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  1. "Let me add some missing link in the process, Koirala and Dahal are not together, this is the missing link, actually by some UML or FORUM .." Ok Ozaswee Rana, glad 2 listen 2 ur take in this matter. I dont know y but we r quick 2 accept what others have written in "some" UML or FORUM ... n 2 what extend is this forum is legitimate n is posted in the views of the parties,itself. Where in fact all they can do is held a press conference n be transparent abt how they plan 2 run them. It's this kind of hide n seek that made my vision, like many others, " blurred in present rather than in past" turning maobadi into chorbadi, n chorbadi into maobadi, due 2 lack of transparency in the country 2day. My uncle is also from a communist party or UML party n though we've never met, I'm sure he's doing his best 4 his party as any1s n bringing abt changes. I respect all the efforts over the years he had toiled. I believe that transparency of government from top 2 the bottom holds the key 2 the system. 4 we know 4 certain, that even within the parties, a handful of them might not express the same view as the party leaders.
  2. Really i strongly disagree on it. By killing n proving that the power of shooting/hunting down others can prove these maoists that they have all the damn powers n respect, then they r so darn wrong. All they have r egos which needs 2 be pricked n burst! What abt being robinhood? Stealing n mugging from the rich n giving 2 the poor?? Well i dont think they know what's it like 2 work our ass off n make sacrifices 4 our familes n 2 find out that we'd been robbed or our loved ones killed! Not every1 who wants 2 see the world will be able 2. People r held in place by all sorts of forces –by commitments 2 work,by the needs of their families,by ill health, by poverty. Yet many, many more people could travel than do., y dont the maosit leader, Mr Parchandra or whoeverhe's called do abit of travelling 2 the neighbouring courtries, China n India, which we r so fortunated 2 be located n pay a vist or 2. It'll be much more appreciated n perhaps our country, Nepal n learn so much more, n even open more doors 2 outside world. Y wasted all our resources in fighting against 1 n another, load shedding, bhands, cutting off water supplies, when we have everything that we need 2 build a prosperous country!
  3. "Damala who said to be High Profile Journalist but never pass SLC " Woh! Great! The world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome, dubious eggs, called possibilities, even in nepal, good 2 hear that. I m unsure 2 what extend we have the means 2 "lets create the group of patriot who will just punish these leaders by any mean." 4 we r in different countries, n all we have r words which we effortlessly type across ou keyboards 2 express our thoughts n nothing more than that. by "punish these leaders by any mean." This sounds "harsh" 2 me.. 4 i do not want 2 end up as terrorist. or a moaist.
  4. sapana shree?? Oh my, i saw her when c was here. Anyway when c was asked were u indian, c didnt want 2 offend the audience, who majority might have been 1, so c might have said that"love 2 be an indian". I dont c anything wrong with her statment..
  5. I have catch "LOST" ever since it 1st premiered n somewhere in between i missed out on it due 2 change in my lifestyles. Now i m back n i just cant get enough of "LOST"; it's the ultimate heart-stopping, time traveling serial drama ever produced!!! I cant wait 2 watch the next episode...!! this season. http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=recap#t=162212 if u want 2 watch other seasons just click on the tabs.
  6. What's going on in Nepal??? I have been hearing so many cases of drug abuses n etc. Y isnt the government doing anything abt it n y is it getting out of control?? Many teenagers r abusing it n yet it's these promising young men n women who is needed 4 the future of Nepal. If the government need 2 do anything, it have 2 curb the rate, the problem is escalating. Drug itself is the cause of evil n i believe it's time 2 make stricter amendment in law n give them a chance 2 start anew in life.
  7. I have catched ever since it 1st premiered in 2005, n somewhere in between i missed out on it due 2 change in my lifestyles. Now i m back n i just cant get enough of "LOST"; it's the ultimate heart-stopping, time traveling serial drama ever produced!!! I cant wait 2 watch the next episode...!! this season. http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=recap#t=162212 if u want 2 watch other seasons just click on the tabs.
  8. I watched this movie online few days ago n simply loved it, especially abt the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, n then of their adventures together on the road. It really opened my eyes 2 be grateful 4 all the things i have. Honestly i never thought of a day i have 2 starve or worry that my family or loved ones be killed in some kinda or clashes. It was a heart wrenching experience 2 watch so many scenes.. like ophaned, homeless n drenched on the streets... n whereby they had 2 grow up so fast, deprived of the innocent childhood. Ok it's also up for 10 Oscars nomination. Good luck 2 them
  9. Probably the prefume u always put on when u were with her. Cos if u cant be there with her at least when c receive it n spays it, The fragrance would bombard the room, bringing back the good old days memories n c'll feels like u r there with her then n always... I do that 4 myself everytime i miss my hubby..
  10. There's no happiness greater than sacrifice
  11. It is hard 2 think of a thing more out of... time than....nobility.Looked at plainly it seems false n dead n ugly.2 look at it at all makes us realize sharply that in our present, in the presence of our reality, the past looks false n is, therefore, dead n is, therefore, ugly; N as we turn away from it as from something repulsive n particularly from the characteristic that it has a way of assuming:Something that was noble in its day,grandeur that was,the rhetorical once.
  12. Exactly the same sentiment echoed from me a few months ago on some issues regarding our rights...
  13. Ok, how abt my favourite novel as 4 now, titled: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I HAVE 2 share it with u. N ohhh yess i m a voracious reader n as a reader, we love words. N after many years, i figured out this is the best writer i've come across. His powerful creative writing is so engaging!! N if he was very much alive; i'd loved 2 meet him. He's a genius,a poet. Reading this book was, i must say, timeless...... Through the years, I have spent a lot of time poring over n through books. When i was in my teens, as a librarian, weekends n holidays used 2 be endless hours of reading, oblivious 2 the weather, annoying brothers,n adolescent angst. Finaalllyyy found want i had been looking 4 alll these years But now I have, well, a life. N I still love books more than ever.
  14. Great posting by all, despite that it's original post dates back from 2003. N it's more interesting how Npaudel went on 2 elaborate on Subhadi's posting. The topic abt fear n courage never fails 2 astonish me. The depth of it all.
  16. Hmm... great question, the leader of Maobadi , Prachanda.was here in NY few weeks ago, unfortunately i was not interested in listening 2 his craps, that i gave a miss 2 his "drama/talks". my point is if any1, yes any1, a King or a farmer or me was given such a position as a ruler of a country 2 lead his/her nation; I'll give them yes, 1 year, 2 prove all of us what they really can do 4 the country.
  17. Hey bimal bro, well well well... indeed the world's small these days, hoina re? So u'll be in new york in dec?? Good then, plz dont 4get 2 mail/call me abt ur schedule. will try 2 meet u up.
  18. Sewaro Anish ji, i have a strong feeling that we have met b4, if i m not wrong probably 3 or 4 yrs ago in the airport.... N u told me ur name was Anish... hmmm... I could be mistaken, anyway, i love 2 meet u up but i'm in the states now, perhaps in a few months time. I'll inform u.
  19. There'll be a blood donation next week or so over here, m plannning 2 contribute
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