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  1. Thank you very much hidden angel didi , Invincible gurl, Innocent princess everyone.....I am feeling a whole lot better now...You all are Lovely and Brainy and all of you are doing Great and By the way nice journal Monica Reading the journals I found that people are being really open with their struggles. Some are outright asking for help , some are just telling it like it is..... but by doing this it really opened my eyes, as to what is going on in my own front yard. I know what I have to do, I've known it all along. But thinking and doing are very different things.I have my plan in place. TS How are you today????
  2. Only 6~7 hrs? 69388[/snapback] Me twelve hour From Morning to Evening
  3. Hi Frens!! Someone once said to me that feelings are neither right or wrong, they just are. That is so true. They are mine, and I own them, right or wrong. TS and I are not seeing eye to eye these days . I feel he doesn't understand me , and actually doesn't even want to take the time to know how I am feeling, thinking etc. Sometimes, I question if I made the right decision. I mean I love him and I love being able to care for him , but I am so isolated here living in the country, and I have hardly a minute for myself. I forgot how independant it is to get up, get dressed, attend tutorial classes, go to part time job everyday. I am only supposed to be doing this until next year, and honestly at that time I want to do nothing, until I am ready to go back to The Specialist It is actually such a relief to just have this all figured out in my own head. No one else really has to know, but me, but I just feel good, knowing that I have armed myself with this plan Wish I could change the routine, but again, routines are hard to change, because I am the only one that wants a change. It is hard to sit there, and be the sober one, when everyone else are having fun in WNSO
  4. Sorry to find and loose you so soon, hope all Okay and do dip in when you can ....
  5. I think people who uses more than one id at a time gives us more trouble,as they are actually fooling us.I have no problem with the changing user names,but I can't resist to be fooled. That doesn't mean that I have been fooled.I think there can be chance in the future,or may be it has happened in the future unknowingly. 68136[/snapback] Really?? I have got diffreent view
  6. People keep on changing their's user name to give us trouble
  7. Thanks for wellcoming me back TS, Monica, Dave, SOuthern ji everyone . Feels like it's been forever since I've been here - and with all of the changes around here it's like I'm a newbie all over again there's a lot of new blood here which is always cool. You've all been doing some great stuff and I regret that I haven't been able to view or post on much of it. With any luck I'll be posting again real soon. *** *** *** TS ji yesari mero lagi nai thread start nagarnu na bhanya Darr, pir parcha ke
  8. Mero turn aayecha, Shima kina chup lagya ho...yeha N-Phreek lai jati gali garnu cha gara ke Who are you Hitler? you have to see everything perfect or something? I’m sorry if I sound nasty! I don’t think is forum is rude or nasty just some ppl on it can be! Also who the hell are you, what u think ur special and do anything you want, coming here and having a go at me This message is for anyone who is criticizing JENNY, SHIMA, DAVE Damn!! Leave us alone. how can people just come into this forum and start cursing and bitchin at people.Do I really dont belong here ***RAnt Over***
  9. Sawmeer, Don't ever never do that....... WNSO ma members haru ko jhagada bhai nai rahado rahicha, jhagada bhayena bhane ta sabai jana hareyeko jasto lagcha
  10. Yeasssshh!! Sawmeer Nepali haru jhagada garna bahek aru kehi jandainan
  11. Nepal ma Shanti kahile nahune bhayecha. Samachar ko lagi Dhanyabaad
  12. Ho Ki Jasto Lagyo !!! 64079[/snapback] LA NA PA YA MU 64145[/snapback] CHHO RYA TTI 64446[/snapback] Kangroo Land ma k puheko thioyu....Manche nai Kangroo ko bhasa sikera aayecha.....Maile najanu bhaneko sunena,,,,Tyestai huncha ... 64488[/snapback] Aaba ta boli nai banda bhayou ki ke ho...mali ta pir paryou bhanya
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