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  1. Wow..I impressed, I impressed very much because music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
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  3. 2009 Asia Pacific Human Development Academic Fellowship on Climate Change & Human Development The UNDP Human Development Academic Fellowship for Asia Pacific carries an award of US$ 10,000. The students will be required to submit to UNDP a copy of their fifinal approved dissertation. In addition, Fellows may be expected to present their work in workshops/seminars and other events arranged by UNDP (travelrelated costs will be covered separately). The thesis will acknowledge UNDP’s support by saying: “The author acknowledges the financial support received from the UNDP Asia Pacific Human Development Academic Fellowship for the research.” Application Process: All candidates must complete a formal application in English or with an English translation, including: A. Summary statement of the objectives of the proposal B. Project proposal not exceeding 2,500 words C. Curriculum vitae Incomplete applications or those received after the due date will not be processed. Eligibility: 1. Be a citizen of a developing country in the Asia Pacific region (list of countries in Annex II) 2. Have Have a Masters degree in a relevant discipline such as a social science, liberal arts, or management and be currently enrolled as a full time Ph.D. student 3. Have identified a human development- related topic (further reading on Human Development topics is encouraged prior to submission of application. 4. Submit a proposal approved by her/his direct supervisor at the University in which Ph.D. is being pursued 5. Be younger than age 30. In exceptional cases the age requirement may be relaxed to 35 years to accommodate candidates who have returned to fulltime study after a period of work and/or family responsibilities 6. Not be a UN Staff member Selection Criteria: 1. Exceptional degree of creativity in choice of idea or topic 2. Stage of development of the proposal 3. Value-addition or new direction to the human development concept, methodology, analysis, application or policy relevance 4. Track record of past accomplishments 5. Time needed for completing the work undertaken Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on an assessment of written proposals up to 2,500 words. A review of eligibility and assessment of the proposals submitted will be the basis for short listing. Short listed candidates will be required to participate in an interview. An independent selection committee will review the proposals and interact with the short listed candidates for the fifinal selection. Deadline for 2009 Applications should be submitted by 1st September 2009. Contact Information: Applications or any queries should be sent, preferably by email, to hdfellowships. rcc@undp. org For further details go to: http://www2.undprcc.lk/about_us/fellowship_brochurs_pdfs/Academic_Fellowship_2009.pdf
  4. It's a nice one. Well done sister.....!
  5. Welcome to WNSO NEPALI FREAK ji. And indivisually welcome to Joy again.
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    It might be helpful; http://www.find-mba.com/usa
  7. What does it mean? Authors le matrai post/reply garne ra arule garna napaune ho ki kya ho? Another thing is; Just because I don't listen to flop show, I do listen to Hit show. Hehe just kidding hai! Bytheway, it was funny. Keep it up Raj ji.
  8. sujita

    New Sardarji Jokes

    I was off line. You were ofline with a post, that's cool Anyway, nice to see you here. But no long long guffs WHY?
  9. May the departed soul rest in peace. My condolences to the bereaved family and may god help them to be patient and be stronger to absorb this shock.
  10. British matrai nabhayera harek thauma yastai nai hoina ra?
  11. 2 varsha pachhi yo topic feri active ma aayo. Gajab pani lagyo Bhannu nai parda....there is only one user who had done a great job that is none other than....Suman Shrestha ji (Emajor). He is being a best for all time not only a month.
  12. Cheapest airline is BIMAN (Bangladesh) tara tyaha bata chha ki chhaina, tyo bhane thaha bhayena.
  13. sujita

    Few Jokes for you

    Let me to add one here... Yadav: Oh Lalupate ji, I really like the new version of chautari but I didn't understand about the read botton at the bottom of chautari. What is that? Lalupate: Kasto botton? ke ko botton? kun botton? Kata bata ayo botton? Kei bujhena maile ta Yadav: Hatteri ka, tyo chautari ko sab bhanda tala hernus na, thaha bhaihalchha ni. Lalupate: Maile ta kei pani dekhena tya. Tya euta Rato square field ma RSS lekhya chha. Tapaile bhaneko ta dekhena. Yadav: Lahol bila kaul?? Tei RSS ko barema ta maile sodheko ni. Tyo RSS bhanya ke ho ha? Lalupate: Dhatteri ki Yadav Tyo RSS bhanya timilai thaha chhaina? Yadav: Thaha chhaina..bhandinu paryo. Lalupate: Tyo bhaneko....Rastriya Samachar Samittee.
  14. Congratulation to all the team members!
  15. Prakash bahi, Gau ghar tirako samachar ke chha tyo pani nabhulikana yaha lekhtai gara na, hai? I belive, you will do that. You are most welcome to come to this place, this is your own home town. Thank you for joining us here. Have a great day to you.
  16. sujita

    Prachanda meets UML

    I don't need anyone from the above list, I need Loktantra in my country. Loktantra is a voice of my land. Thank you.
  17. My dear boy, You have a great thought and that's really great for every good and honest citizens of Nepal. lkmlNd cGbfhdf ltdLn]otL ulx/f] s'/f egL t lbof} but I am afraid....s] oL cfkmgf] 3/df e"8L kN6fP/ c?sf] gfsdf cf}nf /fvL eGg' geGg' eGg]x?n] of] ulx/fO{ a'dm\nfg / Let's say........Paint it Yellow
  18. Hau, purana krantikari bhannale ke hau? Kehi bujhina
  19. O Kaviraaj, where are you? Kaile farkine ho? Yaa tuhura bhai sakeu haami...
  20. Something different and strength in your poem....it's a really touching.
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