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  1. distant_m ji i can understand ur dilemma coz m in sort of same situation. i suppose if there's any chance of doing better in our own country then we should go back and do something there it will give us a chance to look afta our parents as well but in the present situation it seems impossible.but still i'd rather go back and the issue of our own children is different. i m thinking to send mine to in a good school in nepal coz they need to know abt their culture and they can always go abraod if they want to. so it's worth thinking to go back i suppose....plus if u r talented and really really motivated u can always be successful in terms ur career wherever u are...
  2. distant_m ji i can understand ur dilemma coz m in sort of same situation. i suppose if there's any chance of doing better in our own country then we should go back and do something there it will give us a chance to look afta our parents as well but in the present situation it seems impossible.but still i'd rather go back and the issue of our own children is different. i m thinking to send mine to in a good school in nepal coz they need to know abt their culture and they can always go abraod if they want to. so it's worth thinking to go back i suppose....
  3. contd..... The rain that patters against my window reminds me of monsoon when my mother used to get drenched,bathing every paddy fields and making little puddles for me and my friends to play and splatter. For me there's no place like home,on place on earth can make me feel safe other than her lap but sometimes from the distant i can hear her cries.....Not only her warmth, i can feel her pain too. she's exhausted with her children including me....she askes me why did i leave her to cry alone....and if i am happy to see her being torned apart by war,terror and poverty? some of her childern don't want to know her any more.perhaps she's accepted this but she's more than willing to open her arms for them too.then my conscience askes me,"what have you given to your mother,who gave you every drop of her blood and soul for u????then i say to myself"i will be home".me,myself and i will be a gift for her. she could ask for nothing because she will be reunited with her long lost child and m sure she will be ecstatic to see me home again......
  4. Someone had said this right "Leaving behind the country of your birth is like losing someone you love.Memories of it are like being in love-but with the wrong person:a sweet sorrow that you would not change even if you could......an anomaly like nidnight's sun......heaven laying close upon the earth.................." Two years on.....and i still miss my mother(Nepal) like a child desperate for her mother. i can feel her warmth, the benevolent ray of sun in falgun..even when the entire england is enveloped in a white sheet of snow. Whilst i manage to catch my breath amid the mess of work and studies i always long for her love.As much the gentle snow fall makes me happy,the crown of magnificiant snow-capped mountians that my mother wear always inspire me. I wonder how much she'd be happy to see me home again, see me playing on the terrace where i grew up,chasing butterflies and dragonflies.I chuckle and exclaim Oh! i will throw myself into her arms and share all my pains and loneliness that i endured when i was away all these years....i will cry and cry until the cool wind weeps my tears, kiss my cheeks and welcome me back with the vibirant colours of festivals which i never get to see anywhere in england. Sometimes in the night i look at the stars,scattered all over the dark velvet of the sky that stretches as far as i can see,that stretches above my mother's head just next to the horizon where my eye sight cannot reach and i sigh.contd......
  5. F****** B*****d..........he should be hanged to death how on earth can he abuse a girl who is just 13-14 yrs old.
  6. it is indeed because of global warming in fact english winter has become more wetter than cold in the past few years. the daffodils that are supposed to sprout in the early march have already strated to sprout bright and yellow. however it's nice to see the snow fall through the window and if u get bored daffodils always looks promising of the spring ahead...........
  7. well neither can we stop our own libido nor can we stop others.sex has always played a great role in evolution of all forms of living organisms in our world.however, humans have sex because they have intense feeling for the parter and to produce fertile offspring while animals only mate for one reason- reproduction, so that their generation continues and the varitation takes place accrding to changes in surrondings which indeed has a huge impact in evolution-----well it's one of the subject m doing which facinates me but without going into detail i'd like to say that "if two person are happy to keep physical contact, provided they are of right age of at least 18 yrs and are having safe sex, then we can't stop them and in fact to stop them by any means is wrong".and of course there are down sides of going to prostitues and having unsafe sex if we made it illegal. what i believe is prostitution should be legalised mostly because prostiutes are being victims of crime and if they are murdered the crime goes unreported and the murderer slip away easily which is a threat to our society. on the other hand there is a matter of misusing their profession i.e. prostitution which is doubtful...
