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  1. Madesh soothing sugarcane fields calm bamboos and mango grove never-ending rice and wheat greens lively weekly farmers market by the pond astounding raw smell of mud and air craving mud, dust, pollen and village fairs excited kids running behind my motorbike the graveyard shrine where my ancestors lay lanterns, candles and cricket's chirp water, rain and mud and rice field alleys cozy, clean and homely cottages straw, mud and brick walls colorful mithila paints madhesh amputees, orphans, widows bullets, bamboo sticks and canes unclaimed bodies scattered everywhere people killing people, factions of politics blood stained pond sulfur in the air and soil killings for race dying Madheshis, exiled Pahades isolated villages, lonely markets frightening alleys laid with mines and explosives impossible to pay tribute to my buried ancestors explosion, arson, looting, rape insecure life, a treacherous game frightening ambushes, deceitful friends walls demolished, roof torn apart hatred scripted in red on my walls madhesh /* Written by brother Santosh Giri, USA */
  2. I didn't find this news so good!!! By seeing the standard of Pokhara Uni & Purabanchal uni, I would prefer not to give grant to any new university other then Technical university like Agriculture and Forestry University in Rampur. These university give affilation to Private College like anything, they just want to make money out them. Pokhara University!! that never have cenrtainity about its exam schdule..a batch that had to be graduated almost 4-6 months ago is still haven't appeared for their finals, this is the standered of University in nepal and you expect our homt education standered wll be equivalent to western country. Rite now, we need to focus on rising the standered of existing university and building a poper infrastructure for them. P\okhar University can server entire Western region but before that it should raise it standered. UGC shouldn't jus go with poltical influences. Their move wil bre sole responsible fro entire student who will be enrolling with those university granted by UGC. Njoy Rayan is Back
  3. Few days back, I was browsing my Facebook account and I got the notification from Facebook regarding Dr.Baburam's Profile. And I added him in my freind list and today I got my confirmation regarding that. And today's his Status was Dr.Baburam Bhattaraiis sure next decade will be hydro decade and paving the way to economic revolution and that striked my eyes. Do you guys agree with Dr.Bhattaraii's view? Well, the problem is about today's ongoing crisis..how he is going to tackel it? Good luck!! Dr.Bhattaraii. Njoy!! RAYAN is Back!!
  4. "It's better to be a company than to work for a company."
  5. hey folk! It seems you are damm good with words, you can a publish your stuff in www.yuvazone.com. Its site created by we wnso members plz go thru it. You can send your suggestion or any articels to us. info@yuvazone.com Rayan here
  6. I have been trying my best to update portal regularly, but I am really surprise by cold response of WNSO member. Yuvazone, is created by wnso member for wnso member plz actively visit it and leave your suggestion out there. And you can send us your articles, mail it to info@yuvazone.com. Regards, Rayan
  7. Ofcourse! we will! you can send us in our email id [info@yuvazone.com] regards, d
  8. Hey folk! Check out Yuva.Zone new portal designed for WNSO Memebers! Its in beta phase! We need your comments and suggestion regarding this portal. Apart from that plz contribute us with your articels. You can send it to info@yuvazone.com This portal is for us!!!![Proud WNSO Members] Njoy Rayran
  9. Well, You get e-ticket that you can print! but you need to carry the document [Photo ID Proof] on basis you have issued your ticket hai ta. If you planning to visit to Mumbai or Pune! plz email me info@yuvazone.com Happy Journey! Njoy!!! Rayan
  10. Dear Everyone I got carried away and posted an open letter to E-Major! I soon realized being one responsible member I shouldn't be encouraging any sort of controversy that shakes the spirit of all members. We all are human being and our perception about things may differ from each other and we have freedom to express our voice out here. And both of us did same things. Since, things got clear between me & E-Major so there is no point this issue be floating in forum. Lets all be responsible and work towards communal harmony of our country..Lets contribute to our country at least with constructive thoughts. Regards, Rayan
  11. Voting system was exclusively for India only. Prashant really made all of us proud. He have changed general perception of Indian people regarding nepali, earlier when it comes to nepali people the first thing that strike their head was as [PALE]Gatekeeper. Now I can proudly say to those Indian look Nepali is no more Bhadur only they are your's Idol too.
  12. Honestly! I never expected this sort of topic floating in WNSO forum. I am totally against all these e things. Its been almost six years I am studying in India and honestly speaking I never come across any people who treated me in that way. They been extremely friendly with me and always stood by me whenever I needed them most. In this era lets bury all these grudges and be competent.
  13. Interesting!!! Affu ta India ma Udne Khasi khayenca hola Ghar chai ekdam miss garincha hola
  14. Why should we BAN these sort of Contest. We always cry for development's, Modernization but when it comes to Beauty Contest?whey we chant slogan against it. If we can watch and enjoy flashy movies, programs then why can't this contest be taken in same manner? In -born over expectation habits of ours always leads to negativity for most of the things. Some says its exploiting our culture some says its just a flesh show etc. ..but why can't we take it in broader way...they are representing our culture, country in big stage which have larger viewer ship around the world. Today, grooming of contestant may be not up to mark but someday it will..em sure one of the beauty queen of country will win crown and make all of us proud.
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