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  1. Hey Guys! Sorry to run away after a single post! I really got busy after that...I started a new job, fall in love, got married and had a kid... That's hell of a busy, isn't it? Yes I am still kin on creating a network of 'number people' preferable Nepalese. What brought be back, Of course the damn “Financial Crisis” which may become a full pledged “depression”. Lately I have been seeing many friends made redundant. Looks like I will be safe for some more time – Hopefully. Not that busy now so I am looking at things that I left half way in the past. Please do reply as soon as you can. I live in Australia. Rgds
  2. Hi Noreen, Sounds good. You should contact education consultancy in Nepal. If you need help with that please email me at davidgsharma@yahoo.com.au Cheers, Go-Pal
  3. I would like to make a network of people of accounting profession (including students) which are of Nepalese origin. The idea is to start our own site or through social sites like this one. Discussion includes anything accounting (from basic topic such as bookkeeping to hardcore topics such as environmental audit and forensic accounting). Let the ideas flow - to benefit the number crunchers. Mail me at: davidgsharma@yahoo.com.au (with the subject: NEPALI ACCOUNTANTS) or simply reply to this posting.
  4. There is a old saying is Chinese, " In every chaos there is opportunities". In such sense I would say------instead of being a part of the chaos rather try to rip benefits from it. And for ruling the country--------I would rather become a jogi then to work under the King.
  5. Uncertain, Uncertain, Uncertain... That's what everyone is talking about after the very recent action of the so called His Majesty the king. Let me say something------Remembering that I am not a fortune teller or astrologer or a priest from Pashupati nath. The future of Nepal is as dark as the black hole. No matters who comes in power, even the king himself. Now what happens... King will apoint a PM from his loyalist and the cabinet will be form full of these loyalist. There will be few protests in Ratnapark over the next few years-- but will be crackdown everytime they are held coz' of the lack of the leaders who are very experience about that------in other words all this leaders will be arrested and severely tortured------some of them (esp. Girija) will die before democracy is reinstituted in the country. They will be banda's all over the country and sometime banda's on special zones and areas called by maoist and other political parties. There will be attack on police stations around the country both by maoist and political activists. Few elite will benefit with it coz' of there close relation with the Durwar and thier crucial role in bringing King into full power. How about Maoist? Nothing--- absolutely nothing... They will be called for peace talks-----but the king and his loyalist cabinet are never willing to give up thier very recently obtain fortune. And same can be said about maoist---coz' they can't compromise the pressure from RIM who provides military and political support from around the world There will be intense operation on maoist by army. Few maoist and army will die and a lot of innocents will die a dog's death. The maoist movement will have major setback after some of its notories leaders are arrested or killed. This will prolong the war futher more, taking country to more nearer to hell. How about India? The only option for India is to support the King coz' Politicians are useless for them. However, India will maintain a dual policy, for example, although it will not do any thing against the king, at the same time it will be a base camp for those politicians who will flee Nepal. How about UN and other countries? Most countries will support King given that the King will hold election after situation improves. And offcourse the situation will never improve------atleast the king will never allow to do so. Foreign intervenention? May be ----especially via UN------but this will be targeted to crack down maoist rather than to reinstitute democracy. The pessimistic prediction His Majesty the King and his cabinet will hold talks with maoist and there will a peaceful solution to the problem given that the top maoist leader are given a large amount of commission to help the king to get the power back from those corrupted politician elected by stupid Nepalese. Whatever happens it happens for bad
  6. Dear topic starter Your writings looks anti- Indian. I dont know what you actually mean whether it is hatred to Indian (due to your imagination that India is dominating Nepal) or just coz' of some personal reasons (e.g. betrayed by Indian girlfriend or fired or mistreated by Indian boss). Let me say you one think. I am not a good fen of India. But at least I know one thing from my understanding of nepalese. They tend to hate India and maoist is the extreme case of such hatred. Ironically, most of the senior members of the maoist are living in India, they collect donation and weapons from Indian rebels (such as Naxalist, ULFA, and so on)and other Indo-Nepalese communities. Same was the case with Nepalese congress and other parties before democracy came in Nepal. The underlying reality is that India is the only country which is most close to our land, our hearts, our culture, our lifes and so on. For India our existence doesn't makes lot of sense because of our country being to small, weak political and economic system. But at least they know we exist. If we look at our other neighbour (China) we can see that they are not our foe niether are they our enemy. They dont have any cultural significance or language or our behavioural significance in us. We need visa to get there. and so forth. A recent article publised in China's leading online news company www.sina.com.cn, shows that less than 20% of the population of China know about Nepal's existence, wheareas 98% of the population know that there is country called America. Most