  8. The following looks too weird to be readable. Believe it or not,you really can read it! i cdnuolt blveiee taht i cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht i was rdanieg.The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid.Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabirgde Uivrneitsy,it deson't mttear in waht oerdr the ltteers in a wrod are,the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a poebrlm. Tihs is bcuseae the hmaun mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,but the wrod as a wlohe.Amzaig huh???Yaeh and i wwlyas touhght slpelling was ipmorantt...... ----------knahacn------------------
  9. Oho yo ta buddha ko chora-nati ho!" bahnera herchan malai sansarka manche le. But I am haunted by the souls within my home, where my brothers chopped each other. So I can't come out of my door "proudly" and face the world as a decendant of Buddha. Malai kata-kata laaj lagcha, afai dekhi. oh of course the things u r sayining are right.....tara aja yo samaya laaj manera ra nepali huna ma garva garnu hudaina bhanne nara ghankaunu bhanda desh ko lagi j garna sakinchha tehi garnu parchha. ho ma manchhu harmro desh ma asanti chha garibi chha tara hamilay aja ko yuwa varga lay afno tarfa bata j jati garna sakinchha tyo garnu parchha instead of feeling ashamed and wasting ur time saying"malai nepali bhako garva lagdaina" yedi k hi garna sakdaina bane tickai chha tes ma laaj mannu parne k hi ma dekdina.at least try ta garnu paryo ni. j chha afno bas ma manchhe lay tehi garnu parchha. kasailay GUCCI, ARMANI ko dress lagauchha nai afu chai sadaran tailor ko dress lagaucha bhandai ma afu naggo bhaye ko mahasus gareko jasto malai lagyo......
  10. well as yatri ji has said,it's upto a student not the education system. but i think it is the language thing that matters coz it's hard to learn language (m not saying it's impossible) and u need a good command of language to u know what ever u r doing either consulting with other fellow doctors or asking questions to ur tutor or taking note of the history of patient so if u failed there then it can be a problem. but as long as u have a good command of chinese language then i don't see any problem. well floks some of my friends r in china but m not so i don't really know. sorry if i have offended u. but yes i have seen some articles abt chinese doctors who graudated in china went to us and back to their home to practice medicine. it was an article in The Independent abt how the top surgeons of china(post graduates of US) are trying to destroy the brain cells so that a drug addict would no longer use drugs. but it had some ethical issues and some of the professors from here in england had been to observe the surgery as it created an outrage but when he returned he said that he was impressed by the way the chinese are concerned abt the moral and ethical issues .i.e. they knew exactly what they were doing......
  11. why don't we deserve it????tell me..... and i started to feel proud of being nepali eversince i was taught abt the anglo-nepal war at school, eversince i first learnt that the blood running through the veins of mine is of those forefathers who gave every single drop of their blood for their nation so that today we can live in an ever independent country no matter what's going on in nepal. so how can u say that we don't deserve to be proud to be a nepali???? himal jhai attal yo jhuke na kahilay lattray na kahilay jangin nisan hamro
  12. hey friends!!! why not we all write a request letter and jointly sing it and then send it to the king. wnso team from all over the world can contact their nearest office and sign the letter after all we all are concerned abt the current situation whether we are king supporter or not. the first thing is we all are nepali. we can even send it to the international authorities and ask them to persuade the king to restore democracy or to persuade the maoist to come to the table for negotiation. some international community might be interested to be a "maddaysta karta"like norway is trying to set up peace in between the government and tamil tiger in srilanka.why not do something decent????
