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  1. Administrator/Claims Coordinator Full Time 9:30AM - 6:00PM(Monday to Friday) A successful and expanding insurance company (mobile phones), is looking to employ an Administrator/Claims coordinator to oversee its day to day claims processes and other administrative tasks. The job is most suitable for a new graduate (in any discipline) and can provide a strong base for future career development. This can be a perfect opportunity for someone looking to step into a career ladder. Previous experience in claims handling is not required as full training will be given for the right candidate. The starting salary is £6.50/hr with first pay review in three months. Timely pay review there after. Job Descriptions: Assist customers in purchasing the policy and making claims. Process insurance claims within a strict deadline. Draft letters Coordinate with staff members to ensure a smooth work-flow of claims process. Liaise with Engineers to ensure work deadlines for claim are met. Update the internal Database. Liaise and report to dealers, provide information and answer queries. Keep track of stock using an internal P.O.S system and stock inventory on a monthly basis Handle queries and complaints over the telephone and email Involvement in ongoing projects Regularly evaluating existing work procedures and propose changes/modifications as and when required to streamline work. Due to the nature of the job applicants are expected to have the following: University Degree (Any discipline) At least 2 years of customer services experience (Preferably in the UK) Strong command of English (Both Verbal and Written) Strong Organization skills and ability to work under pressure Ability to work towards strict deadlines Strong knowledge of Ms. Word, Excel and Access Excellent Telephone Manner This is an URGENT vacancy and we are looking to employ someone in coming week or two. If you meet the criteria above and are generally a fun loving and hard working person please forward me your recent CV with a brief introduction about yourself to the following email address: neupane.manish@gmail.com and a copy to manish@foneshield.net
  2. I hate having to stop the music player every time I navigate away from one page to another... It annoys me... coz I do not want to be forced to listern to the music. I wanna chose what music I want to listern to while I use the internet or infact browse through wnso pages. I'd prefer listerning to music from my disk than to be forced to listern to the music played by wnso.. so please dont set the music player on play mode by default.. If someone wants to listern to they will activate the music player themselves.... Please take this as a suggestion....
  3. You can Join British Army until the age of 28/29. But you must hold a commonwealth passport...For more info visit https://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/RegularArmy/Req...erseas/Soldier/ All the Best
  4. Visit www.yourcallworld.com to check the compatibility of your network provider...and also to check the free call times for different counties on landline and mobiles..I have been using this for quite a while now and its great... connection can be a problem at times.... TIP: Add P to pause the unnecessary messages that you dont want to hear and get the number dialled instantly, for example: 07744 200 011p.... save the number as 07744 200 011p00977(and whatever your area code and number in Nepal is). For most phones the messages canbe paused by pressing * or # button for three seconds. Remember it is not the alphabet P that you see on the phone's kaypad.
  5. Its much better with sound............ http://www.break.com/index/midget_fight_on_springer.html ENJOY....
  6. A man suspected his wife for seeing another man, so he Hired the famous Chinese detective, Chen Lee, to watch and report any activities while he was gone. A few days later, he received this report: MOST HONOLABLE SIR: YOU LEAVE HOUSE I WATCH HOUSE HE COME TO HOUSE. I WATCH HE AND SHE LEAVE HOUSE. I FOLLOW. HE AND SHE GO IN HOTEL. I CLIMB TREE. I LOOK IN WINDOW. HE KISS SHE. SHE KISS HE. HE STRIP SHE. SHE STRIP HE. HE PLAY WITH SHE. SHE PLAY WITH HE. I PLAY WITH ME. I FALL OUT OF TREE. I NO SEE. NO FEE. CHEN LEE. SOLLEE. !!!!!
