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  1. If anyone can please guide me the cheapest Airlines Flight (single only)from London to Kathmandu Airport??? Thanks a lot...
  2. Dear Prakash Ji !! Let me know ur faculty of study and educational background, so that i might be able to advise on this regard being an ex student. For most of the information u can check at WNSO SWEDEN. sweden.wnso.org
  3. I am interested on the Business course at Ireland. I am presntly on Travelling visa of UK and want to study at UK., some business courses like Advance diploma in Marketing or Business studies. Since my visa of UK is valid till april, i am wondering if I can apply for student visa of ireland from here at UK or not. further i shall be thankful if anyone could tell me about the good business college at Uk. i would like to know about the course commecement date i am hoping to hear from you. thank you for your time.
  4. Let me correct my post above. it is accrediated college as they claimed. Like Deven Jee said above, they might be on process for accrediation. But that may not be guarantee. Also, please check the link Santos provided above to be sure. 62447[/snapback] Just check website ending with .ac.uk or find BAC logo on their website to make it sure that it is accredited. Devan Ji, Neither I can see their website ending with .ac.uk or BAC logo on their website. If that necessarily meant its not accrediated?
  5. i am from kathmandu, nepal. I am interested in maritime greenwich college at london. i would like to request to know if it is a accrediated private college. when i see in the directory of university and college entry, i could not see the name of the college. please tell more about this college,.
  6. thanks a lot -ve phreek. one more querry, if is it compulsory that I should complete my study here at Sweden in order to apply or I can simply apply for student visa of UK, giving them the reason like I realize to continue study on English Speaking Country...(because I want to move out from here) and can u please suggest some MBA school at resonably good price ??
  7. hi all friends, I am studying at Sweden. I would like to know if I can apply for UK Student visa from here at Sweden being a student from Nepal? Also, please help me with the information on affordable MBA school at London. looking for your valuable information.
  8. Okinawa knows this meaning, Oki le ajkal german bhasa pani sikya cha. But it may depends what color of glass oki will wear while replyng According to that saying...Does that mean I should not like her 60432[/snapback] Oh Shima ! timro matlab ( i mean timro father ko matlab) N phrik is like Bhadwa ma ankha phuteko......... ho?? teso nabhana na ho.. he is really a intelligent guy, i swear....
  9. I would like to thank you all for providing valuable information on Travelling Visa to UK. I got the valuable and precise information and thats the reason I succesfully obtained the Travelling Visa. WNSO has been a wonderful forum. Wow, its great. I thank you all friends for the great information. I really appreciate WNSO.
  10. Thank you n.phreek. Regarding holidaymakers its only allowed for the person from commonwealth country. and I cant apply from student visa from here when i contact embassy and i badly need money to continue my study, this is my real problem. thank you for your suggestion.
  11. Thank you Rina ji. I know legally its not allowed to work on visist visa but I badly need money to continue my study here. So I wish to work for few months. I have multiple travel visa for 6 months. Can u please confirm if I can get any job., so that i could come on last of November or 1st week of december..... himanshu
  12. okay rina ji., i shall contact u soon., I will be on travelling visa ., i wish to work for some months before i come back to sweden ,as i am running our of money., can u help me getting some job also., wish to hear from you
  13. can anyone tell more about part time job availability at Finaland in order to support and maintain the cost of living also.,because i guess its expensive country, otherwise its really good for education being free over there.
  14. oh ! i wish i could affod you to pay from now but money matter at all. i am a student and cant afford to pay to keep the room for me from now....rina ji., if it is not occupied please let me know......by the end on 15th december... but I wish you could get soon someone on your vaccant room.
  15. hi! thanks atleast u responded, goodluck. tk care 58338[/snapback] i thought we could b frens ... but u dont seem to be interested???? wwll doesn't matter... do as it suits u.. 58401[/snapback] I am comming on December 2004 for my christmas vacation from University at Sweden. I will need room from 23rd December 2004 to proabley for 2 months. By then., if it is not occupied please let me know., i want to stay with nepali family..to feel more comfortable. Himanshu Sharma Sweden
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