u plan to stay illegal in Canada. As i have seen many Nepalese Actors,Actress or so called Famous people in Nepal staying illegal in US and just working in Gas Stations or Sub Way. But i can say that Staying Illegal in foreign country is like a Hard Nut to Crack. Anyway bro Good Luck.
  9. HI Everybody !! Well Actually i am not a student of Siddhanath Campus, kanchanpur, But i saw few of the posts regarding about the place kanchanpur and kailali....Well as i was born in kanchanpur and originally i am from kanchanpur, so being a bit nosy, just bumped into the Topic. yeah .i have been to Mahendranagar couple of times and lotta times to Dhangadi. And i know most of the places of Mahendranagar and Dhangadi, used to go there once in a year during Dashain coz i used to study in Kathmadu. Any way it is always nice to hear about our birth place,so thought of posting few of mah words. Was just surfing net from mah Class, got chance to see WNSO and the few of post from mah Birth Place and was curious to go through it. Thanks to Everybody. Have Fun Bye.
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