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  2. iCall Invitatin sent to "nepali_ma" . Plz check ur PM. Thanks iCall Invitatin sent to "BalayarCB" . Plz check ur PM. Thanks
  3. I am applying for TRANSIT VISA to UK. I need help and few question. Do I need to reservation any hotel in London for 5 days transit.
  4. You can add any 4 digit pin number and abt country you can use any.
  5. Invitation sent to b-mal. Please check your email. Thanks Invitation sent to velvetzebra. Please check your email. Thanks
  6. If you are interested in trying it out and helping us revolutionize the voice over ip world, send an email to me and I will send you invitiation for iCall. For more detail log in to http://www.ebooks.iblogs.com or icall.com Happy iCalling to USA:) You will get 500 minutes of completely totally free long distance pc to phone calling (including long distance) just for trying the program and telling us if you find any bugs. There is no credit card required, no payment of any kind. No adware, no spyware. This is legitimately free.
  7. one new site for download IT books and more .... www.ebooks.iblogs.com
  8. I wanted to invite you to join the Blue Community and benefit from Blue Security's free anti-spam service, the Do Not Intrude Registry. I highly recommend you join the service - it's simple, safe and easy to use. Many users already report a significant reduction in spam. Blue Security allows us to actively do something to stop receiving spam. Here's how it works: 1. I report spam I receive to Blue Security. 2. The Blue Frog software, installed on my machine, automatically posts opt-out requests on spammers' sites demanding they stop sending spam to members of the Blue Community. 3. Spammers use the Do Not Intrude Registry in order to clean their lists and avoid sending us spam. The service is free, and if you sign up now, Blue Security guaranties you will never have to pay for it in the future. Stop filtering spam, Start deterring spammers - Sign up with the Do Not Intrude Registry. http://www.bluesecurity.com/register/im?user=sudeep
  9. Invitation sent to b-mal !!! Enjoy msn live messenger
  10. Hey Ujjwal thanks for msn live messenger invitation .. Of course I gotta 5 invitation too ... now i want invite 5 people .. so if anyone interested to join msn live messenger let me know ur hotmail/msn id .. send me PM that i can invite you. Well still didnt get any windows live mail beta invitation .. if got any i will let u know and i could share them. Hello B-mal .. nice to hear that you too did chaged your hotmail to windows live mail. If you want to know where those invitation located then go to http://ideas.live.com . You will find "You have 5 invitations remaining - Send Invites" if there is any invitation .. else this "You have 0 invitations remaining"
  11. hEY Bro .. thank you so much man ... thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttt
  12. Hello Ujjwal .. plz send me MSN live messenger invitation .. I am searching for this .. I had send PM .. please check.. hope to get ur reply .. thankx
  13. This link is not working ....check it ... The Above links works man .. just your hotmail need to be signed in. So dont sign out your hotmail account .. link is here once again. http://by101fd.bay101.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-...20030b2b6bb98c8
  14. Gotta one link to get invitation for yahoo beta .. hope this will works http://surveylink.yahoo.com/wix/p0473306.aspx
  15. A simple trick that turns your Hotmail into the Windows Live Mail Beta without the need of an official invitation. 1) Log into your Hotmail account. [better you use Internet Explorer.] 2) Make sure your country (Options > Personal > Profile) is set to United States and your language (Options > Personal > Language) to English. Save the settings. 3) copy the link [ http://by101fd.bay101.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-...20030b2b6bb98c8 ] 4) Go to the browser window where you're logged into Hotmail and paste the link in the address bar. Hit enter and go to the URL. 5) Accept the agreement by clicking Join Mail Beta!. In most cases, you'll be redirected to the brand new Windows Mail Beta interface (or try logging in at mail.live.com). Do not complain if you aren't. It worked for two out of the three accounts I "upgraded". And for your information, I did not take the risk to apply this to my main Hotmail account.
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