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  1. I do not know but I was thinking whether I should try to get permanent resident status in Canada or in Australia. The thought is out of a blue, sometimes, I just think like this even without knowing if they at all entertain my application looking at my age, qualification and all stuffs like that. Do any of you have any ideas how to get PR in Canada or in Australia? You can tell your experience, or what u have heard, seen, known etc. or can copy from somewhere as well. Let me know generally, if i ever qualify to migrate there.
  2. All the best laxi to you..........But, the situation, U explained, is simply horrifying.....Is it something to do with Recession or coz of some other reasons?
  3. within 15 years..........If i am made Prime minister of nepal and allowed me to choose my cabinet and top 200 bureaucrats without any interference for next 15 years. lau ja ta..........
  4. Thanx Avee for your inputs and clarifying me. I just want to share a small incident. About an year back, a friend cum small brother from Nepal completed his +2 from India in science background. He heard something about Australia, and Hotel Management course there. He was dying to go there. But his main intention was to go there, enroll some 'cheap' colleges, work very hard in some store and earn some big bucks. He used to speak with me in English to improve his speaking ability, which was too poor. A nice kid, so, I helped him little and felt a lot of pity. A terai (Madheshi) background, n family doing some small Mithai (sweet shops), and not that well off family, I tried him hard to convince not to take decision in haste. But, he had already dreams of earning Dollors. I heard later that he did not get Australian Visa and went to Cyprus through Consultancy. A nice and poor kid, I wish him all the best there. Hope he is doing good!
  5. Dherai pachhi Wnso here. Muktak malai chahi man paryo.
  6. I feel sad for these students but I do not know what kind of people will be cheated. Main thing is not to rely on consultancy. Do your research bit in Internet. See the list of Universities, go to british council and talk with them. Come to WNSO and check post here, contact some friends/people who are already there in UK. N think, analyse all the info and the chance of cheating will get reduced...........Am I right guys? I have not seen/been to UK even in my dreams.So, correct me if i am wrong.
  7. U came here n posted your feelings. That is great. This post is about Narayan Gopal, and not about comparison but you made a good points. New or old generation, all will like good music. We have many many talented singers even today though they are different than Narayan Gopal. Our Naya Pusta's Singers are also very good like Ram Krishna Dhakal, Hem Baral, Sugam Pokharel, Nabin K Bhattarai etc. I like NG's this song. The lines are middle from song. Na sakchhu ma chhathi phutayera jorna Na Sakchhu ma junko usyalo nai chhekna. Yo samjhane man chha.
  8. N recently, I have started a blog on yuvas. May be you like to read me there. It is http://yuvazone.blogspot.com/
  9. It's correct What Prazol said. They send to IITs only for master and for Ph.Ds, and number of students under scholarship has gone down these days. NITs are good in India. Study in any NIT and you have a very good chance of Placement.
  10. So, what U thought? sent something?................maile ta aajha samma pathayekai chhaina.
  11. malai ta half story mero jastai lagyo.........majja aayo padhna.
  12. I am here after a long time. I was just bored, did not find them that HOT......but was good to look at them.
  13. Hi Minita, Is there any course on Law or in Social Sciences in AIT, Thailand?
  14. No indian Universiy starts from january. Here, there is no concept like fall and autumn semester/or admission. Everything happens in June/july August. Be careful to browse from April so that U know when eaxctly the process starts. There may be private colleges and Private Universities offering Admission in January but to my knowledge, they are not so credible. If any query, send it to me at rajib@wnso.org or in this forum.
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