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  1. 4. Poor Job --------------------- Kanjibhai and Rupaben were discussing their wallpaper, which had just been hung. Kanjibhai was annoyed at Rupaben's indifference to what Kanjibhai felt was a poor job. "The problem is that I'm a perfectionist and you're not," Kanjibhai finally said to Rupaben. "Exactly!" Rupaben replied. "That's why you married me and I married you!"
  2. 3. Chicken Tikka --------------------------- An aged Kanjibhai and his wife, Rupaben were leaning against the edge of their chicken pen ,when the Rupaben wistfully recalled that the next week they would mark their golden wedding anniversary. Let's have a party, Muna na Bapuji ," she suggested. "Let's party with some Chicken Tikka." Kanjibhai lifted his cap and scratched his grizzled head. Rupa ," he finally answered, "I don't see why the chicken should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago."
  3. 2. Kanjibhai's Traffic problem ------------------------------------------ A Pandu Hawaldar in Mumbai pulls over sixty-six-year-old Kanjibhai because his hand signals were confusing in the rush-hour traffic. "First you put your hand up, like you're turning right, then you wave your hand up and down, then you turn left," said the officer. "I decided not to turn right," Kanjibhai explains. "Then why the up and down?" asks the Hawaldar. "Officer," Kanjibhai replies , "I was erasing!"
  4. Tapaiharulai kehi Gujarati chutkilaharu post gardaichhau. Kehi sabdaharu nabujhiyelan tar anuman lagauna saknu hunechha. Thanks to all. 1. Rupaben was sitting in the doctor's office when he came in and said, "Rupaben , this isn't a urine sample you brought in. It's apple juice." "Oh my god" Rupaben said, "I've got to get to a phone." "Why?" asked the doctor. "I may have packed the other bottle in my Kanjibhai's lunchbox."
  5. To all brothers, sisters and friends!!!! Happy Vijaya Dashami AND, Happy Deepawali
  6. QUOTE (Sujita Lamichhane @ Apr 21 2004, 01:59 PM) To all students from India (especially to those who are studying in Maharasthra area) Brothers, sisters and friends, I will be there in Mumbai very soon. Bholi beluki 9:30 baje ma Mumbai pugnechhu. Hope to meet to you all guys around Mumbai as well as out of Mumbai. Thanks!! Welcome to India sister.
  7. Brilliant job. HATS OFF to Shivani diju.
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