  13. ur disagreement is very obivous. but i think if u look from other side of the horizon u can see those corrupt politicians who improvished the country and in the name of democracy they did nothing but sucked our blood for the last 14 years. i suppose that they have lost all their rights to protest for the restoration of democracy.they are hopeless and they don't deserve anything except this. infact they shud be ashmed of themselves for what they have done to us and our mother nepal. however,the censorship in the communication is seriously damaging and is condemable.most of all he's taken our fundamental rights which is indeed immoral and he can't kill anyone for going against him coz that's against humanity and there will be an immense pressure on him from all over the world including UN who has already condemd the king's act. in this way the king is proving to be a dictator and brutal. but just think, if u were the king what would u do???how can u see ur own people being slaughtered everyday?how can u let this happen when u are supposed to be the one to protect them????m sure this decision was hard for the king to make because if he failed to do what he's promised to in the next three years then nepalese will lose their faith over the monarch.in that sense he is taking a huge risk in terms of his own" raj-tantra" which will come to an end if he didn't keep his promise. if he failed and no matter how tight he makes his grip he will have to give up if all the nepalese went against him. for some of us it's a chance for him to prove that the raj tantra can still make differece in our country and bring the peace that we've been longing for. but having heard an interview of MR. mahara who is the spokesman of maoist i think it's going be tough for the king.moreover the maosit have already rejected the peace proposal of his majesty. one of the reason why the king has lifted ban in communication might be because he doesn't want the political leaders to be together and join maoist to set up nepal as a republic country. if the same politician returned to the chair again then our country will go nowhere but in a dark tunnel of poverty. on the other hand, the present leaders appointed by the king must be transparant and must not repeat the mistakes of those sacked ministers other wise they will share similar faith with girija babu and madav nepal.in the mean time, the king must allow all the communication medium to be resumed and return the public rights if he wants to prove that he's a true patriot.
  14. wow yar i wish they'd come here in the uk. i had a loads of fun in 14 dec 2002 when they performed in dasarth stadium. my best wishes are with them enjoy floks........yo mann ta mero nepali ho.....
  15. I never hesitated to do any job I could get. Thulo thulo kura garera ke garne? bholi Rent kalle tiridine? Any how survive ta hunu paryo sab bhanda pahila. 65415[/snapback] rent jati tirna important cha tetti nai padai pani ta important chha ni. tara yeha ta students haru rent lai ek damai thulo issue ani padai lai euta excuse banayera bidesh ma afno padainai chodera kaam gareko payeyo tes kaaran i'd like to say ki yo thick hoina ra yesari hamro banaam bhayeko chha.no wonder why british embassy lay visa dina mandaina?????
  16. Does, waiting work or the pizza boy makes you disgrace in society or career? How !! cuz obviously thinking like this you won't deserve better than that. waiter doesn't disgrace me the person who came here to study promising their parents a good grades, promising their country that he/she is gonna be back n breaking that promise by abandoning studies and being a waiter disgarces me. coz that's a blot in my nationality. Is there any proof ? After completion of ph.d or relevant qualification has done good to the world. While there are tons of proof about the the Nepalese who has completed relevant degrees in the west has done a lot to the world. let me ask u one thing those nepalese might have proved tonns of wonderful things to this world but what have they given to mother nepal???what have they done for our mother land.what do they think for the development of nepal???if they are brilliant enough then they would have come up with some sort of ideas to develop our nation where are they n who are they working for???? those person who cannot do any thing for nepal being a nepali ,doesn't matter how brilliant they are they can never be counted as nepali they are all selfish. There is no point being a proud of Nepali, When you have nothing to offer for nation. We are not bir. Only certein martyr were BIR. Things has completely changed now.Due to the grammetical mistake and lack of common sense we say that. What would you do just stying in Nepal without seeing the world? course you gotta return. Those who doesn't go back has their own problem. Due to the comfort and secue future ppl tend to stay in the west, specially professional ppl. Same does apply to other asian countries. Due to the poverty/Greed/Creed/Moneyand show off, ppl end up staying in the west. Due to the people who do not know at all, what would it be like seeing the better world