  7. It depends on which part of the world you live in. For example, Tap water is considered safer than mineral water in the UK. The only down side of tap water is that it doesn't taste as good as bottled water. IT tastes a bit funny. As far as beer is concerned, researches have proved that drinking moderate about of beer (1 to 2 pints a day) can be very good for health. I am a great beer lover myself and dont oppose drinking beer, if you can handle it. But imagine replacing drinking water with beer. Beer is good for social occasions but surely cannot replace drinking water. Imagine people at work with a can of beer on their desks, students at colleges and universities with a can of beer on their desk. And for those who don’t like beer, surely vodka and tonic or something similar....... Did Tina mention that she is in public services? Well if she is than it concerns me a lot. Drinking is the major problem around the globe. One third of people in europe die because of drink(alcohol) related disease or accidents. Drinking problems among underage is at its peak. Sukuti eaters, be extra careful, Escherichia coli mentioned above is present in the guts (andra bhudi as we know it) of all warm blooded animals is also transmitted to human from raw or under cooked food meat and contaminated water mains....
  8. I wanted to post the topic "Our love affair with India" in the general interest section of the forum, but accidentally put it in sports section. Is it possible to move it to the general interest section??? Well could someone with enough privileges to administer the forum move it for me please.. I would much appreciate your effort. Regards, Manish
  9. The whole discussion about scraping country's status as the Hindu Kingdom (formally known), seem to have started after one of the Indian MPs, voiced his concern in Indian parliament. Then started the rallies in Birgung and so on. Since childhood I always disliked India. I attended high school in India and was furious to find out that some people in India think Nepal as one of the Indian states. We always felt that we were suppressed by India and the Indian authority. But let’s think about it for a minute. No matter how much we hate India, can we really live without India? India plays a vital part in economic, social, political, religious and various other aspects of our lives. We have so many ties with India, the more we hate India, the more dependent we become. Every evening we get glued to our television sets to watch Indian TV series, we blast out loud Indian songs from our car stereos; we queue up hours to watch Indian films in the cinema. Although we want to distance ourselves from India, we seem to embrace its social life wholeheartedly. From a poor farmer to a high flying businessman or politician, we all seem to accept India more than we want to. Parents want their sons and daughters to be educated in India, filmmakers seem to imitate (influence as they call it) Indian films. From cars, bikes to toothpaste and shampoos, our love to India and Indian products is clearly evident in our cities and now in villages (If any left) as well. Even the maoist seem to be in Love with the great Indian nation. I wonder... Maoist.. like India??? How is that possible? Aren’t they the ones who said that Indian films should be banned in Nepal? Aren’t they the ones who torched Indian Vehicles? Well of course they were the very people who did all that. But to my amusement, I saw the picture of one of the maoist regional leader riding an Indian made motorbike with a personalised number plate. As for my personal views, Maiost in Nepal get more assistance from their Indian counterparts (Indian maoist) than anybody else. It was interesting to read about Marich Maan in one of the earlier posts? Although I was very small at the time, people say that he stood his grounds, challenged the Indian authorities, man with real guts. Result?? My mother including many others in our neighborhood had to queue up for hours to get the kerosene to cook our dinner. All the petrol stations were closed, due to shortage; Nepal was running out of rice. Those were the few things that I was aware of at the time. I'm sure our daily lives were hit by Marich Maan's decision in many other ways, let alone the economy of the country. So was it a good decision? Well it was bold one for sure, but was it wise and in the interest of the country? Well, if we put our egos aside, It looked like pretty stupid decision to me. Its more like me saying katti(I wont speak to you anymore) to my brother for stealing my marbles(guccha). So, it looks like our very survival depends on India. Unlike China, Nepal is not a self sustainable country. We cannot grow enough rice and feed the entire population. From a restaurant worker in Gorakhpur to singer and actress in Bollywood, India have always welcomed us in their land. There are more Nepali working in India than anywhere else in the world. In fact there are more Nepali in India than there are Indians in Nepal. Well lets not aruge that khali sishi, fruit sellers are Indians. Well they are not; most of them come from southern Nepal (Terai). I wonder why India hasn’t closed its borders for us. Well we don’t need visa to go to India.. We may choose to