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  1. QUOTE (surendras @ Jul 6 2004, 01:53 PM) QUOTE (TelefonicaMoviStar @ Jul 6 2004, 12:19 AM) Come all say it out loud "Son hos ya dau tarr, two is bae tarr" Cant remember wat movie I got tat from.. From a movie Isn't the family planning association of Neapl has Motto: "Due matra santaan eeshwar ko bardaan" but in vain........... ?? why angry? stop it it give u wrinkles Ok i suppose its the familiy planning motto or watever.. But the exact words "Son hos ya dau tarr, two is bae tarr" is from a nepali movie.
  2. Tat reminds me, do u guys know "Guru Maharaj" Hes from india, but has many followers in Nepal. Once he came to nepal to adress his followers, mannn the guy can spit **** sideways from his mouth. I couldn't believe people were actually listening to his garbage.
  3. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Jun 17 2004, 02:10 PM) One hot can be this Oh so telefonica goes to jharana matahematically.....lol I go to to bipana in a syntax order....ina UNIX way lol.. Yar no offence but, Please dont post any more pic of this gal, uggg god, she is just *pukes* Bipana was ok, but this one really hits the pits man. Oh how many ways do i describe how nasty she looks *pukes again*
  4. That is so so wrong... I once knew a neighbour who also wanted a son, but instead gave birth to five daughters. The 6th one was a son, ironically he was a very unhealthy son, would be lucky if he lived past 10. Come all say it out loud "Son hos ya dau tarr, two is bae tarr" Cant remember wat movie I got tat from..
  5. Sounds like good news for nepal.. However I am always doubtfull when it comes too good news relating Nepal. Already they have mentioned they spent shi.t loads of cash and still dunno when it will be functional. I wonder how much of tat Rs. 210 million rupees actually did go to building the park.
  6. I am more concerned about the destination rather than the journey/path. As long as the gal is who i seek and vice versa, love marriage or arranged one don't bother me.
  7. QUOTE (distant_memory @ Jun 17 2004, 01:15 PM) QUOTE (cool @ Jun 17 2004, 05:27 AM) "Food offered without affection is like food offered to the dead." Hindu Proverb that's so dumb! food is food...i'm sure the people in africa won't see it that way! infact they'll be grateful for anything with or without the silly affection attached to it. Ya agreed..
  8. QUOTE (E major @ Jun 17 2004, 07:39 AM) Do you mean Brad Pitt does not hold personality? I wouldnt know, maybe he does maybe he doesn't but thats not the point. When we speak of brad, we don't generally associate him with personality now do we?
  9. QUOTE (cool @ Jun 16 2004, 04:34 AM) but behind a satisfied woman, there is an exhausted man.
  10. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Jun 16 2004, 02:30 PM) Telefonicca myan so jharana cought your attention. I would rather go for simple bipana lol Well Jharana has the modern day look, very sharp features, she is much more of a wat they call mathametical beauty. It's sad, but such is modern day beauty, its all just a bunch of maths, and I guess like the lot of them I have also been sold to the beauty of maths. Now Bipana more of a classical beauty. I guess watever tickles ur fancy
  11. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Jun 16 2004, 04:42 AM) Oooh ! lot of things huh, For me it goes like this Welcome to wnso, Telefonica moviestar, seems like you are pretty good with movies huh? My favourite actress is Julia robert. No doubt about it. Actor's...I don't give a ****. All seems equally fine depends on the role they are playing. Action packed fighting Moviestars.... I would have more fun with cartoons. Thx for the welcome bro.. For the record, I don't know a lot about movies, I just know wat I need to know. And don't let the name fool ya, Telefonica MoviStar is honda's MotoGP race team Ya Julia robert is quite a lady isnt she..
  12. QUOTE (webber @ Jun 16 2004, 08:13 AM) I dont understand how the occasion/setting and the her dress code in this photo mix..
  13. QUOTE (distant_memory @ May 22 2004, 09:30 AM) is it just me or does bipana thapa ko every pose look so fake??!! and karishma manandhar--jesus what's with the finger on the chin look and the make up too!!! Mann I totally agree..
  14. QUOTE (webber @ May 21 2004, 11:58 AM) Ofcourse Jharana Bajracharya is hot actress of Nepal. She is hot and sexy ... umm humm no any doubt .. Wow she definately caught my attention there..
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