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  1. Hi, Did you try to go throuhg the Unviersity website? I am pretty sure that you will find it more useful to adress your question, like the requirements. For home student, they do not need to do TOEFL. Rest of the requirements are same, like GRE, GPA(3.5) etc. UC system has more or less consistent requirement for all the colleges, I mean it is same for UC Los Angeles, UC Dadis, UC Berkeley or UC San Diego. All the best!
  2. Hi, Like most of the US universities, you will need GRE and TOEFL as prerequsite tests. Then you need to provide three letters of recommendation, your official transcripts and the statement of purpose. Statement of purpose is something like stating what you are interested in. More precisely the research problem that you want to address. If there is any particular question, please.........
  3. Hi, That's true, I am the only student from Nepal in UCR for the moment. Thie reason probably could be that most of us did not try to apply here. I am not aware of the the reason why we don't choose UC systems universities. But, this system is considered one on the strongest systems in US (probably world). Thus I want to encourage you all to apply here and take advantage of it's reputation. Well, like other universities in US, you have to do GRE and TOEFL. That's it. This is very nicely explained in Graduate Admission Site. Mostly students are awarded Dean's Fellowship on competetive basis. I am sure most of our Nepalese students are competetive enough. Other form of assistance are also availble, like Research and Teaching Assistantships. So, I am sure you guys will consider applying here. All the best!
  4. Dear members, If you are planning to apply to US universities for Graduate studies, this is right time to initiate the application process. Generally your application should reach to the universities before January if you are applying for any financial assistance like TA,GSR or Fellowships. Admission with financial assistance is granted for Fall admission only (mostly), and the deadline for application is January (generally first week). So, hurry up and think of preparing good and award winning application. Furthermore, this is right time to appear for GRE and TOEFL test if you have not done yet. If some of you are planning to apply here in University of California Riverside (UCR), I will be more than happy to share my experience and idea on application preparation. For more information on avaialble programs, you can have a look on the official website: www.ucr.edu. Lots of Indian students are doing courses in Engineering, some of us doing on Biology. There are lots of options available. University is located in a Small city Called Riverside, known as one hour city from everything (from big city like LA, Desert and coast). It is small valley with climate and weather similar to Kathmandu. All the best for those who are planning and preparing.............. From UCR.
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