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  1. It's beautiful poem. Good making, keep it up. I found here, you are the good one writer and you have a very good skills about literature.
  2. Happy New Year 2061 B.C. May this New Year will bring you more happiness than in the past.
  3. QUOTE (Rohit Shahi @ Mar 28 2004, 12:07 PM) Bimla Jee ! Tapaaeelaaee pheree delete garnu paryo ki kyaa ho? Tapaaeeko kuraaharu pheree pheree sunna paaelaa ki bhanera ni! Na risaaunu holaa hai Bimla Jee? mero kura sunne bhaye ta yatai aaye hunchha ni ta, kina mero user name delete garnu paryo? pratyakshya nai bes hola ki, ke chha bichar? na bhaye ma nai auchhu..just do call me once, I have no problem.
  4. QUOTE (RKYadav @ Mar 28 2004, 10:12 AM) Bimla ji ko pahile ko user name delete gareko kura malai bhane ekdam chitta bujhyo. kam se kam feri register garera ek dui sabda ta lekhnu bhayo as a complain bhaye pani. Pahile ta ka...... naam matra registered chha aru baki manchhe ta bepatta. you..you..you dam chhaliya, I will see you later in Delhi.
  5. yeah/ The poem was really good.
  6. Thank you admin and thank you Avee ji for your quick response.
  7. But it is true, Hindu scriptures has described king as incarnation. I don't think, religion is the law to govern cause govern is just like mansoons. AND about Gandhi ji, I like to read his all Commentaries and I also feel good to keep his name cause he was very liberal man but I don't respect Gandhi anymore cause he was not good leader and his weapons were only UPAVAS for his one way.
  8. Hello, I am an old member of this forum but my old user name and pass words are not working that's why I registered myself again. Why this is?
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