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  1. Dear all, I hereby post the preliminary format and draft for WNSO revival as self sustaining org. Untitled.pdf
  2. I had prepared a slideshow of Maths and shsared in http://www.nepaleseteacher.org/2011/01/steps-to-convert-8cm-x-2-cm-rectangle.html visit :: http://www.nepaleseteacher.org/2011/01/steps-to-convert-8cm-x-2-cm-rectangle.html
  3. Dear all, During my recent discourses with my colleagues teachers, I have just introduced the concept of being Teacher 2.0 Can you guys please suggest : Is it feasible in Nepal. What are the prospects SWOT analysis result? For an demo of Teacher 2.0 started by me and my colleagues please visit : http://nepaleseteacher.org/ Cheers dip esh
  4. Thanks avee for this fruitful posting. I was supposed to post this important message and signed in Chautari, and saw your post previously. WNSO needs such ppl. Cheers Dip esh
  5. Dear Ozaswee, Thjose days were the Strike Days. Now we are getting number of applications for the WNSO-BD Scholarships scheme.
  6. Dear members, Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation (WNSO) is a non political, not for profit student organisation dedicated to its motto ‘social transformation through quality education, volunteerism and capacity building of youth’. We are proud to announce applications from Nepalese students for the number of scholarships in Daffodil University - Bangladesh for 2010 intake. Scholarships will be provided to three students for following degrees: * 50 % scholarships in Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) - 2 seats * 100 % scholarships in MBA - 1 seat Application Deadline : June 10, 2010 Requirements: 1. 50 % or above academic record 2. Updated Bio-data 3. Photocopies of all academic certificates and citizenship 4. Duly filled up registration form (available at WNSO Nepal office) 5. Two copies of photographs * The scholarships cover tution fees only. The accommodation cost is 5000 Taka per month. For further details and registration: WNSO-Nepal Opposite to FM Adhaytma Jyoti & Beside BAJAJ Showroom. P.O.Box: 9339, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone: 01-2143143 Email: info@wnso.org.np Web: http://wnso.org.np
  7. welcome back Suvekshya i wonder who keeps it? up ..hahaha Dipesh
  8. Hi Maun, please visit us WNSO Nepal centeal office, if you are in Nepal. http://www.wnso.org.np
  9. Dear Harry and Kritika, You people are having veru fruitful discussions. Keep it on, Namaskar, Dip esh WNSO Nepal
  10. 1uta Haiku :: parako everest momo chalis duniya je garos kya mitho warako unique momo tees
  11. Hi David Lee, I wanna pursue Masters in Sustainable Development in Germany (quite like development studies)Humanities Sector plus Environmental Sciences Sector. CAn you help? Dipesh
  12. Thanks Bharat dai, for quick and informative response
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