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  1. The government has introduced a new legal provision that bars students from going abroad for higher education without getting permission from the Ministry of Education for mor news visit http://news.kanunisanchar.com
  2. The Supreme Court on Wednesday called the Nepal FM to participate in a hearing writ filed by government . more on legal news from nepal http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw lets uw support to fm to broadcast news in nepal
  3. For the first time in the 15-year history `amended' constitution through executive order while appointing Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, made the Constitution of Nepal totally dead full detail in http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw
  4. After holding the top post of the judiciary for seven months, CJ Sharma is retiring from his post owing to age. The age limit for chief justices is 65.more on http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw
  5. After the controversial in retirement date ,Chief Justice Hari Prasad Sharma's will retire on July 29 is tomorrow ,but There is still question arising who will be the next Chief Justice. for more log http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw
  6. ow could it be possible that a man behind the bar can know verdict before other . but that happen and the man isSobhraj more in http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw
  7. do you heard this news . if not log on http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw
  8. One year back two justice has controversial verdict in robinson case , it happen again in SC and gives order to released the man who is known as 'Don' for more log http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw What is going on in Nepalese justice system . is justice system went SATI with democracy ?
  9. hey guys i have a moterbike , i love my moterbike . it gives a lot of work to me .but now onwards i like to sale it , you know why , government of nepal did not allow to sit two people on it . so why should i keep this bike. its better to decide to buy cycle rather than keeping this bike . so its on sale . any one interested on it ?
  10. "There was high drama on the Supreme Court premises yesterday, though not of a very edifying type." on online news for more visit http://users.telenet.be/nepallaw here is a question to all viewers, is nepali govenment doing right things ?breaking rule as it is known that, rule of law is backbone go democracy?
  11. if you are intersted in legal news from nepal log on www.legalnews.tk for more
  12. if you are interested in legal news from nepal log on http://www.legalnews.tk for more
  13. this is not time to discuss in this matter . just pray lets peace come in nepal. and not more bloodsade . i got one web site ,you can visit this and will able to know what is futher coming in nepal. http://cpnm.org/new/KrishnaSenOnline/news_index.htm
  14. Why dont you start ? : ) Besides Bremen ma ?....im near it. 66318[/snapback] good luck
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