go to India in the morning for a cup of tea and return to Nepal for lunch or we choose to go and work in India, we are free to do so? So why don’t us Nepali need visa to visit India.. Well Pakistani do. Surely there can’t be labour shortage in India. Whatever it may be, I think India trusts us, and wants to accept us as a family. More like younger brother or sister. India has always supported us and protected us. Our politician took refuse in India when they were kicked out of the country during rana times. So it looks like there is no escape from India. Well some might argue that there is China, the new emerging giant in the world economy. But think about it for a minute. Does china really care about Nepal? It has its eyes set upon the developed countries like America and UK to build its political and economic ties with. Besides, China has hardly done anything for Nepal other than few trolley buses and military tanks presented to our Late King Birendra. China comes nowhere near India when it comes to providing help and support to Nepal. It won’t be a good idea to build close relations with china, since Tibet is long struggling to be independent from China and there are speculations that China is planning to attach Taiwan. Now the question is if China sees economic prospects in Nepal............, well I'll leave this to you to use your imaginations, sky is the limit. Well China may not do all that, we may become very good neighbors, but my mom for sure wont fancy watching Chinese TV series every evening, or would she? IF we cut ourselves from India and build close ties with China what are we going to do with all those Indian/Nepali(ones with the dual passport) businessmen in our country, who seem to be holding the economic backbone of our country? From whichever angle we view it, there seem to be no escape from India. So what do we do now? India comes across as a bully at times. Our politicians seem to gift everything to India, from water to electricity to trades and everything, you name it.... Nepali products are stripped off the shelves and replaced with Indian ones. Where the hell did EVEREST toothpaste go and go-go washing powder? Colgate/Close up seem to have overtaken the market. Government doesn’t seem to care about the local businessman. I'm not ruling out the possibility that some of the local businesses might have been unsuccessful due to the wrong or weak business strategies, but when i see all these Indian products in the market being launched everyday, I seem to wonder. Has the government provided any real incentives for the local businesses? India is one of the two emerging economic giants in today’s world. Consider ourselves lucky, we are right in the middle of them both. At least we can say we live next to the two biggest emerging economies in the world. Well if India is developing so rapidly every single day and is ought to become an economic superpower, then we surely should get a slice of that pie. After all we have such close relations with India, more like sisters. I'm not being selfish but I think we should be included in this economic change that this region is going through lately. So would India help her younger sister? Surely she is not scared of her younger sister getting ahead of her. So how can we get economic help from India? How can we taste that sweet looking pie called economic boom. Well the answer to that is simple. We need to solve our internal differences. If my stomach is upset and I go out and eat pizza, it would get worst. What is the solution then? I wonder. Current politicians seem to be hopeless. They had their chances. They seem to be going around in circles, with no real hope whatsoever. They seem to be leading us nowhere. Then there are maoist, who want to isolate us from the rest of the world. They speak with their guns, and they don’t seem to have any fixed aim is to what they are trying to achieve. Its a shame that one of the brightest scholars in our country have ruined and divided the entire nation. "Into Baburam Bhattrai's Mind", is the book I'm waiting to read, if someone is writing it. What was he thinking? Was he aware of the likely results of his actions? Anyways, maoist running the country? No way. King? Well he had his chances and he blew it more than anyone else. Paras? Whoever says so better be having a laugh... so who then? Well, from what I see, we need a DYNAMIC leader in our country. A leader who can think out of the box and aims to hit the global arena. One who is not only capable of solving the internal differences but the one with a wider vision of peace, stability and prosperity. One who has the ability to build close relations with India and others and yet be able to stand his/her own ground when necessary. One who is willing to listen to the people. One who can build the platform for local and foreign (Nepalese in foreign countries) businessmen, scholars to practice their knowledge and skills in Nepal. One who is willing to move away from the street politics and use his/her power to construct the country rather than demolish it. One who is inspirational, one who can be trusted. One with the passion, energy and enthusiasm to make the difference and provide hope to the nation. We are waiting. Future is bright.
