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  1. i have a beautiful 1 bed flat(1 bedroom, 1 siting room, kitchen and bathroom) to let in bromley by bow next to the station just after blackwall tunnel not far from stradford, available now, only £650/m, contact me at 07984158491 or 07897474333.
  2. anyways, good job sachin and meena plus the whole team. news part of the programme sounded very professional. training garyo jasto ta lagdaina????? tara very good try, keep it up.
  3. amazing and complicated idea but we need everyones cooperaton and involvement in making it successful and ready, would be quite helpful to all the students and would be a gr8 achievement of wnso.
  4. plus if you can give us ur contact address, we will send you the wnso membership application form by post (only for the members of u.k). plz make sure you send us back alongwith your 2 pps photographs and your id will be on your way.
  5. i think topic is very good. people should not miss chance to give their opinion.
  6. I also need link, haven't heard program.
  7. i agree with that, being a student organization, we should show our concern only to the academic field.
  8. rinarai


    nice jokes. i am laughing
  9. sure why not but i think its really difficult to get job if you r holding visit visa, anyways i'll find it out if that is possible or not, not to worry ok. take care
  10. no, i waz joking, got somebody and she is moving this week. sorry about that, i was just kidding about booking the room and paying beforehand but u can contact me whenever u r coming to london and i may be able to arrange something for u. tk care
  11. thanks, u can still try but if u want me to keep this room for december u can pay from now. c u soon
  12. sorry coz i've been so busy, tied up. i wz on holiday so went to nepal and india for a month and i just got back. catch u later bye
  13. hi! thanks atleast u responded, goodluck. tk care
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