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  1. thank u guys. velvetzebra, the track is not mine. I just sang over the beats. But yes, the evil evil part and all the other stuffs, i did by myself.
  2. "I am one evil robot" Guys check out my attempt to rap. something about me not giving up.. http://www.ghintaang.tk feedbacks please CK
  3. haina mohan tara, i am from columbia, MO. I have already foud a roommate, so it is okay
  4. sorry i am not a Indian advocate, no offense to you.
  5. My final ends tommorrow, May 4th. I plan to go to OC for summer. I need room partners. I am ready to go as soon as possible. Please if you got any info about room mates, contact me at my email.. minu322@netzero.com or nakachara@yahoo.com Thank you
  6. hey thanks for playing my song man. But a suggestion, the broadcast is too high quality. I have a dial-up so i had difficulty listning to it. It wont stream fast enough so i got network error. Can you please put a link on low quality too?
  7. did it work?? About the program, I got a dialup, it will play for some time and it will disconnect after that. IF anyone can send me the program on my email that wouls be great. low quality will do.. sauravmanandhar@gmail.com
  8. oh wow really? I hope he doesnt get mad that I remixed it this way. Let me know hai pasa 70936[/snapback] hahaha. my mum listened to it, she sang along to the nepali bits and then laughed at the rap part and danced along to it. bless. do you have a cd of all your remixes?? it seems to be songs of my folks generation. 70990[/snapback] laukha ! . Atleast she liked the nepali part. How about your dad? has he listened to it. I am not trying to take credibility hai pheri. I like this song, so i choose to remix it. People havea wrong notion that remixing the song is disrespectful to wards the original artist. Anyways, about the CD man. I dont plan to release album. I am not that professional to do that still. But if you would like to have good sound quality mp3s, go to a) http://www.soundclick.com log in as minu322@hotmail.com password is ghintaang Then go to http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/djghintaangmusic.htm (you will still be logged in) c) now you can download the mp3, by the way hi-fi streaming is also 128 kbps. So actually no need to log in and download mp3. Lemme know if it works. If not, i will gladly emial you the songs l
  9. thanks for informing me sachin. Unfortunately, I am having problems playing the parogram on my real player. it says some network problem. Hopefully, it will work later
  10. oh wow really? I hope he doesnt get mad that I remixed it this way. Let me know hai pasa
  11. u mean the kick? . thanks for the comment. I will fix it
  12. guys, I did a remix of Asarai Mainama, 2nd version with Club beats. I think this one is much better than first version. The sound is much clearer, the guitar also is nice clean sound as well and the beats are also new taste. Added sounds with acoustic guitar, keyboard etc. Please take a listen and gimme feedbacks. For hi/lo-fi go to- http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/djghintaangmusic.htm (Asarai Mainama Club mix-- Must listen !!!!) ------------ For mp3 download, right click on the following link and save target as http://www.geocities.com/nakachara/Asarai_mainama_remix.mp3 Thanks, Ghintaang
  13. Hi pasas, I am back with a new remix of Parelima of 1974 A.d. For lo-fi/hi-fi go to.. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/djghintaangmusic.htm you can download mp3 from soundclick if your a member.. ------------------- To download mp3 if you not soundclick member, right click on the link--> save target as http://www.geocities.com/poop_at/parelima_remix.mp3 Feedbacks deu Pasa ghintaang
  14. Hi yall, look who decided to show up . thats right diz is cool_keta..i am back with a censoredy remix of aasarai mainama..check it outtzz. I started in morning, got done in afternoon http://www.soundclick.com/djghintaang feedbacks please CK
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