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  1. its good for the people who can fluently speak english and have pretty good experience on the field he/she has been working on. and if you get a degree on any field from here you would have a wonderful life.
  2. Yo janma ma saath dina nasakne le saat janma sath dine kasam khane le badhya ta le tadhinu paryo bhanne le ho mero bhawana ma kuchne kosis nagarnu jarjariye ko yo chhati phutna sakchha dagiyeka chaap haru metina sakchha bho kewal taadhai basi ramayer base hunchha naya jeevan suru garnele haat ma chuda siudo ma sindur laune le kasai ko angaalo ma rame hunchha saat janma sangai bitaune kasam khanele tadhai bhai maya mare hunchha maya mare hunchha
  3. CollegeBoy


    Dear friends, thank you so much for your comment on the poem. well, i am not a expert to write a poem. this is just an internal feeling. i think its better to write a story then a poem. however, whatever E-major is saying is really a great suggestions. everyone has their own eye to look at the material and your way of thinking is also an important factor. i have been noticing your posting some time you raised a really good thread e-major. really appriciated. everyone has different way of thinking. i might have different way of thinking and i might be wrong but suggestions and feedbacks are really imortant which definately change the path to move to the new way a new direction. thank you everyone for your great suggestions. thank you
  4. CollegeBoy


    Dear friends, if you have some time, please read it. This is 21st century do not make such mistakes. thats all i want to say. it is true story..... lot to say but i am not a poet ni hai. Nisthuri Nabhannu la? But still i love her toooooooooooo much .............. cheers !!!!!!!!! here you go... Please click here to read Eklo Malaami Poem
  5. bimal buddy, that is tuition group. this group is not the group of your way of thinking "groupism, sectionalism, racism, nationalism???????" it is like economics, maths, science group. got it??????
  6. pokharel ji, i am so sorry about it. i have seen your post and gone through it. it was kinda an advanced post for the normal user. after reading your second post, i come to know that you are very hard working personality. studying at west at normal school and writing in such a nice way, wow i really appricaite it. anyway could you please write us little about you as you are a valuable new welcome member....... now i am in allare and jhilke's group. i personally don't like to discourage somebody and i am not in that group as well. i hope your stay here at wnso will be fruitful. your contribution to this community cheers
  7. dear pokharel ji, welcome to the forum. as other friends your english is very good and kinda hard to guess what you mean sounds like sajan. by chance have you gone to school with sajan? never mind ok, just courious. yeah, now i believe we are united. cheers
  8. please delete this post happy valetine day
  9. This is the poem written by sudhodan shakya and published on paradesh.com e-magazine on february 2001. hope you will have some feed back for me it is wow..........don't know.................
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