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  1. Well dude yog i saying that u got many knowledge of this things means weapons knowledge...So i was asking r u in army....
  2. Happy birthday to all who is celebrating his/her birthday.Whsi u all the best..And happiness shines in ur life always..
  3. hey rajunpl..I think u hate india rite..Cozz it's amazing to hear that u haven't watched even a single movie listed by surendras...Ur lying or is it true..Ok well i am also against it but i love to watch coz it's a gre8 time pass..I love diya mirja ..I love all actress.i dun like actor..
  4. QUOTE (Sirupate @ Jul 7 2004, 08:08 AM) It supposed to be the finest Weapon Of Mass Destruction because no one will say it is but it has killed more than anyone can imagine during Vietnam war. Sorry to say but they are made for it..But though merican used many technology but..At last vietnam won.
  5. Hey dude yog..Well are u an army..coz u know many things just asking..U have news about indian airforce...I think ur good in this information...And this one is the plane that indian are working for..Am i rite dude yog....
  6. Frist of all i wanna thnxs everyoe for the suggestion.Sujita sis,rajunpl bro,dude yog,abhinava..Rajunpl bro well i am interested in being an airforce officer means pilot of mig or hornet..Well i want to say is wanna go up to sky and fly like a bird..Since i was a kid.I always had a dream for it.I always loved it.But it depends everyone luck dun know where it will take.Well i tried to be a pilot.But my fortune is making me commerce student..well let's see......
  7. B-52 bomber...the finest weapon of usa.
  8. HEy guys dun argue ...It's just a joke ...I guessed soo.....
  9. Well this are the list for next coming movies which i love to see all. Spiderman 2 Shrek 2 garfield harryporte and the prisoner of azkaban king arthur white chicks catwoman the note book two brothers This movie haven't released i guessed so..But waiting to see it......
  10. The games ended and cup gone.At frist i hopes england.Then it losed the game then,i said portugal.The same happened...It also losed..the cup hate greece!!!!!
  11. I always loved to be a pilot of fighter plane.And everyone knows that indian got the airforce.And i know we won't get much money means salary.But it's my interest.I dun care the salary cozz it's about pride and honour we own after being an pilot..Rite now i am in cyprus studying hotel management.But i wanna give this up.And try for it..AM i doing good..and will neplese can join indian airforce..
  12. Damm!!France i hoped much.They were really disatisfying.I am wid ronin.MY guess is also portugal.God bless portugal frm greece.
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