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  1. Dear all Men's volleyball,Basketball and woman volleyball competition on Jun 18th.& Jun 19th.(saturday and sunday) 2005.at Aldershot,Hampshire UK.
  2. ghimire ji Body stature..... Height ......... Weight ........ Personality ...and... Nationality ...... etc.
  3. Dear all Nepalese friends At present in UK there are so many Nepalese communities/samaj born,what do you think about to organised just ''ONE NEPALESE COMMUNITY/SAMAJ''.please write your view.
  4. Dear all which type a woman you are looking on the earth.....?
  5. i like ''dhedo and mula ko chatni'' side ma bhuteko Bhatta''
  6. How come,if you are going to travel yours own country you want to know safe ???... yes,its quite save.i have been just week before...it was safe for us not party ''NETA''.
  7. [COLOR=blue]Dear all Who know, can anyone help for me, I want to Bring my wife in uk with a Student Visa. what is the best idea or best college in london.
  8. Yes,There is a god I just met last week.
  9. Dear all How come Maoiest closed to the school ??? if they want change to communist nation for the Nepal, not to do any problem with students or nepalese people.only they have to fight with king or government
  10. Whether you call it democratic or undemocratic. There was a democracy in those 15 years. You are saying your opinion and I am saying mine. I am afraid about the next action of king. I should pray for nation. I am not King worshipper 66807[/snapback] Hello Mitra SOUTHERN How come Nepal want Democratic ?? Democratic was overful for nepalese people.Since 15 years.just only parties netta want Democratic not nepal...
  11. ones a month on news ''NEPAL BANDA & CHAKKA JAAM'' do we think it's better for ''Nepal and Nepalese people'' ???
  12. I am sure You must be one of those durbariya. Why the heck you calling bad name to parties? Parties were good bur leaders were bad. But you also need to know that democracy is better than monarchy.Nepali citizen had more freedom in multiparty than in panchayat. 66567[/snapback] what kind of Democracy Nepal wants ? if new Democracy born in Nepal we have to take off every thing from Nepal and moved to other country.yes,do you love Nepal or do you love Democracy ? if you do not care Nepal it's no point you love Democracy.
  13. Yes,King has done very well.The times and situtation where many Nepalese people worry about their beloved country.yes,what kind of Democracy Nepal Wants''??? if next Democracy born in Nepal we all must leave to country .it's stupped still looking Democracy.what they have done for 15 years.
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