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  1. moni didi Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why don't you check yahoo and reply me grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am expecting you soon.
  2. Dear WNSO chautari board/staff/seniors I wanted to tell everyone thank you very much for a very informative almost 2 years. I have gained a lot of knowledge from all of you. Several names come to mind such as NP, bharatthapa, monica, okinawa, and many others whose names don't come to mind at the moment. You all have been very helpful.Although I had some raw with goodnames like yogesh,NP,santos,okinawa, and more who i forget. I heartly wish you great success and big sorry,if there was some misunderstanding Situations have arisen in which I will no longer be able to visit these forums and longer. I felt after being here for a while that all of you deserved "Thank you" for your endless time but yet all of you, with boundless patience, have handled diligently. I will miss london gals and cyprus guys as well.I wish all of you a happy and full life.If there will be any chance I will enter sometime in a lifetime to say you hello. Good Bye WNSO,
  3. You are an angel, I hope this will be great help to all. I am plannning to make one for US
  4. Hi there, I hope the same, due to the related forum, it's been moved. be a nice as always, keep on rocking and rolling. We love ya
  5. I am not being sacastic but voltagegal is right. In terms of meaning dating is not made to make friends, Ask for love.........if she agrees ...........take her..........if she doesn't.........give a damn. no offense to anyone.
  6. 1. VG 2. Mohantara 3. ummm... dream noon 4. pr_ric classic writer 1.hidden angel 2.distant memory 3.monica 3. ummm... hehe me what you think guys?
  7. Innocent princess, are you innocent? sure you could be, welcome to wnso , but learn to speak with our super seniors madams. Otherwise you know what happen ; there are others watching you too. for further reference, my sigs pls.
  8. I never read fairy tales In fact, I am reading in WNSO now live story no offence to anyone hai, VG rocks
  9. hmmm......VERDICT Very very honestly, voltagegal is innocent........ In my opinion. ahem , he had misunderstanding and you did the same, Try again Nothing to loose nothing to gain. I humbly request you to do it again. Don't believe others always may be your friend lied . just kidding. for further reference visit my newly built signature impressive and creative writing VG , Good to have you among us. TS
  10. In fact you both are poet, I wish I could write like you guys and VOLTAGEGAL
  11. Breadth throbbing, Heart aching and mind cracking, my heart stop for a second reading this. Why this last one, We want more VG, You have style,creation, beautiful, healthly,bodyly , When god gives something to somebody he gives everything..........one is VG
  12. Some people are showing off. Is this cat and dog place ? sorry, wrong place for wrong people Anybody knows money savers website for US? Not from search engine . It could be helpful THANKS IN ADVANCE ,
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