  10. I agree with E-Major. Despite whatever happened in the recent years, I strongly believe that the historical monuments and statues, buildings etc should be preserved in the interest of majority of the people and the future generations who can see them and be proud of their history. I find it naive to say that Prithivi Narayan shah was just acting SMART, and didn't have a vision of United Nepal. At the time when there were all these petty countries, every country was attacking another country. His actions to fight and win those small countries and merge them into a united Nepal have resulted into the country that we all know as Nepal. Had it not been PN Shah, who united these smaller countries, provided protection to the citizens of those smaller countries against the army of other countries at the time, we won’t be called Nepali, would we? Nepal wouldn't be in existence and perhaps we would have merged with India, as the strong army front from some powerful countries (Mahabharata) of India as well all know it now, would have captured those small countries(which later became a united Nepal). PN Shah wanted to extend his empire, win over smaller countries (which were very vulnerable at the time) and build a stronger and united Nepal. I strongly believe that he had this grand vision of united and peaceful Nepal. I'm not a historian but as far as I think it was PN Shah who came up with this brilliant saying "Ghus liney bhanda Ghus diney maha aapradhi ho". This only is evident enough that he wanted a peaceful and stable Nepal, and to make it stronger and protect his people (not only the ones from Gorkha but the ones of the countires he later won) he had to win over other smaller countries, to make his kingdom stronger. Every country's history is full of bloodshed and violence, and our's is no exception. It was required by the situation the world was at the time. Ashoka the great had to give up his empire and become a monk to spread the message of peace and solidarity. If was possible he would have done it whistle being an emperor. But it was not. It was impossible to be an emperor and yet be peaceful. Every country has a history that they can be proud of. I for one am very proud of our history, what ever I learned while I was in school. I agree that the monarchy has very little role to play in today's world, and its pointless that we pay them huge amount of state's money (taxpayers money). That money can be better spent in other things, preserving statutes to start with. As every other country in the world, we should be proud of our history and use every effort to last it in the memories of this generation and the ones to come. We cannot wipe the history from the face of our motherland purely because of the act of our monarchs in the present years or simply because we don’t need monarchs anymore. Am I the only one to worry, whatever is happening in the country recently would disassociate us from our 1000's of years old proud history, the history that we have learned for so many years wouldn't be taught in the schools anymore????? We have a very proud history and we should be proud of it. Regardless the political, ethical, religious and other differences that we may have we should think of Prithive Narayan Shah's vision of proud, strong and united Nepal and express unity and solidarity at these difficult times.
  11. Hi, One of my friends tried to install a new OS in his computer, but didn't realise that my portable Hard Disk was plugged in his usb. The portable hard disk had a FAT32 file format. I plugged in the device in my computer but when I tried to access it, I got a message asking me to FORMAT the drive. I cannot afford to format the drive as it will delete all the information that it contains. This drive is very important to me as it contains loads of documents,pictures, movies and songs that I have collected/created over the years. Most important, it has all my work that i did during my degree. So I would much appreciate if anyone could help on this matter.. How can i retrive the information in the hard drive. Is it possible to make the drive accessible without deleting any information in it. My understanding is that if I format the drive, which the system asks me to do if i try to access the drive, I will lose all the data in it. So is there any way of accessing the information in the drive, without erasing the data. My friend assured me that he hasnt formatted or deleted anything from the drive as it contained more than 20GB of data. Had he deleted it , it would have taken some time to delete and he dont remember any progress bar that showed the data was being deleted. I am desperate to get the information contained the drive. Hence would much appreciate any help on the matter above. Manish P.S: I did try the command line convert D:/fs:FAT32 but i got the message saying the drive cannot be converted. I presume this is because the drive doesn't have any file system on it.
