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  1. Album: Faith Sabin Rai Timro naam -sabin rai B Abm E F# Komal tyo timro badan ma dhalna man lagyo B Abm F# ekchin lai sara bhulera E F# haruna mailai eechya jagyo B Abm E F# kehi kadam bhaye pani hidna man lagyo B Abm F# timi sanga gahirai ma E F# dubi herne eechya jagyoo..yo.. B E F# Timro agaman le mero jeevan ma B F# E F# Beglai asra chadyo hera mero aakha ma ispasta dekne chau E B yo..yo.yo timro naam B Abm E F# Sunidine daiba pani bairo chaina hola B Abm F# kasam cha mero timilai Sath kahile chodne chaina B Abm E F# Malai hasau ya ruwau Pharak parne chaina B Abm F# chali sakeko yo kadam Bachunjel lai hetna chainaaa.. Timro maya ma dube ko chu yeti saro ki ekchin na bhetda birano lagcha parichit thau pani ...yo ..yo. yo timi bina .... After this there is another Para , The timing of changing the chords are not exact. Do check it out. Thanx.
  2. Hi, First of all I thought the which "Party Suits" to wear is appropriate to wear in Nepals context. So was quite amazed. My mistake. Well regarding the political parties, I've less faith. And even king's role hasn't been good in present context. Well I think we people have been decieved by the pseudo-commitment's mask the political leaders are putting on. Some might be good but how to know. We should learn frm our past experiences. Well definitely need a revolution. But the effort the maoist are putting forward is costing a lot of lives and that is no good. War is not the answer. It should be approched in peaceful way. It's our country, we keep the right to bring a good governing system in the country. I suppose the intellectual people should sort out the problem through their ideas, collecting opinions and executing it. Well it's esay said then done. But really we got to get out of the misery soon. If not we may lose our Identity.
  3. What's the technology behind? Got to be the one as in James Bond movie "Die Another Day" in which he gets a car that could be made invisible(transparent). Well the technique as explained in the movie was that the rear side of the car take the images of what is behind and is displayed just at the opposite side face. Same througout the body of the car. What if technology would make u able to be totally invisible as in "Hallow man" ? What would u guys do the first?
  4. How can one be part of wnso site maintianence and upgrading team?
  5. If anybody have gmail account please sent me an Invitation. Can't open one without invitation(coz it's in its testing phase)
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