of political parties know that people in Nepal hate India ( there is no exact reason why they do so and some of the reasons are falsified or over stated). That's why they are taking advantages of this. Thus politics has become a game of opportunity for them. And they can go very low, from falsified Rithik Rosan's case to overstated dam case in india. Ofcourse there are certain iregularities, mismanagement, misunderstanding, control factor, power factor, dis respect, and God knows how many other factors that exist in between India and Nepal. But being practical, a good political party (also applicable to individual Nepalese) is that party/individual who can make a good relation with our neighbours and the rest of the world. We cant afford to hate Indian or US. It is not because we are afraid of them. It is because we love them, they are part of our life, our culture and so on. There are lot of good things to learn from them and disregard some bad things that we got. Remember, hatred of anykind is not good for a person, family, organisation, society and nation for very survival. We need to communicate and cooperate, we need to understand others and express ourself without hurting others dignity. No party ( for example maoist) will ever do good to us if they dont respect the underlying reality that surrounds the foundation our country. We must not forget that our economic is solely dependent on Tourism and India makes more than 70% of our international tourism revenue. That is 15.5% of our GDP. Furthermore, as a land locked country we dont have any other option than to trade with or through India. Thus even for the sake of sustainability we need a good relation with India. At one point of time, I was also a ordinary Nepalese ( that is a nepalese with an intention to hit a Indian with chana chatpat, or to cut hair from Indian for free or to talk with people "India le nepal khanebhayo") But now I realise that I was wrong, very wrong indeed. After all India is our friend not foe. Most of the tourist that go to Nepal are usually bound to India without knowing that Nepal is a separate country. There are people who think Nepal and India are same country. People who know nepal as a separate country majority of them(except India and Nepal) know nepal as a neighbour of India, a similar culture, education system, similar people and so forth. In overseas where there are fewer Indian and Nepalese, sometimes the only friends of Nepalese have been Indian, and vice versa. I appeal to every Nepalese------ Please respect India- because we need more friends not foe. Dont follow those rediculous politician they are like those open **** which dont know where and when they open and when and where they close Similarly an argument can be made----why english language in Nepali forum? ofcourse the first answer would be--coz' English is International language. Then why not Hindi-it's also a subcontinental language (Indian subcontinent where Nepal is also a part of it). I think accepting English and rejecting hindi as a language of communication is like 'thinking too big". But my opinion is 'think big but not too big'. The more you learn, know about language and cultures the more you are opened for opportunities. Respect and you will be respected (may be in long run)------this his the fundamentals of compemporary human life. And please dont be rediculous and typical Nepalese.
  7. We Nepalese need to improve ourself, come out of cultural and social darkness, dont talk about protest-this is bullshit. You will get the job if you crave for it------If you r thirsty you go to the well not the other way round (old indian proverb------cant make it more meaningful while translating) Again you need qualification, confidence, ability, honesty, communication skills, cloths (remember some job need expensive cloths) and so forth. ding dong
  8. I think Negative Phreek is right . Ofcourse if you can cancel your previous passport and conceal the fact that you have been rejected once---is a better choice. But things to remember is that (this is for US but most of other western countries have similar rules) US visas are denied on the basis of three sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). •Section 212(a) or (e): For fraudulent documents like passport, bank records, fake deposits etc. The candidate will be denied visa permanently. •Section 214( : On suspicion that the candidate is an intending immigrant. •Section 221(g) : Insufficient documents. The person may re-apply. So what you need to consider is: 1.Relevant Documents (Dont give too many bullshit things) 2.Reliable Documents (Documents that are real or atleast which are least suspected even if you are giving any fake documents-e.g. bank statement) 3.Appropriate Documents (Not every thing needs full disclosure---remember it is MONEY and YOUR CLEAR INTENTION that matters most) 4.Clear intention of returning back (written or face-to-face interview) 5. A well designed plan for studies, further studies, and a heart felt willingness to come back to Nepal and do something for you nation and its people. 6. Your Major-------Computer things are being seen useless these days to go to western countries. 7. The more you can prove your intended course is not available in Nepal and in some cases in India (e.g. last year 27% or visa for computer studies were rejected because the visa officer(s) belive the same level of education is available both in Nepal and India which are relatively cheap) 8. Your interview skills, your photo or if it is a face-to-face interview your personality, hair style, your cloths, your eyes, your hands movements, your breath, and so on (A Study conducted by Indian researchers about the transcipt of student visa interviews revealed that these were loophholes that were grounds for denial and often student that performed poor in these invisible tests were asked more ) 9. Again: Enough MONEY and Clear INTENTION matters most. hope this will help you.
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