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  1. Kaslai ho ragging garne? Nelailai garne ho ki, Nepalilai chhodera arulai garne ho? Nepalilai ragging garne ho bhane especial kura siknu hunechha. Yadi nepali chhodera arulai garne ho bhane hami sabai yahi bata tapailai formula dinechhau.
  2. QUOTE (RKYadav @ Jul 24 2004, 12:37 PM) Nepali Poshak with Nepali folk music, what a nice combination. Tyo pani arkaiko desh ma. I need Nepali folk music whenever I use Nepali Poshak. This is my best choice. Dai, Tapaiko Chandani chowk ko kura garu bhane ta tyasto shayad dherai kamle matra garna sakchhan hola. I myself, I can't do that what you did, and what you are doing? You are a gorgeous
  3. QUOTE (Maichyang @ Jul 14 2004, 02:07 PM) Hi all, All us, we have best words what we used or what we like. My best word is Aamaa (Mother). Mother is always great and the word is also great to me. What is your's? Thank you. Piyushi Lama ji urf Maichyang ji You are very very clever, that I think. You have mentioned that your best word is 'AAmaa'. The word 'Aamaa (Mother)' is a world itself and after your choice, nothing is remaining there. Am I right Maichyang urf Piyushi Lama ji? After 'Aamaa (Mother)', my best word is 'Natija' because Natija (result) is the only one truth thing in this world.
  4. Yogesh Sir, Tapaiko khabar sunda dherai dukkha lagyo. Ma prarthana garchhu......tapaiko swasthya ma chhittai sudhar hos ra tapailai yaha chhittai dekhna pau. Tapaiko ek ek savda hamro lagi shikshya chha ra tapaiko hami lai sadhai khancho bhairahane chha. Sir, Get well soon. Your's small brothers and sisters are waiting here to hear you.
  5. QUOTE (Shivani Shahi @ Jul 26 2004, 11:18 AM) Babu, If possible then please, bring other brothers and sisters too. This coming Navratri will be very interesting because we all Nepalese students from Maharasthra and Gujarat are going to organise Navratri with STAR Group. Coming Navratri will be a great joint venture. Oh! kura tyaso ho ra? Let me do inform to others then. I sure, many guys from Delhi and New Delhi will like to join this coming navaratri festival because the attraction will be by us (Nepalese students from Maharastra and Gujarat). I think, nobody will lose this great time what will be going to happen in Mumbai. Now I decided, I will be there by next month. What will be our presentation in the coming navaratri festival? Please! tell us, till then we can prepare ourselves. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.
  6. Kuchh To Log kahenge ( Viirus To Ate Rahenge), so you do not worry.
  7. STAR beer ko glass kasto thiyo?
  8. QUOTE (Neha_Shahi @ Jun 27 2004, 07:47 AM) Numraj bhai, You are most welcome. But one important thing is, come in the early time, at least one week before of Navratri festival because we teach you the Garva Dance first. After then, you will play that easily. See you in Mumbai. OK! I will be there before Navaratri festival. Thank you Didi!
  9. My best word is also LOVE. But what is love?? Is there anyone who know about love? Thanks to Maichyang for this good topic.
  10. QUOTE (surendras @ Jul 5 2004, 02:54 PM) We could be blessed if we can make the changes in days to come. Let's hope so, God bless us.
  11. QUOTE (Shima @ Jun 8 2004, 08:37 PM) QUOTE (Numraj Gurung @ Jun 8 2004, 07:28 PM) Yo ho mero Nepal. Hey mero pani hooooooooooooooo Ho ra? Tapai pani Pokhara tira kai hunu parchha, shayad. Tapaiko ghar ka nir ho? Mero ghar Bagar ma ho. Nice to know that you are also from same town.
  12. It's amazing. One of my neighbour in Pokhara have also 11 daughters. Kina yati saro gareko bhani kura garda 'euta chhora ko aash maa' bhanera bhanthe. His answer was surprised to me and I had not got any conclusion 'what kind of this man?' very next time, I suggested to him....'kaka, chhora nai sabai kura hudaina. Aajkal ko jamanaama chhori chhora ho. Santaan bhaneka eutai hun, chhora ra chhorima farak garnu hudaina. Praya jaso nepaliharuma yahi sochai bhaera hola aaj hami vishwako naksamaa pachhi pareko'. Ramro sanga anurodh garda pani 'haina chhora ta euta chinchha kya gathe' banthyo ba ajhai. ke bhanne aba? hamro Nepalko 80% bhoomi ma manchhe le ajhai pani yasta nachahida sochai rakheko painchha. santaan euta wa dui wota matra. Chahe dubai chhora hun ya chhori hun. na ta chhori kam na ta chhora kam. Finally, son or daughter, both are equal to me.
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