in the personal freedom,has made it so. Why would you want to follow the cosmetic idea? thinking such crap. Are you belong to the upper class ridicule ? Because the upper class ppl in Nepal has so mmany cosmetic illusion,that they tend to spoof nonsense of BIG WORK and SMAL WORK. nothing will happen....if you finally reach your goal. if someone is using drugs, not turning up in lesson, working as a cheap labour with out fulfilling their first duty of a student i dont mind thinking what u call is a crap. They are the same ppl who doesn't realise what would it be like to study co-operating with cleaners, and tomorrow when you have over £40K income, they are the same ppl who will beg you in your feet. So what is the difference between the engineer and the cleaner,when the person is same? Will my common sense will allow me to say that they are just blind? What are you? 65425[/snapback]
  17. well thank u for ur comments......the first thing is i don't expect to get a job that i want without any proper qualification so in order to gain that i am working hard and in order to keep up with my bills m doing part time job. well ok lets say..infact m pretty sure that m gonna end up with good results....the problem is as i have mentioned earlier to mr coolguy who is gonna employ me here???....the british government wants overseas students to go back to their respective countries upon their graduation. and it's least likely to get job in our country....therefore students here just abandon their studies and pick up works like waiter and cleaner. i have got no objection over some one working as waiter if he/she is studying as well but the hard fact is they simply make their education an excuse and hardly turn up in the lesson. even i m a check out operater in a super market. i don't feel ashmed. but i would feel ashmed if i had left my education as some students and had become a waiter or what ever. if u have an opportutnity to study why not study then????my question is is that why u come abroad -to be a waiter?????
  18. well mr coolguy. nither im trying to discourage people from going abroad nor i am saying that people can't succeed doing part time job. the hard fact is most students just give up their studies and prefer to work once they are abroad and o yes most of them just make their studies as an excuse. i have seen it. however there are students who work hard and keep up with their studies and it's glad to know that u are one of them. but once their studies are over most of them simply have got no idea on what to do next......and not all of them are lucky enough to get a high paid job upon their graduation.the government here in the uk prefers the overseas students to go back as soon as their studies are over until an unless they really really need someone to fill a place in for the walefare of their own country. so what is an alternative????to hide and earn money. hey everybody!!!!aren't u worried.......abt what to do next with ur degreee frm uk or us or frm wherever. r u sure u gonna get a good job over the place where u are apparently based???
  19. kaam??? ki padai?? ma afai pani euta bideshiya ko student hu.aru nepali students bhanda ma tada chhu .all i know is they do part time job like me tara pani k hami students haru nepal chodnu agadi yehi soch ma bidesh auchhau??? ki ramro sita padera desh ko sewa garchhu bhanne soch lay auchhau??? ani hami kasto kaam garchhu ta??waiter,cleaner, la hera bir nepali ko chhora chhori haru.aba k garna sakinchha ta???any solutions????so that we don't or at least young generation haru yesari bidesh ma haar kha na naparos.......ma chai yehi lukne pakchha ma chaina.BIDESH KO SUKHA BHANDA SWADESH KO DHUKHHA MITTHO>PIZZA RA KFC BHANDA MERAI AMA KO SISNU MITHO KI KASO?? ko hi chha jo desh na farkinay ani yehi paiso kamaune haru???students visa run out bhayera lukera kaam garda say for instance future ma immigration lay pakdiyo ani jail gayo bhane yo bir gorkhali ko katro badnaam haina ta???? aba k garne ta?? nepal bahira jaha pani wether it's india,china (i.e asian country )hos ya foreign????what do we do except studies???and what's the future in nepal any ideas???? khukuri bir ta hami chaddai chau aba kalam bir banau. i don't know yo kalambir bhanne poem kaslay lekheko ho i guess it's madav prasad ghimire. lemme know . cheers
  20. as kool guy has mentioned ,it is hard to convince the univesities in the west abt ur qualification frm east. i don't know why but if u want to continnue ur further education in england there are number of web site which u can check out. one of the popular website here in the uk for the info. abt universities is www.ucas.com. this website has got a range of information. i hope this will help u.
  21. in philppines it's "mahal din kita".....one of my filipins friend told me.
  22. true mate, sometimes life gets so sick yet u have to take it and get going
  23. india should never ever back up our king coz that's our internal affair. it it backed up then consequences can be distasterous. india has never wanted walefare of our nation as far as i feel.
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