  12. Key highlights of the budget: • Rs.508.1 million allotted for Poverty Alleviation Fund in 25 districts lagging behind in the Human Development Index. • Rs.400 million allocated for the implementation of community-based special programs in 40 districts lagging behind the Human Development Index. • “One village one product” program to be launched. • Additional 19,000 hectares of land to be irrigated in 32 districts. • Rs.790.09 million for land reform programs. • Arrangement for 25 percent salary increase of postmen. • Rs.420 million allotted for agriculture research. • Road security program in 724 places across the country. • Rs.1.91 billion for forest sector. • Rs.880.9 million for land reforms. • Rs.1.48 billion for rural electrification. • 18,000 biogas projects in 65 districts. • Rs.340 million allotted for Food For Work program in 25 districts. • Stress on NRN investment. • Provision of up to 80% loan for people seeking foreign employment. • Labour Act, Privatisation Act to be amended. • Construction of Alternative Highway in the Terai Region. • Loans taken by earthquake-affected families for construction of houses to be waived. • Rs.395.3 million allotted for Women, Children and Social Welfare. • Priority to domestic industry. • Six district headquarters of Darchula, Bajhang, Jumla to be linked with roads. • Dual land ownership to be removed. • In line with developing Nepal as a transit point between China and India, construction of seven highways namely, BramahapurMandi (Kanchanpur)-Tinker, Jamunia-Hilsa, Belhia-Lohamanthanka-Ghoktang, Birgunj-Rasugadhi, Bhittamod-Lamabagar-Lapchegaun, Rani Biratnagar-Kimathnaka and Kechana-Olangchunggola-Dharila-Bhanjyang to be initiated. • 6000 Children Development Centers to be established. • Feasibility study to integrate school education by changing class 1 to 8 into primary education and class 9 to 12 into secondary education. Allocation of budget in key sectors: • Agriculture: Rs.3.81 billion -- 61% higher than last year's revised estimate. • Health: Rs.7.68 billion--51.15% higher than last year's revised estimate. • Forestry: Rs.1.91 billion-- 4.61% higher than last year's revised estimate. • Local Development: Rs.6.96 billion--42.8% higher than last year's revised estimate. • Education: Rs.21.05 billion--31.26% higher than last year's revised estimate • Roads: Rs.5.57 billion-8.85% higher than last year's revised estimate
  13. 08/07/05, morning after the tragic and cowardly bombing in London, targeting innocent civilians, I was flicking through different news channels from different parts of the world, to get an insight of how different countries are taking this issue. Around 1:10 AM, I was watching FOX News, O’Reilly’s factor. I was shocked and totally disgusted to hear the comments made by the commentator. The discussion was based on the bombings in London and I was absolutely sickened and literally furious to hear the commentator say “It seems to me like English media doesn’t act against terrorism, BBC and Guardian in particular. When I read the newspaper (Guardian), it looks like its been edited by OSAMA BIN LADIN” Throughout the program, he criticized, English media, and the way UK, especially England handle terrorism. I found it absolutely ruthless, without any sympathy towards the country which is just trying to recover the shock of these attacks. England has history of fighting against terrorists dating back to 1060/1970’s when IRA started their movement (Supported and funded by hardliner republican Americans) against mainland England. When most of the Americans were flipping over their dictionaries to find the meaning of terrorism, England was fighting against one. Thanks to the counter terrorism approaches, adopted by British intelligence, media, government and the general public, terrorist attacks by IRA, which nearly killed then Prime Minister Ms. Thatcher, is not an issue anymore. I agree English approach to counter terrorism is a bit softer than the one adopted by the Americans. Then again we don’t have torture cells like the one in Guantanamo Bay. British way of handling terror issues come from their years of experience and take human rights and fair trial into account. British don’t hang people or torture them to death. I totally agree that there are many Islamic radical clerks in UK like Mukhtada Al Sadar and many more, who are linked to terrorists in some way. American approach of sending them to a torture cell without any trial might make things worst than better. British media has always highlighted the issues with terrorism and encouraged people to support anti terrorism movements and put extreme pressure on the government at times. British media and has always been known as one of the strongest media in the world. British media is fair, unlike American media which is politically influenced to a higher degree. News (Especially the ones based on politics) that were not published by a single media in America has published in the English media (According to Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11) Despite all these, it is shocking and appalling for the FOX news to accuse British media of not doing enough to prevent terrorism and fight against it.
  14. BBC 4 is showing a documentry on Nepal's Royal Massacre on Tuesday the 21st of December 2004 at 9:00 P.M (GMT) I think BBC 4 is available for U.K viewers only. IF you are subscribed to any Satellite or Cable provider, you should have BBC4 i.e Sky, NTL, Homechoice etc already include BBC in their Channels Listing. If you would like to get more information on how to get BBC 4, following link provides more information on it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/digital/howtoget.shtml Manish
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